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 Fanning the Flames: (Tengan X 1, Nexus X3 ) + Dummy for Tengan 2/5 + Reward Dice

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PostSubject: Fanning the Flames: (Tengan X 1, Nexus X3 ) + Dummy for Tengan 2/5 + Reward Dice   June 25th 2015, 11:06

Fanning the Flames: (Tengan X 1, Nexus X3 )
Asura had just finished one of the minor missions in the village. It was one of those tedious unimportant jobs but vital for his reputation as a shinobi. At least as a start, it was a decent way to put his talents as a shinobi to the test. The red head was now high-tailing it back to the Jiin estate where his master had told him to get to and he was already late. Sprinting through town and hopping from rooftop to rooftop, he was doing his best to reach the meeting spot.

Asura had become more interested in his training now that his master, Master Roku, had agreed to teach him the powers of their clan's jutsu-- THe Tengan and Shinkaton, also known as sacred flames. It was an extension of katon that was unique only to his clan. Further, his master was now going to teach him how to eventually awaken the eyes of the Tengan as well, the doujutsu of his clan.

Either way, he had to get to training and he wouldn't want his master to get mad for him being too tardy again! Asura sprinted about the rooftops and streets, till he reached the end of the village and the shrine steps where his clan's mansion was. He easily climbed it and soon saw Roku at the top waiting for him calmly.

With a final jump, Asura leapt up the remaining steps and landed before his master. "Ah-- Hi master sorry for--Whaaa!" Asura had landed right at the tip of the steps. Already he felt gravity start to reel at him and losing his balance. He had been a bit too eager to ascend the steps and his landing was off. He waved his arms and attempted to gain his balance but it was clear he would fall if he didn't....

Snag! To his luck as he was about to shout his fall, Roku grabbed Asura by his vest and held his student, preventing him from falling down the stairs. Asura was now only hanging on by the heels of his feet on the stone stairway, feeling a bit embarrassed he had to be caught. "Um... thanks, Master," Asura replied meekly, not wanting to admit it too much.

Roku just smiled at his student, getting a kick how eager he was as usual. "No problem," he said as he simply pulled his student up back to his feet, causing him to stumble a little as he regained his balance. After Asura recovered, Roku waited with his hands behind his back. "Are you ready to continue your training today?"

Asura was all eager after he looked back up to Roku. "Yes, sir! I'm all fired up for this!" Asura said, his fists clenched as he and his master made it to the training grounds of the Jiin estate.

Naturally a new training dummy was now in place. They had to get a replacement... since Asura had burned the last one to ashes. Now both Roku and Asura were there, discussing the plans for their next training. "So what now?" Asura asked, eager to hear more about the Tengan and how he could use it." Are you going to teach me an ability about the eyes? I really want to know more about that. Please!"

Roku was startled by how eager Asura wanted to learn about the Tengan. Still he knew that Asura knew this already... The Tengan awakens for Jiin clan members differently for each person. Some can activate it at will, others go their entire lives without it-- of course he doubted that Asura was one of the latter. Still, there was one thing he was ready to teach Asura. An ability of their Kekkei Genkai that was not focused completely on the eyes.

"Now now simmer down," Roku said with a beckoning tone, trying to calm his fiery blooded student. " I do have something new to teach you. Something that will be a great asset to you using our Kekkei Genkai."

Asura liked the sound of that as he eagerly awaited to learn what he had to say. "Alright, let's see it !" Asura said.

Roku gave Asura a stern look. "Patience, Asura. I shall explain. " he said as Asura did as his master instructed. Knowing well he was excited as a kid, the teenager took a breath and calmed down. After he did that, Roku began to explain and did so proudly.

"As you know, our clan is the most adept at Katon styles in the world, not to brag of course," Roku explained with a bit of humor but truth as well. It was true-- the Jiin were the most skilled of fire users in the Shinobi world, on par with the Uchiha in terms of their mastery of flames. "As such we have the most adept mastery of its control as well as increasing its power. But for our clan, we can go well beyond that."

Asura blinked a bit. "How so?" he asked, not sure how he understood the concept of 'going well beyond' the powers of fire.

Roku smirked as he prepared to begin the example of the training. "Asura... I want you to hit me with your strongest fire jutsu," he said as casually as possible.

"Uh... SAY WHAT?" Asura shouted, not sure if he heared his master right.

"Is there a problem?" Roku asked casually.

Asura felt as if someone had slapped him in the face with a fish at his own surprise. After getting his thoughts together, he spoke up once more. "Um... are you sure? I mean Master, I don't wanna hurt you or anything. " he said.

