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 A sound mind in a sound body Part 2 (Nexus STats plus training gear-- STR X 3, DEX X 3, STM X 1) Plus reward dice

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PostSubject: A sound mind in a sound body Part 2 (Nexus STats plus training gear-- STR X 3, DEX X 3, STM X 1) Plus reward dice   July 31st 2015, 17:20

A sound mind in a sound body part 2.

The clashes between student and master continued as Asura sparred with Roku into the afternoon. Asura attacked with fever and drive as Roku played defense and countered his moves. It was easy to see it was a stalemate in terms of physical combat. Had this been a real battle and with actual ninja skills, someone would of been eliminated by now. Asura had landed a spiraling kick to his master, but the older man soon countered and struck with an open palm to Asura. The trading of blows was a constant game as asura tried to break through to land a decisive blow. Finally after much effort and striving, he finally made contact. Despite Roku's grip on his hand, he still drove it with a burst of speed and making contact with Roku's chest. The grip on his arm was strong but still he had made contact.

At first he thought Roku would push for more-- but it was then he let out a breath and let go Asura's wrist. "That will be all for today, Asura. You have done well," Roku said, and stepped away.

A feeling of dissatisfaction still lingered in Asura. "But Master, I can do better!" Asura protested.

Roku merely rolled his shoulders and tilted his neck, a stiff crack sounding from the man. "Hahah... perhaps you can but I need rest. We can continue tomorrow if you want," Roku said and turned to Asura, clearly sensing the boy's eagerness to continue his taijutsu training. Asura indeed favored the use of Taijutsu when it came to his training as a shinobi. He could easily see him becoming an expert in Taijutsu but alas, there was more to being a ninja than just being physically superior. "Let these old bones rest a bit then we can resume beating you up." Roku jested.

As he walked away, Asura wiped off sweat off his brow as he realized he still wanted to train. And he did have plans to do so... with another trainer. One who Asura had become to get closer too over the time had lived in Iwa, despite his rather ... unusual personality.

Taking his towel and putting back on his vest, Asura left the Jiin estate and headed out around Iwa to find his other trainer.

Asura had searched for well over an hour to find him. The guy had no real home and tended to wander but after agreeing to teach Asura after an unusual encounter, he had stuck around. His excuse, Iwa women having the perfect hips all around. His lecherous behavior was something Asura had not considered to be an admirable trait, but the man was seriously strong. Almost inhumanly strong, and it made Asura envious to be as skilled and powerful as he was. Asura was now hopping from rooftop to rooftop, spying on the areas he was likely to go. The tavern, ale house, casino in Iwa-- but nothing showed to him that indicated he was there.

Standing upon the higher building, being built out of stone, Asura looked around and sighed, seeing no trace of him. "Where could that hedonist have gone too?" Asura asked to himself.

"Looking for someone?" a gruff voice laughed behind him.

"WAAAH!" Asura shouted and jumped, nearly losing his balance upon the rooftop. Turning around he saw none other than the man he sought. The wild white haired muscular man known as Ravana. An S class rogue ninja from the land of Heaven to the far west. The man was huge in stature and build. Not fat but muscular, and despite how his age looked advanced, he remained spry and youthful. He had tattoos along his arms, chest and face, and his eyes glows eerie white with power.

"Damn you Ravana!" Asura snarled at him, shaking a fist.

Ravana grinned at Asura, enjoying getting the drop on him from time to time. "Aww were you looking for me? I'm flattered," he said and reached Asura's head, messing up his hair as if he was still a kid. Asura hated that. He was 16 already and he would soon be of mature age. "If you can't sense my presence behind you, then maybe you have a bit more work to do before you become a ninja," he boasted, belittling Asura to provoke him.

Asura pushed his hand off his head and glared at him angrily. "Shut up," Asura grunted, "Next time you wanna meet me for training how about you mention a spot first."

