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 Mission request for Summoning

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PostSubject: Mission request for Summoning   June 25th 2015, 14:47

was informed my previous mission request was void for lack of a few requirements. So changing that--

I am requesting to take the summoning mission to earn my custom summoning scroll allowance.

O Level: 29 | Exp: 2378/2900

O Total Exp Earned: 46279
O Ranking: Asura Types Rank = Genin
O Shinobi Type: Asura

O Health Pts: 245/245 [245]
O Chakra Gauge: 636/636
O Stamina Gauge: 221/221
O Soul Gauge: 415/415
O Mind Gauge: 100% [Healthy]

O Chakra Control: 100%
O Nature Control: 000 % (Unlocked)
O Bijuu Control: LOCKED

O Strength:70
O Endurance:87 (+15 from Gear)
O Dexterity:64 (+45 Dex from Gear)
O Intelligence:415

O Bijuu Name & Alias:
O Bijuu Elements:

O Kekkei Genkai Name: Jiin Clan: Tengan
---O Tengan Mastery: 039%

O Element(s)
+ Element (1): 100% Katon
--Evolved Element: 53% Enton
+ Element (2): 000% Doton (Locked) (Reach Chunin Rank | Complete Element Temple)
+ Element (3): 000% Yoton Yang- Light Release (Reach Spec./Jounin Rank | Complete Element Temple / Mix Element w/ Mixing Skill)
+ Element (4): 000% Youton (Lava) (Mix Element w/ Mixing Skill or Learn Kekkei Tota)
+ Element (5): 000% Shounetsuton (Inferno) (Mix Element w/ Mixing Skill or Learn Kekkei Tota)

< - The Summoning Task -
< Travel to the lands of the summoning creature that you wish to obtain, this journey will take time from you. After you have located the place of your beast, you will have to find a way for them to approve you as a "partner" to summon during battle.
+ Restrictions: Once completed Trainings Reduced to 0 for day.
+ Requires: Locate Secret "____" Land & Blood Seal = 30 Post | +10
+ Reward: Gain Blood Contract | Kushiyosi no Jutsu [If not have]

Plot element will take place in Iwa and summoning incident to obtain contract per site rules. Actual signing will take place in second part as discussed with Grave

Posting here in case previous post in mission section was wrong

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PostSubject: Re: Mission request for Summoning   June 26th 2015, 17:22

This does not require any status unless the quest says other wise you can seed the guidelines located here.

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Mission request for Summoning
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