Roku understood Asura's concern but he knew well already that Asura's attack wouldn't harm him. "Don't worry, Asura. You won't" he said, deciding to not egg on his student too much. Truth was if Roku asked anyone to attack him, was because he had a measure to prevent getting hurt. " COme on. Let loose a mighty fireball and see what happens."

Still a bit hesitant, Asura bit his lip and had dread lines falling down his head. "Eh... okay, if you say so," Asura replied. He took a deep breath to clear his mind as well as to build up the chakra in his lungs. With each inhale and exhale, he could feel the chakra in his lungs flicker, like a flame inside it. Finally, he inhaled a slow long one, causing his lungs and the chakra in them to expand. He then wove the three hand signs, ending with the Tiger. "Fire Style! Fireball Jutsu!!" he roared and let loose the fire in his lungs.

Asura released a massive blast of fire from his mouth, taking the shape of a fireball heading right for Roku. The fireball was the size of a massive boulder, and would explode upon reaching its target.

Of course, for Roku, he didn't move. He stood there calmly before the raging flames coming towards him, his black and red robes blowing around him as the attack came. He was completely calm as he slowly entered a light fighting stance. At that moment, he moved his hands in a weaving fashion, like a kata from a martial art. With a stomp of his foot and an extention of an open palm before him, he directed his chakra to the flames!

At that moment, the fireball's structure and trajectory began to change! To Asura, it looked as if his jutsu was about to break apart. But that wasn't it! The fireball became flames once more, and this time, gathered in a swirling motion around Roku. The flames actually moved with Roku's physical motions as the fire sage wove the flames around him like an elegant dance. Finally, he brought both his hands together and back, the flames going towards his palms. "HAAAA!" he shouted, and thrust his hands forward, propelling the exact same type of fireball back at Asura's direction.

"WHAAAA!!?" Asura gasped and quickly ducked his head as the fireball came back towards his direction. Of course by intent, the fireball simply flew higher this time, going well over Asura's head and out into the open air. It went off the grounds of the Jiin estate and out from the mountain, where it eventually flickered out and vanished into the air.

Still with his head down, Asura watched as the fireball went out into the air and vanished. Roku had managed to actually repel and redirect his own fireball jutsu right back in his own direction. Seeing the flames gone, Asura stood up fully and turned to Roku, a bewildered look on his face. "H-wha-- how did you do that...?" Asura asked in awe and confusion. "You deflected my jutsu?!"

Roku smiled at Asura, knowing that reaction was likely to happen. "THis is the power of our Kekkei Genkai, known as Katon Manipulation. It is also called Fire Dancing," Roku explained. "It is a rare power even among our clan that allows us to freely manipulate the powers of fire without hand signs. IT also allows us to manipulate an enemy's katon jutsu and redirect it or use it against the enemy."

Asura's eyes went wide with wonder to learn of this technique. He had no idea that the Jiin clan could actually seize control of another katon user's jutsu and send it back to its caster.

"Do you remember when the Akatsuki attacked Iwa, and I came to save you from that leading soldier," Roku explained, trying to help Asura understand exactly the workings of the technique. For Asura, he remembered it clearly, seeing it in his mind clearly. He recalled how the enemy attempted to attack Roku with a same Fireball jutsu that Asura had used just moments ago. " He attempted to attack me with a fireball jutsu. I was able to manipulate the fire of his jutsu and send it back against him as well as increase its damage. This ability allows you to freely manipulate the katon techniques of another."

Asura was still surprised that his master had such an ability. At first he thought it was part of the Tengan, but Asura gave Roku's eyes a clear look. He had not activate his Tengan. "Amazing..." Asura breathed.

Roku gave Asura a kind smile in thanks for his awe to the ability. "This ability however is not invinsible, so don't be too impressed, Asura," Roku explained, causing Asura to snap in attention. He was intending to explain the inner workings of this power. "There are two requirements to use this power to seize control of an enemy's fire attacks." HE raised up one finger at a time, to make his point. "One, as you know there are different ranks of Jutsu, usually from the complexity of the chakra make up of them. Fire Manipulation cannot affect Jutsu of B rank or higher. At least not on its own. You can only repel an enemy jutsu of C class or lower. Do you understand?" he asked.

Asura nodded, his eyes focused on Roku and listening intently.

"Good, now for the second part," Roku said, raising up the second finger. " In order to seize control of an enemy's katon jutsu, you need to know it and expend chakra far more than the jutsu used against you."

This confused Asura a bit by the words required. "Huh, what do you mean, Master? Know the cost of the jutsu?" he asked.