"Eager to prove yourself, are we?" the older man laughed, slowly rising from his crouch to stand up tall and proud. "Alright, alright... I won't torment you, for now anyway. Follow me, I know where we can train."

With that, Ravana jumped up and became a blur of speed, as many ninja could do. Keeping up, Asura followed a short distance behind, knowing that they were heading somewhere more suitable to train.

Finally reaching their destination, they were near a part of the mountains that ran along the series of waterfalls and streams through the valleys. It wasn't a highly hidden area, as a few visitors came and went. Usually Asura had become cautious dealing with Ravana. As a rogue ninja, he was a wanted fugitive. Asura had nothing against Ravana, but alas, he knew there was a reason why this man was wanted. They were probably for far worse than just peeping at a few of the ladies and subjecting them to his wishes. Still, after their first clash and understanding Asura's reasons-- Ravana had agreed to tutor Asura in ways of ninjutsu that others wouldn't know. One thing the two had in common, the desire to be strong was something undeniable, and Ravana for one refused to see Iwa's neglect for such teachings go to waste.

Still Asura was wondering why they had stopped at this location of all the more secluded and useful places to train. Anyone could spy on them, and if they identified him and Ravana together... it wouldn't end well.
Asura stood there as his master observed a few bushes nearby, his arms crossed against his chest as he waited for him to give him his undivided attention. "Any particular reason why you chose to train here?" Asura asked, his expression a bit irritated after all the trouble he had went through to find him.

"Don't get your panties in a twist, kid," Ravana grunted, looking over the edge of a nearby cliff, observing the view while talking to Asura with his back turned. "Making sure we have a good view in case someone is coming... and other things,"

Suspicious, Asura approached Ravana near the edge he was looking at. "And what are you trying to spot--??" Asura spoke but was soon silenced by what Asura saw that had Ravana' attention.

Down below them was a small isolated spring hidden in the valley of the rocky mountain pass. Now that he was there he could hear the soft laughter of women from below. He looked to see them-- several young ladies a tad older than Asura was. There were four of them, all naked or close to it from afar as they lounged and played around in the water. All the while a letcherous grin was on Ravana face' enjoying seeing them from afar.

TWHAP! Asura delivered a hard slap against Ravana' skull, which he took without any resistance-- because of course, it barely hurt the man. Asura glared at his 'mentor' with irritation. "You came here just so you can peek at the ladies, you perverted bastard? Go letching on your own time!" he shouted, pissed off that he was suppose to train him but was getting his kicks watching the women bathing.

Ravana didn't mind the tap to the head, and just chuckled at Asura's anger. "Oh? You saying your NOT interested in them?" he asked, twisting Asura's words around.

While the laughter of the girls below still stirred Asura's blood, as any man would, he blushed at the twist of words but tried to get back on track. "Can we just focus on my training, PLEASE?"

Deciding the kid had enough humiliation for a while, Ravana pulled himself away from the sight of one of the girls' rack and turned to Asura to begin their training. "Alright, alright... sit down, pup and let's start."

Asura sat back down cross legged on the ground and so did Ravana. Ravana laid his sword out next to him as they talked. "So, do you remember our talk about Mantra. Today we are going to focus on this, and your skills in Taijutsu. " He said, "But before we begin... something to help your training further. "

A wicked grin had spread on Ravana' face as he reached behind him and pulled out a series of bracers-- four in total. Asura knew just what they were-- training weights meant to be worn on the arms and legs. Ravana lifted them with ease and settled them down between them. "Since you are such a fan of fighting, these will help you tremendously. I hope they won't be too much for you," Ravana replied, a hint of jest in his tone implying that Asura was not able to handle the training that was ahead.

Asura grunted at him as he got up and went to get the training weights. "Please, I can handle this," he said as he reached for the weights--- only to soon realize he couldn't lift them as easily as he thought. Using little strength, hey barely got them three inches from the ground. It was EXTREMELY HEAVY! He pulled again, using more of his strength and chakra to lift the one he was holding. They felt like boulders the size of bowling balls. It was just one and he was expected to wear it. He looked up to Ravana, seeing the smug look on his face.

