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 The Waking-- Training: ( Tengan X 1, Enton X1) + Reward Dice

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PostSubject: The Waking-- Training: ( Tengan X 1, Enton X1) + Reward Dice   June 24th 2015, 09:31

The Waking-- Training: ( Tengan X 1, Enton X1)

The flickering candlelight lit up the darkness of the room. He sat in quiet meditation and reflection upon the shrine room-- one of the isolated offices and holy spots to the Jiin clan. Knelt there, was Roku. The black haired regal man continued to practice his breathing and thoughts towards the candle flames. His mind focused on the warm glow of the candles around the shrine, as if scrying to them for answers of an unseen future. He was calm and focused in the dark room.

A soft knock echoed on the back of the room. It was tender, knowing well that the man sitting upon the alter was deep in his meditation exercises. "Enter..." he said calmly, never turning around. Cautiously, the sliding doors opened and Asura entered. The red headed youth softly closed the door behind him and approached. He had a resolved look on his face, but a sense of respect as well since he knew his master was focused on his own activities. While he had come with a serious issue that he felt strongly about, he was not about to shout at Master Roku over it. He came to be respectful and so he would remain so.

Roku sensed immediately as the door opened it was none other than his own pupil. "Good evening Asura," Roku replied, his eyes still closed. "What is on your mind?"

Asura was hesitant, but he kept his fists firm and his decision close to his heart. "Master, I didn't want to disturb you... but there is something I really wish to discuss with you. And I can't wait any longer on it," he said, keeping his tone calm but controlled.

Despite his efforts, Roku could sense his pupil's unease and upset state. Opening his eyes, he let out a final breath and retreated from his focus. "You never bother me, Asura. You know you are always welcome to come to me for whatever," he said as he turned around. He changed his position and was now sitting with his legs below him, facing Asura as Asura did the same. "What's wrong Asura?"

This time Asura was the one to let out a breath to calm his nerves. After that, he looked to Roku, the flickering flames playing off his red robes as if he was a feudal lord among the flames. Finally satisfied with his courage, he spoke. "Master, you have been training me for a long time. You have taught me the essential to ninjutsu, and I am grateful," he said, warming up to the point. That much Roku knew, and listened carefully. Asura looked to his master with a resolved expression, not wanting to hear otherwise to his request. "However, I wish to begin training to master the Tengan. I wish to awaken the eyes of our clan."

Asura had come to Roku now out of frustration, dedication and resolve. He had worked hard, training relentlessly and pushing himself despite his limitations. He had his share of short comings but had pushed through them. At Roku's decision, he had postponed Asura's training to the clan's Kekkei Genkai, so that Asura could understand the fundamentals of being a shinobi. He acted to not fall into the trap that many Jiin before him had fallen too. They had depended so much to their powers of the Jiin clan and the Tengan, and it had led many to their own demise. It was a fate that he did not wish for Asura. He wanted Asura to know how to depend on his own powers before having to resort to the eyes if he had to. But perhaps now it was clear... he may of waited too long to teach his student the arts of their clan.

Roku remained quiet as he listened to Asura, the youth expressing himself. "I understand your reasons for not teaching me the Tengan and I respect that. I too value all that you have taught me," Asura explained, "But I have grown strong and capable. I can handle the training. I am ready to learn!"

It was clear that Asura had given this a lot of thought and was determine now. Roki finally took this time to reply, keeping his composure and understanding. "I see... I however, felt before now that it was wise for us to keep to the basics. Asura, none of the ninja tools I have taught you up till now are 'simple'. You have moved past it." Roku explained. "I had chosen to postpone teaching you our clan's abilities till you had mastered fire on your own."

Feeling anxious, Asura sat up with more earners. "But Master!" interjected, "I... I need to learn how to master it. " He looked down, a sense of shame on his mind. "After the academy exam, I still didn't allow myself to accept it as a success. I know what you said and I am not disputing my worthiness but that day when I couldn't see the proctor's genjutsu -- it was humiliating to me personally. ANd even beside that, many clan members, including Naga had exceeded their limits thanks to our Kekkei Genkai. "

Roku could clearly see the resolve and the flames of frustration simmering behind Asura's eager eyes.

"I don't wanna be left behind any more! Just when are you going to teach me the Tengan!?" he shouted now--

The flames of the candles suddenly jumped in intensity, flaring so strong that it lit up the room brighter. It made Asura jump in alertness, and Roku took notice to this as well. He glanced at the growing flame, seeing as it soon returned to normal. Roku looked at the flames, a mix look of interest and concern. "Wait... was that Asura just now?" Roku thought to himself.