"As you know, any jutsu requires chakra in order to make it work. The same applies for fire jutsu, even for us," he explained carefully. As he did, Asura could see in his mind a diagram of what he described, chakra radiating out of a rather cartoonish- shaped figurine. "A person spends both chakra and stamina to create the ninjutsu to use. Now imagine there is me and you. You cast your Fireball jutsu against me." Once more Asura could see rather chibi-versions of him and Roku as he explained, and Asura had used the fireball on his master. "Now, knowing roughly how much chakra you put into a basic Fireball jutsu like that, I pay it two fold and direct my chakra back at the fireball. "

"There are two costs... the same amount of chakra to break down the chakra control of the opposing jutsu and another amount to use the technique again back against the caster. " Roku explained, as Asura saw in his head Roku bouncing the fireball back like a volleyball-- and turning Chibi Asura into a blackened version of itself.

Though cartoonish in Asura's own mind, the point was clear-- though Asura was a little grumpy at the mental image of him burned like that.

Roku continued his explanation, concluding how the ability worked. "In short, you need to understand the chakra flow of your enemy's jutsu, then pay the amount twice to properly rip the control of it from the enemy and redirect it back against them." he said, "This of course will require far more chakra from us, but it is a great way of using an enemy's own power against them. Also, bare in mind that with your powers over fire, we add more power to it on our own."

Asura exhausted just hearing this. It was a lot to absorb. "this sounds incredibly advanced, even for a Kekkei Genkai, Master Roku," Asura commented. He sat down on the grass below and crossed his legs. "I mean, it is great but I find it difficult to imagine how you can reach for an opponent's jutsu and just steal it away from them."

Roku smiled, seeing that Asura was catching on to it. "Yes... in fact to most it would be impossible, even with the abilities of our clan," he said and raised a finger, "however those with excellent chakra control, can grasp this concept with general understanding." He smirked at that comment, hoping for Asura to catch on.

And catch on he did. "Huh.... wait!" he said, realization dawning on him. "You mean... all this time with the chakra training...?"

"Yes," Roku replied with a sage-like nod of his head. "This is WHY I spent far more time for you to master the basics of manipulating charka correctly and building up your basic abilities. Katon manipulation is powerful, but if without proper skill, it can be wasteful and even not work properly." Roku had anticipated this from the very beginning. Control of Chakra inside one's own body was essential as a shinobi, but for the powers of the Jiin, it demanded it. "Now that you have profound chakra control, using this ability will come far easier to you with than without it. "

Asura was really interested as he leaned forward. He had questions in mind as well. "And what about the use of hand signs. You said that with this technique you don't need any hand signs as well?" he asked eagerly.

Roku hummed in reply. "I was just about to get to that," he replied, resting his hands behind his back. " This ability is indeed allows one to easily will fire to do our bidding. But fire only. We can freely wield fire as well as fire associated jutsu if you learn how, such as Scorch Release, Lava or Plasma. Naturally, this does not apply for other chakra natures or even the basic ninjutsu. So don't get too overconfident to use fire without any signs. You will still require them."

Understanding this, Asura nodded. "Yes, Master," he replied, not letting himself be too disillusioned by the idea of 'no longer needing hand signs' to mold chakra.

"You still will need to focus your chakra properly, as well as keep the signs required for the jutsu in your mind," Roku continued to explain, "After that, it is a mere extension of limb and will to project the katon technique forth. It will free you up, as well allow you to not require your hands if occupied by a sword or in hand to hand combat. This should suit you well, if you can master it."

Asura quickly stood up, determined and eager to learn how to use this ability. "I will master!" Asura said with almost a jubilant tone, "This is an incredible power. How do I know I have it or --"

Roku placed a hand on Asura's shoulder. "Calm down, Asura," he said with a bellow of laughter in his voice. "I have no doubt you have this ability within you. This is an extension to our clan's power, but it shall now become accessible to you with your chakra control. This was my intention after all. But now we shall begin your training with it."

"How?" Asura asked.

"Hmm, let's see," Roku hummed as he looked around the training grounds. He was observing the trees as they blew in the wind. Finding one close, he looked among its leaves, trying to find one specifically. "Ah, yes, this should do," he said as he approached the tree and reached up. Finding a large leaf, he plucked it from the tree and moved back to Asura.

"This is where we shall begin, and all we need is a leaf," Roku explained, showing it to Asura.

Asura blinked at it, not sure how helpful a leaf was going to be. "Um... a leaf? What for? Honestly, Master, you have the strangest ideas of training." Asura jested.

Roku gave Asura a sarcastic smirk. He would have to remember to 'punish' him later, but for now he was just trying to be funny. "This training was once done while we lived among konoha," Roku explained. At that moment, he took the leaf and pressed the center with his thumb and index finger on either end. As he did so, a small flame emitted from it and began to burn through the center of the leaf.