"You are out of your mind," Asura growled at him, his expression clearly angry. " This must be over 30 pounds! Four of these will be 120 !"

"They are actually fourty five," Ravana said, the gleam in his glowing eyes showing clear sadistic enjoyment. "Of course if you are too tired, you can go home. I am sure its nap time for you--"

"Oh shut it!" Asura shot back, and took up the first weight. It took some effort but he strapped it onto his right wrist, and already he felt his arm sag from the weight. He worked his way further now-- putting on the two for around his ankles, and the last one on his left arm. He grumbled the entire time, swearing silently at Ravana as he watched with amusement. The man rested there with an elbow on his knee and his hand supporting his chin. One would think he was watching a show as he saw Asura struggle to put them on.

Finally, Asura had got the weights on but it felt like he was carrying an army of weapons for Iwa! Hs legs hardly could move no more than half a foot at a time and he could barely swing his arms to move. He tried taking a few steps. His limbs felt so heavy it felt like what could of been crossed in less than five seconds had to take a half-minute to make. All the while Ravana was watching with amusement, seeing the frustration on the young ninja's face.

Asura turned to Ravana, knowing what he was thinking. "You wanna eat these weights when I am done with them?" he threatened the rogue ninja.

Ravana found Asura's threats more humorous than realistic as he shrugged it off. "Naw, I have an iron rich diet already," he jested in return and sat up. "Now I want you to run ten laps around the hill here with those on. Do not stop till you finish," he said, indicating the rest of the mountain hill they were on and the path that encompassed around it.

He turned to the mountainous hill-- knowing full well such a number of laps would take far longer with his weights on. "You must be joking. .." Asura groaned.

"Should I make it twenty?" Ravana asked, raising a brow.

Despite the weights, Asura jumped back and shook his head. "N-no, no that's fine." he agreed. He knew already that Ravana was either extreme or insane. Perhaps a bit of both. He didn't want to test him, considering any kind of attack against him was like attacking a brick wall.

"Alright, come back here when you are done," Ravana said and crossed his arms against his chest. "Now if you will excuse me..." He glanced over his shoulder again as he heard the splashing and laughter of the naked women below. ".. I am going to do some bird watching, if you catch my drift... heheheh..."

Asura gave him a grumpy look. Half was in disapproval, but even he couldn't deny that was a fun use of time to see what the ladies were up to down there. Shaking his head, as it was the only thing he could shake with the weights on, he began to move down the path towards the road surrounding the mountain top. Step by step, he began to build up a momentum, which sad to say was no faster than a turtle.

The passing of two and a half hours made the sky change from blue to orange as Asura continued his laps around the mountain side. As much as he wished he could say he was getting used to the weights, he wasn't. Even with the use of his chakra to enhance his physical muscles, they still were a strain on his body and he still only then moved as fast as a normal person walking. His arms had lost feeling in them as he could hardly move them still, and his legs felt like jelly. It took all his energy to keep from tripping and falling. He feared if he did fall flat on his face, he would never be able to get up.

A trail of sweat was behind him, the drops showing his path as he moved forward. Still, stubborn as he was and dedicated, he pressed on. Though despite the pain and agony, he was moving a little faster than he had been when he started this exercise. Given time, in the span of possibly a couple of weeks he would get used it. However, in Asura's defense, it was insane for Ravana to make him run with such high weight from the start. Anyone else would of gotten hurt a long time ago.

Finally, having reached the maximum laps requested of him, Asura stopped and looked for his trainer. Naturally he found him, still kneeling at the cliff edge and looking at the ladies below. Slowly, Asura inched his way closer to him, and spoke up quietly so as to not anger Ravana from his perverted interests. "I finished... can I take these off yet?" Asura asked, his voice strained.

