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 CC Training (Closed/Sha)

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PostSubject: CC Training (Closed/Sha)   June 6th 2015, 18:21

The weather was overcast, the sun blocked by clouds yet light reached down. Being a Nara, Sha hated that. His shadow would block out all in its way, even the sun if need be. Most of the residents of Konoha were in doors, giving Sha silence wherever he was. Sitting down on the first bench he saw, he closed his eyes and began to breath deeply. Calming his mind as he began to reflect hoping to learn even more from his experiences.

Nara Sha found himself in the first day of Academy. He sat in the middle aisle, but away from everyone. He still disliked the others. He knew they were more active than him and knew it didn't look well on him. He was far smarter than the other students, but that didn't go far for kids his age. His teacher said he would like to gauge everyone's physical ability, saying something along the lines that he assumed no one could control chakra at their age. Young Sha was furious about this. He hadn't tried due to thinking the same thing, but hated the assumption. Now, Sha noted his anger at being challenged and not making it cloud his judgement.

Young Sha followed the class to the yard the thought of controlling chakra in his mind, trying to think find it within himself. When he was called to show what he had, Sha always refused which the teacher accepted with a smile. That fool, he thought. Arrogance, another weakness noted. These negative attributes were ingrained in him, but he would work on them.

When class ended, Young Sha left without a word to his teacher who asked to speak to him. He couldn't think of anything, but chakra. Heading into the forests around Konoha, he found a space to himself. Sitting down with his legs crossed, Sha began to breath deeply in a rhythm. Looking within himself, he sought out his inner chakra. The energy swirled through his body, but he couldn't get a grip on it. It seemed to slip through his fingers with each try. This infuriated Young Sha, but he kept his mind calm to succeed. Persistence, something he would need to keep and foster. Young Sha reached out again and a small piece of the chakra stayed in his control. Keeping the chakra moving as he wanted showed his control. It wasn't much control, but he had some.

Now, Nara Sha opened his eyes and shook his head slightly. Though he had aged, much of his negative qualities were still there, he noticed. His reflection gave him better self awareness as he stood up, walking around taking in the environment he hated most, wanting to be aware as much as possible of the opposite side of who he was.

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PostSubject: Re: CC Training (Closed/Sha)   June 6th 2015, 18:23

CC Training Roll
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PostSubject: Re: CC Training (Closed/Sha)   June 6th 2015, 18:23

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PostSubject: Re: CC Training (Closed/Sha)   

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CC Training (Closed/Sha)
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