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 D Class Mission: Farm Hand

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PostSubject: D Class Mission: Farm Hand   June 21st 2015, 16:28

The good news was it was Asura's first mission. But the bad news was-- there was more than one. For starters, Asura had hoped his first real mission was something significant. But alas, it was something no different than chores around the village. Tedious work but a job all the same. He understood why. It was a matter of doing his job for the sake of the village he lived in. It was to prove reliability.

Also the other bad news was he was on his own. Iwa really was slumming it in terms of structure for young shinobi. So he had to work on his own this time.

For now he had his job-- helping out on a nearby farm on the outskirts of the town. It was simple enough work. IN Asura's head, it was far better than the tasks he had to do as part of the Jiin clan, being a gathering of priests.

It was pretty much general manual labor. Raking leaves that had fallen from the nearby trees, upturning the earth in the garden to allow more fresh soil and for crops to grow, hearding the horses into the stables and feeding the livestock. It was not super exciting work , but work was work and it beat just hanging around the Jiin estate.

After that, he went to work catching one of the sheep who escaped. That was a bit more energy to do. At least he knew the best way to lure the sheep back-- some feed and a well placed trap. He easily snagged him back with that one.

By the end of the day, he knew his efforts were minor but it made him feel good. He got to work all day and even got recognized by the farmer. It made him feel good and he was glad he even did a solid job.

With that, he headed back to the Iwa command office to collect what money he earned.

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D Class Mission: Farm Hand
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