Still looking, Ravana continued to observe a couple of the girls, pleased to see their breasts exposed from the water's surface to him. He wanted very much to go down there and have his fun-- but alas Asura was back and a bit faster than Ravana had anticipated. "ALright, kid... damn, you could have waited a bit? I think they were just starting to get comfortable." he sighed. "But no... Keep the weights on. From now on, you will be training with them while you're with me. Don't worry. You will get used to them. "

Asura would kick Ravana off the cliff if he could lift his legs high enough, but for now he couldn't do such things. How was he supposed to train while trying to lift an elephant all the time?!

With that, Ravana sighed and rose up from the cliff side. Brushing off his pants, he walked around Asura and led the way. "Come on, lets find the next spot for our training." He said, walking leisurely and much faster. Asura followed, his limbs dragging like how an ape would as he walked.

They had made their way to a western point of the mountain side, which actually had a wider area to exercise. It was roughly 50 meters diameter from the edge to the mountain wall. It had a wide open view and plenty of space to train this time. Hopefully for Asura, it didn't involve more running. Ravana stood there with his arms folded and looked at Asura, slunched over due to the weights on his body.

"Come on! Man up and stand straight! " he egged him on. He clearly was not impressed with Asura's statue , despite knowing full well the weights was keeping him from moving so. "You can't handle a little weight? That is nothing for a real shinobi!"

Asura didn't waste breath cursing him back. Still, he rose up, using all his energy into his muscles and slowly stood up. Though his arms rested at his side, he was softly trembling from the strains to his muscles. He didn't know just how long he was going to be able to hold out.

Satisfied with the effort Asura was doing, Ravana nodded and smiled. "Alright, squirt. Now we begin your first big steps into a new world. We shall begin with the unlocking of Mantra. As you know, Mantra is the cultivating of chakra with powerful emotion." he explained, gesturing with a hand as he explained. "Every person is pre exposed to a certain vice, emotion that people tend to assume as the sins of the shinobi world. As you recall from last time, we found out yours is Wrath."

With that, Asura unhooked his sword from behind him and tossed it aside. It flew across the clearing and landed with the hilt going into a nearby stone. Free from his sword, he stretched his limbs, working out any kinks to his body. "For most people, Mantra can be unlocked by invoking certain emotions but also must use stances to use this energy. Lucky for you, you are skilled in Taijutsu, so stances shouldn't be a problem. However it is both a form of Taijutsu as well as a state of mind."

Asura nodded as he listened, trying to keep focus despite the pain of the weights on him.

"So, this might be a stupid question, but what makes you furious?" He said, a hint of enjoyment on his face.

Asura gave this some thought . He was pretty angry now, considering the load he was carrying and how Ravana was a bit dismissive of the training in general. "Well I am hot headed, sure but i wouldn't say I am so angry I am wrathful."

WHAM!! " OUGH!!!" Asura gasped as he felt something hard slam into his gut. With the weights he didn't have a chance to guard himself. Ravana had crossed the distance and punched him square in the gut. He very well lunched over the guy, the blow painful. In reality, Ravana only had given him a tap compared to his true strength.

Asura fell down flat on his back, gasping as the air was knocked out of him. "How about now, kid?" he asked, smirking down at him.

"Grrt--" Asura swore, trying to fight through the pain and try to stand but his limbs were like lead. "Well I fucking like you less!!" he shouted back and began to slowly crawl his way back up.

Ravana laughed, watching as he slowly tried to get up. "Someone who has no reason for anger? Guess the village has no real faith in you, do they. After all, why would this backwater of a nation be so reserved with its teachings. Runts of the litter I bet," he talked, pretty much smacking about the pride Asura had for his homeland. Partly though he spoke more truth than taunt.

Sitting up now, Asura continued to move to stand once more. "Sh... Shut up..." he growled.