"This is the exercise, Asura," Roku explained as he handed the leaf over to him. The flames of it still burned, but for the moment it wasn't proceeding too far. "You are to hold the leaf with both hands and focus your chakra. Your job is to use your chakra to control the embers of the leaf. The goal is to NOT let the leaf burn completely. You want to keep the embers from reaching the edge for as long as possible."

The leaf's center continued to burn, causing Asura to worry if he could stop it completely or not. But he was not suppose to stop it but delay it. Asura took hold and focused the chakra, but the embers grew brighter and began to advance.

"Remember to keep calm and focus. The flames now respond to YOUR chakra as you reach for it," he said, seeing as how now Asura held the leaf, his chakra would now be closely affiliated to the growth and dimming of the embers in it. "You can now freely control the fires, use just enough chakra to keep it lit, but soft and slow enough to keep the leaf intact."

Doing as Roku asked, Asura focused to the leaf and kept his breathing and heart rate calm and steady. Each breath he took, even shallow, caused the embers to glow lightly. After watching for a few moments, Roku nodded. "I shall leave you to it. You have plenty of leaves to practice with if you need it. But remember, let the flame last as long as it can with leaf's edge remaining."

"Okay, Master," Asura replied, his eyes and focus never leaving the leaf. It was much tougher than it sounded as he worked to keep his mind and chakra steady. He was very absorbed with the skill required to use this ability his clan had. If he could do this, Asura was confident he could master any fire jutsu. Asura felt this he was sure... he was driven to be the greatest fire master among shinobi.

Proud at the dedication and progress his student was displaying, Roku nodded and left Asura to continue his training in peace.

Several hours later....

Roku returned to the training grounds. He had finished his priestly duties for the Jiin and now was going to check on Asura. The boy had an unhealthy habit to dedicate so much time to training and studies and forget the simple things. Like eating, or even staying up really late. As such, he looked around the training grounds but didn't see him. It was dark and night had fallen already. Roku examined the training grounds... but soon found him.

Asura was sitting at the base of the tree, a small glimmer of an ember before him. Approaching, he saw Asura was still indeed at it, focusing on the leaves with a small flicker of flame in the center and attempting to keep from burning out.

"How many have you gone through, Asura?" Roku asked.

"WHa...!" Asura jumped, the flickers of flame in his hand igniting just a bit but not enough to burn the leaf all the way. "Master... it's you... sorry," he said, calming down. "I am ... on my third leaf."

This surprised Roku as he looked to the leaves around him. "You only went through three leaves?" he asked.

"I-I'm sorry, Master!" Asura said defensively, "I am trying to --"

Before Asura could say more Roku shook his head and held up a hand to stop him. "No Asura, I just mean that its a very small amount of leaves to have gone through. Most of those, who done this training, have gone through at least ten leaves before this amount of time. This is very good," he confirmed.

Asura blinked, not knowing he had done such good work. "Oh... well I am doing my best. It's hard to keep the flames lit or else it will go out all together. " he explained.

"Yes that's correct," Roku said. "That is probably the hardest part about this training exercise. But I think that is enough for today, don't you? Come. Its time you get dinner. You can't expect to keep training non-stop without any kind of food. A ninja must be in peak condition, and that includes taking time to eat."

Realizing his master had a point and how time had slipped by Asura, he finally stopped and let the flames go out with a sigh. "Alright, Master. Thank you."

With that, the two left the training grounds to have dinner.

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PostSubject: Re: Fanning the Flames: (Tengan X 1, Nexus X3 ) + Dummy for Tengan 2/5 + Reward Dice   June 25th 2015, 11:11

Reward Dice allowance: 5

Training Rolls: Tengan Training X1 (+10 from Training dummy 2/5)

Dex X 2,

Stamina X 1

And likely unlocking Jiin ability-- Fire Manipulation after this.

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PostSubject: Re: Fanning the Flames: (Tengan X 1, Nexus X3 ) + Dummy for Tengan 2/5 + Reward Dice   June 25th 2015, 11:11

The member 'Enjin' has done the following action : Dice

#1 'Training Dice' : 7


#2 'Training Dice' : 1, 1


#3 'Training Dice' : 3


#4 'Reward Dice' : 26, 72, 49, 10, 47
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PostSubject: Re: Fanning the Flames: (Tengan X 1, Nexus X3 ) + Dummy for Tengan 2/5 + Reward Dice   

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Fanning the Flames: (Tengan X 1, Nexus X3 ) + Dummy for Tengan 2/5 + Reward Dice
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