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 Elemental Training [Closed/Sha]

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PostSubject: Elemental Training [Closed/Sha]   June 6th 2015, 18:59

Continuining to walk around Konoha's overcast skies, Nara Sha couldn't help, but love the silence that came with the weather. The symbolizism was went against his clan, but this allowed him to think without interruption. Grabbing some ramen to keep him going, Sha paid without a word. Something the owner knew he would and no longer saw it as disrespect, but just how the boy was. Moving on through the quiet village, Sha sat down and began to breath deeply. Remembering the past.

A few years into the Academy, Nara Sha had opened up to a few classmates as well as the teacher, mainly just talking when they engaged with him. It was a step forward. Closed off, a trait Sha kept even now, but was improving now. Today's class topic was about the five elements. It was mainly conceptual as elements were hard to use. The teacher gave a glance over at Sha then stated he doubted anyone could use any element. Sha knew what he was going, but took the challenge anyways. He began looking through his books for any piece of information on element. Unlike Chakra, elements were a hard concept to visualize.

First was defining his type, he would a special piece of paper was used and reacted to his chakra. He hoped the ninja supply store had it and he had enough money for it. The second stop was a lot like Chakra Control where he had to calm himself and try to summon that aspect within his chakra. While similar was a lot more difficult, the book read. Resourceful, Young Sha had developed a solution with little information handed to him. Probably diliberantly by the teacher. Challenge his students to find out for themselves, or maybe just Sha.

When class ended, Sha ran to the store, running something he rarely did, but when challenged Sha moved quickly. Going right to the store owner instead of looking around, he asked for the elemental paper. The owner was stunned that Sha had asked for something having never asked for help before. He had one left, but warned elements weren't for kids his age. Shrugging it off, Sha walked out of the village. Running would have spiked his pulse causing it to be harder to meditate. Sitting in the same spot he always did, where he first learn to control some chakra. A spot he always used when he could.

Looking at the piece of paper, Young Sha put some chakra in it and watched it wrinkle, raiton. He had memorized the reactions long ago and was happy with the result. His shadows didn't react very fast, but lightning did. Not wanting his happiness to overcome him, Sha began to breath and meditate. Must take time to enjoy things, Elder Sha noted. There was no rush to train and wouldn't delay him long. Young Sha looked deep within his Chakra watching it flow for now. He took a piece and caused it to flow under his control so he could grab it quickly. Then he visualized lightning in his head. A foreign energy entered his chakra, or rather let itself be known. It flowed where he had no control as if taunting him. Most likely just becaused he had no control of it.

Trying to move the energy into his flow. A piece entered and Young Sha immediately trying to manifest it with his chakra in his palm, nothing, but some chakra. The cycle continued on, each time more energy entered until Young Sha felt drained. He knew he couldn't continue much long, but he gathered all he could and pushed the energy into his flow and released it with must force. Just a spark showed, but the drain was intense. Those with less chakra would have trouble, but Sha shrugged it off. He was not normal. Again arrogance.Stumbling he walked hm triumphant.

Opening his eyes, Elder Sha shook his head. There was much to learn from his past and he would continued to do so. Both positive traits to nurture and negative ones to dispel. It would continue for a lifetime, but so would he. Getting up and walked in the pleasant overcast day, looking past the metaphor at least for today.

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PostSubject: Re: Elemental Training [Closed/Sha]   June 6th 2015, 19:00

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PostSubject: Re: Elemental Training [Closed/Sha]   June 6th 2015, 19:00

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PostSubject: Re: Elemental Training [Closed/Sha]   

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Elemental Training [Closed/Sha]
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