"Iwa shinobi never did impress me," Ravana continued, brushing them off. "So high on their thrones, they think they are better than others. So smart-- they lack anything else. I should just take over this country myself," he boasted, though leaving Asura unsure if he meant it or not. "Teach you losers just what real power is. "

Finally, Asura got to his feet. "I told you to shut UP!!" he roared now and finally despite the weight he lunged for Ravana, a weighted fist thrown to hit Ravana that could of knocked anyone's jaw loose!

However, what Asura urged in strength, his speed was reduced. Effortlessly, Ravana merely shifted out of the line of attack, causing Asura to miss and stumble. He used all his strength to urge his left foot forward and stop himself from tripping over. His teeth were gritted tight in anger as he swung himself back to face his mentor seeing the smug look on his face all the while.

"I should of known not to expect too much of you," Ravana said, "Training weights alone seem to be beyond you. You couldn't hit the broad side of a barn!"

Asura KNEW he was egging him on. He knew he was mocking him, but it didn't matter. He was just getting under his skin despite him working so hard to become stronger. Asura roared and charged again.

This continued for a while. All the while Asura was huffing and puffing, struggling to catch Ravana with his taunting. It went from simple insults to words that were pretty much hurtful, even a few phyiscal blows that were just taps after Asura would fail to get a solid hit on him. The Weights felt like his muscles were burning away and his body screamed in pain for pushing himself. A vicious snarl had formed on his mouth, his canines and sharp teeth visible as he fought, like that of an animal.

Finally, Ravana started pulling out the big guns. "Mrrr I could be off enjoying the company of the Iwa women. Such nice hips and ass they have. Hmm what was that one girl you were with... Oh yes, Aki right?" he said.

That really struck Asura's nerves, the indication to follow starting to cause him as he was on the ground to grasp the stone earth below him, leaving tracks with his fingers. "YOu better not even..." he growled. At that moment, a light red aura began to radiate off his skin. It was as if his chakra was boiling hot.

Ravana soon scratched his bearded chin with thoughts in his head. "Ah yes, she was a cute one. Small, petite and innocent... the kind of girl a man can teach a few things too, heheheh." he said, the lectherous tone obvious of his perverted intent. The man was probably first convicted for his stupid perversions but now he was setting his sights on Asura's dear friend. Whether by intent to egg Asura on or even truth, it was driving Asura mad with hate right now. All the while Ravana continued to muse as if nothing was going on, daydreaming his actions with her. "I can see it now. She would look great on her knees as I shove her down and force her to...."

"RRRRAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!" The scream drowned out his voice as Asura roared in rage. The wind suddenly spun about as his own chakra became visible suddenly! Turning to look, Ravana saw that now, on all fours and graspign the earth, Asura had now had a fiery like chakra aura on him. Ravana grinned, recognizing the flow of this chakra. It was Mantra, the chakra bathed in the fires of one's rage and fury.

A wide grin grew on his face. This is what he wanted, his student pushed to his emotional and physical breaking point-- to awaken the power that slept inside.

Suddenly, Asura kicked off the ground. Despite the sheer weight wrapped around his limbs, he pushed himself forward! Pain and fatigue were no longer a factor for him as all he wanted now was to tear Ravana apart! A square punch was thrown at his jaw, to which he ducked out of the way, but now Asura had become faster and stronger. While he had grown accustomed to the weight after so many hours of its abuse, he was now ignoring its pain and pushing forward, driven by the sheer desire to fight and kill.

Ravana was now put into a defensive position as he now moved his arm in the path of Asura's attacks. He blocked his kicks and punches, which now felt significantly stronger. All the while he saw that Asura's eyes were now glowing white, his pupils gone as he was blind with rage. "That's more like it, son... let that fire in your stomach burn!" he growled with a sense of pleasure. With Ravana being a hedonistic creature, what he loved just as much was the thrill of combat.