He knew Asura had talent. There was no denying that. There was clear fire in the boy's heart and it fought to blaze forward. But now it was clear how much so... Asura seemed to have MASTERED fire itself now, so much so it responded with him instantly. It took Roku years to do so, but Asura had mastered it in the span of a few months. It both impressed him and concerned him a little after that little outburst of flame, how easily it responded to his will.

Asura didn't know what happened, nor aware it was his voicing of his desires alone that caused the flames to intensify. Returning his focus, Roku turned to his young student. "You have grown, Asura. I understand your desire to advance as well," Roku said as he continued to keep his calm composure and sat there. "Rest assured, I never intended to keep our clan's secrets away from you. Only till you were ready... and it seemed that time had come and gone. In my caution for your progress, I may of overlooked that you are indeed ready. "

Asura looked to his master, confused how he humbly admitted that he did neglect the clan's arts in place to see Asura grow more as a ninja. Roku looked calmly back to Asura and nodded. "Very well. I shall begin teaching you the power of the Tengan. But be warned, a true mastery of this power doesn't come easy. Many Jiin have not obtained that power " Roku explained, his tone firm and wise. " The training this involved will test you beyond just mere physical training".

A sense of excitement and happiness swelled in Asura's chest as he heard his master's words. "I swear I won't disappoint you, Master. " he said, still upholding his demeanor of respect to him. He bowed his head to him in respect and then rose it back up. "When can we begin?" he asked.

Looking around the shrine, Roku considered something in his mind, trying to decide something. "Hmm... why not now? I shall tell you about our clan, and the history that led us to awaken this power over fire. Okay?" He asked Asura.

Asura sat down patiently and nodded to his master, waiting to hear his explanation. As they talked, the firelight of the candles around them flickered. It is if their very words spurred on their flames. Asura listened intently as Roku began, his words speaking centuries of wisdom.

"It was said the origin of the Jiin came from the mythical phoenix, the firebird who dies and reborn from its own ashes," Roku began, the relief of the same firebird in the shrine clearly visible in the dancing flames. " The clan was descended from this graceful creature, born out of its own ashes as well. Since then this creature has embodied our principles and powers. The lifeblood of our life born from fire. It is because of this why our knowledge of fire is profound next to others."

Asura listened intently to the story and wisdom Master Roku had, never interrupting him. "In time, the power of the phoenix graced us by allowing the very sun to shine to our eyes, illuminating our path." With that, Roku closed his eyes for a moment. He seemed to be focusing, almost meditating. Just when Asura had become a bit concerned that his master had become distracted by something else... he opened his eyes again-- and revealed his eyes! They had changed now, taking on the shape of the Tengan. The yellow iris of the eyes, along with the black spiral pattern-- showing the symbol of a sun. "The Tengan is the gift this great creature bestowed us, or so the legend goes. Since then, it has allowed us to bring light to darkness and burn all those who have dared to bring us harm."

"As you know, we were once part of Konoha, and had ties with the Uchiha clan. They too possessed great power over fire, among other traits I am sure you are aware of," Roku explained, still having his Tengan open. He truly looked intimidating with the eyes alone. "We had our shares of tragedy, but we had persevered and came to call Iwa home. We have earned great things for our abilities, but we must never forget that none of it is worth a thing without conviction and effort."

WIth that, Roku closed his eyes once more, and returned to his normal eyes. " The eyes of the Jiin are our most powerful weapon, but even those who possess it have not unlocked its full potential. Those who have awakened it have can see through objects, track a person's location through their body heat, accelerated responses and reflexes. Among those abilities, one can become immune to certain forms of Genjutsu."

That was one thing Asura wanted to hear; the ability to be immune to genjutsu. It was his biggest weakness as he was never too keen of mind to resist genjutsu abilities. It was why he did so badly in terms of performance in the exam. To know that the eyes could dispel the illusions and powers of Genjutsu would be a great asset to Asura.

"How does one activate it?" Asura asked, wanting to know the technique in order to activate the Tengan.