Asura soon threw a wicked kick at Ravana, aiming for his head but he blocked it with his arm. It followed by a similar twist as Asura grazed the same arm and swung himself over, trying to lock Ravana in a head lock and throw him over using his own momentum. However, the older man was solid as a rock. He didn't move even when thrown into a bind. Now however, Asura's attitude became more feral, attempting to scratch and tear at his body-- but did no such good.

Ravana could feel the flow of his chakra, becoming more sudden and violent. It was exciting but now the point was good and done. Asura had completed what Ravana sought for him, and now it was time to end things.

"Sorry pup, but I prefer women to claw to my back if you catch my meaning," he commented as he grabbed Asura by his arm. ALmost effortlessly, he threw Asura down to the ground, the weights and impact causing a small crater to impact. Asura shouted as he was thrown down, only to be swung up again and slammed down on another part of the ground. After a third swing and slam, Ravana finally threw him towards the wall of the cliff, where he went flying and crashed with a loud bang of stone and steel.

A cloud of dust accumulated after the impact, and now things were quiet. In the face of great anger and wrath, a good shock to someone was likely the best course to break someone out of such fits of rage. As the dust cleared, Asura was seen sprawled against the hole in the wall. His limbs were sprawed out and his head down. The fiery aura of chakra or Mantra as it was called, was now gone. Asura didn't move save for his chest as he breathed. He was truly spent. It was hard to tell if he was conscious or unconscious as Ravana approached but he could see the fight was clearly gone from Asura, spent and exhausted.

Asura coughed a bit, stunned and surprised by the fight and what happened. To him, the fit of rage he was in was like a dream or blur. His body ached and he couldn't move any further.

"I think we can call it a day, kid," Ravana said as he slowly strolled over to Asura.

Despite what effort he could do, Asura's limbs wouldn't move. The weights were too much. He felt numb as Ravana came over. "C... Can't move...." Asura breathed, even talking was laboring as his head was hung over.

Ravana let out a soft chuckle as he drew closer. At first Asura feared he would strike him again for good measure... but he was soon surprised as the white haired man knelt down and proceeded to unstrap the weights on Asura's legs. One by one, he removed them weights from his legs, then freed the ones around Asura's wrists as well. Still, Asura didn't move, exhausted by the efforts he had done from both Roku's training along with Ravana's.

"You know one of the creeds I follow after my time learning about Mantra, boy?" he said, grinning as he knelt down. "You work hard, you play hard. "

Reaching lower, he took hold of Asura with an arm and lifted him up. Asura wanted to fight him off but couldn't even bring even a push against him. Before he knew it, Ravana had thrown him over his shoulder in a 'dead man's sling to carry him. It was a strange that he would show any such compassion over him, but in truth Ravana did indeed view him as a student. Despite being a tough and brutal instructor, it was clear he knew when to show such kindness and help him.

He fought hard and pushed him far, the lies he spun being the perfect motivator to unlock the Mantra of Wrath. Ravana smiled as he carried Asura over his shoulder, heading back to Iwa.



Asura was soon dropped into the steaming warm water. He couldn't even really still move his limbs but the warm water naturally did help him keep afloat. He slowly turned over, but the soothing warm waters felt great. He was certain he could of died moments ago-- after Ravana had walked into the hot spring with him thrown over his shoulder, and got accommodations for the night. It was very likely the sight freaked out a few of the staff at the front desk and the visitors in the lobby. Even more awkward-- that Ravana pretty much stripped Asura naked to get to the hot springs.

"This is twisted and wrong in so many ways," Asura grumbled as he emerged his head from the water, bubbles blown from his mouth grumpily.

Ravana by then had already slipped into the water himself, a tray of saki next to him as he took one of the small cups and drank. "Hah! What you got a problem with hotsprings?" he joked as he looked at Asura. "You need to relax and live in the moment more, kid. More to life than being a ninja."

"I just was better off you didn't strip me," he grumbled, making his point clear. He felt he could die from embarrassment. " I preferred you beating the crap out of me from before."