Roku shook his head, his black hair swishing a bit. "As I said, it is not that simple. The eyes open differently from person to person, sometimes on its own or during moments of great emotional distress." Roku explained, being very clear. "However, the use of the clan's powers involves both phyiscal and spiritual focus. One must understand the fires in their own heart and soul, and in doing so, we bring it out to the surface. But do not worry, even without the powers of the eyes, you can unlock powers that our clan possess. "

At first Asura was unsure what he meant. He was disappointed as it sounded like it was possible he could never open the eyes. However, his other words surprised him. "What do you mean? There are powers to our clan outside of the eyes?" he asked.

Roku nodded. "WHat I mean is even if the eyes don't open right away-- and I am confident it will for you given time," he said, gesturing to the flames around him. "Our power is not limited to our eyes. The understanding of the arts have granted us the ability to use a power beyond the simple chakra natures-- a blaze known as Shinkaton-- sacred flame. These flames intensifies regular Katon base jutsu, as well as grant additional abilities as well. But that is a discussion for another time."

"Reflect on what I have told you this night, Asura," Roku said, wrapping up his explanation about the powers of the Tengan," We shall begin further training for our abilites during our next training session. But be patient, for it will come to you in due time."

Realizing Roku was right to be patient about the ability to awaken the eyes; Asura bowed his head, and then rose to his feet. "Thank you Master," Asura said graciously. "I will not disappoint you."

Asura turned around, his bare feet feeling cold upon the wooden floor as he walked to the door. "Asura," Roku called out to him before he could leave. Turning around, he looked to his master upon the cushion of the alter. "Pray heed my advice. The Tengan is our mightiest asset, but do not rely on it as your only weapon. You understand why I have done what I did, and now that you have begun to understand this new power, do not take it for granted." Roku had a knowing and confident look on his face. "After all, while the Tengan is mighty, you have a power all your own inside you," he said.

Confused, Asura looked to his master, not sure what he meant. "Master? What do you mean?"

"I mean you have a power inside you, yet to be awakened that neither myself or others of our clan possess," Roku said, smiling to his pupil. "When the time comes, you will discover it. The Tengan is your birthright, but the power inside you shall bring it to new heights all on its own. So don't feel the Tengan is the only weapon to make you strong. You have strength within you. Just you wait."

Asura was unsure what to say. He had thought the Tengan was the most powerful thing he had to offer himself... but this? He wasn't sure if his master was serious or just trying to push his confidence. Still, the latter was unlikely. Roku never wasted time with false words or praises. But what power he had inside him that made him stronger without the Tengan... that was confusing for Asura.

Regardless, he heeded his master's words. "Thank you, Master-- for your wisdom and your time," he said. "I will see you tomorrow."

"Goodnight, son," Roku said in a kind gesture. "Sleep well."

With that, Asura left the room of the shrine. He let out a sigh as he closed the door behind him. He had feared his master would be firm and not want to teach Asura the powers of the Tengan, but he was proven wrong. Augus sort of lit a fire under him, provoking him that his master had elected to not show him anything.

It could of been true... it could of been all lies to keep Asura tied down...

But it wasn't. Augus was strong and powerful, and had plenty to teach him. But Roku was no manipulating cruel taskmaster. Roku beyond his stern, wise demeanor was a kind and compassionate man. He had taken Asura under his wing since he was a little kid, when his parents were no longer around. He was the closest thing to a father Asura had.

There was no doubt in his mind that Roku had no desire to lie or deceive him.

Staisfied, Asura began to head to his room to sleep. Lights were out and the moonlight was the only tool he had to light his way through the mansion's halls. As he walked softly down the hall, little did he notice the warmth of his own body. It fluttered with hsi heartbeat. As he walked, a glow emanated from him.

It was not on his own and he didn't even notice it, but as he walked, red-- brilliant ruby like embers glowed off his fists and arms. It was as if his very body was aglow with the fires of the shrine he had walked to. No sooner, the flames faded, as if they had never been there and never even burned Asura.

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PostSubject: Re: The Waking-- Training: ( Tengan X 1, Enton X1) + Reward Dice   June 24th 2015, 09:34

Word count -- 2,776

Tengan Training X 1, (Use of Wooden Dummy +10 ) , Enton Training X 1

Reward Dice total: 4 rolls.

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PostSubject: Re: The Waking-- Training: ( Tengan X 1, Enton X1) + Reward Dice   June 24th 2015, 09:34

The member 'Enjin' has done the following action : Dice

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PostSubject: Re: The Waking-- Training: ( Tengan X 1, Enton X1) + Reward Dice   

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The Waking-- Training: ( Tengan X 1, Enton X1) + Reward Dice
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