Ravana reached and stroked his chin, recalling that he indeed had to get Asura's clothing off before they had to go into the hot spring. "Hmm... it was very tempting. After all you have such a hot sexy little body--"

"GAAAH!! " ASura shouted, his head shooting out of the water and despite the pain, pointed his arm at him. "YOU FREAK!! YA BETTER KEEP AWAY FRM ME OR I SWEAR ILL REDUCE YOU TO ASHES!!" he screamed in horror. Oh the humanity.

"BAHAHAHA!!" Ravana bellowed, slapping his knee below the water. "Relax, pup. I'm kidding. Don't get so wrapped up. " He took another drink of his saki, downing the remains of the cup. "Far more prefer female company in that sense. Now if I had a female student... heheheh..."

Asura sank lower to the bottom of the hot spring, his back against a nearby rock as he glared at his mentor. "You, sir, are a rotten, shameless little pervert," he said, trying to be angry but the warm water was certainly taking the sting out of his anger and his pained muscles.

"Now that is where you are wrong, my friend. I am not a little pervert," he said as he took the entire bottle of saki and with that-- chugged down a good amount of it. WIth a satisfied 'ah' he turned and smirked. "I'm a big pervert who would make all women that cross my eye my bitches," he said completely shameless.

"Ugh..." Asura groaned and sunk into the water. "I'm starting to get a grasp as to WHY you're a rogue ninja," he said as he ran over in his head his 'master's ' qualities.

At that moment, Asura and Ravana could hear the sounds from the other side of the wall that divided the women's bath for the mens. As there could be plenty, Ravana smirked to himself as he strode a bit closer to the wall. He waded by the water, and glanced at Asura. "Heh... well maybe when you mature a bit, you'll appreciate the finder things in life. " he said before going over and attempting to peek at them.

With a heavy sigh, Asura fell into the water up to his head. He wished he could drown in the comfortable hot water as the night passed, easing his wounds and allowing him to recover. He didn't know what was harder: the training or the simple association with Ravana the Rogue Ninja.

(Word count 5,503. Item used for training=
+ + - 45lbs Weight Gear - > (2 week restriction)
> 45 Pounds of weights that are placed on one's wrists and ankles, helps build up strength and dexterity easily.
+ Effect: DEX Drops 45% | +23 to STR & DEX Training Results [Must be Worn]
+ Placement: Outer | Inner Body, Wrist & Ankles
+ Limit: Breaks after 6 uses


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PostSubject: Re: A sound mind in a sound body Part 2 (Nexus STats plus training gear-- STR X 3, DEX X 3, STM X 1) Plus reward dice   July 31st 2015, 17:24

Training rolls and reward rolls.

Roll 1-- Strength (plus training gear+23, +2 from quick learner) X3

Roll 2-- Dex (plus training gear+23, +2 from quick learner) X3

Roll 3-- Stamina plus 2 from quick learner X 1

Reward Dice: 7 rolls after calculation.

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PostSubject: Re: A sound mind in a sound body Part 2 (Nexus STats plus training gear-- STR X 3, DEX X 3, STM X 1) Plus reward dice   July 31st 2015, 17:24

The member 'Enjin' has done the following action : Dice

#1 'Training Dice' : 7, 3, 9


#2 'Training Dice' : 2, 1, 1


#3 'Training Dice' : 6


#4 'Reward Dice' : 53, 15, 55, 27, 85, 35, 42
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PostSubject: Re: A sound mind in a sound body Part 2 (Nexus STats plus training gear-- STR X 3, DEX X 3, STM X 1) Plus reward dice   July 31st 2015, 17:26

Adding up totals for training :

Strength + 94

Dex +79

Stamina : 8

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PostSubject: Re: A sound mind in a sound body Part 2 (Nexus STats plus training gear-- STR X 3, DEX X 3, STM X 1) Plus reward dice   

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A sound mind in a sound body Part 2 (Nexus STats plus training gear-- STR X 3, DEX X 3, STM X 1) Plus reward dice
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