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 D class Mission: Finding the Lost Scroll

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PostSubject: D class Mission: Finding the Lost Scroll   August 17th 2015, 22:38

This mission was probably the lamest one he had to do in a while. It was but finding a lost scroll that one of the shopkeepers had misplaced. Despite the locations where it could of been, there was no real way of telling where it could of been done.

Asura just sighed and began his search in all the routes where the shopkeeper had been and looked for details. The tracks in the dirt, any indication of ripped parchment. Still he couldn't find those details. Right now he was just looking around, scowering the town for one small object.

After a bit of time, he stopped. He flopped down on a nearby stoop and laid down, his back against the stone and his neck leaning off the end. "What a pain..." he sighed as he closed his eyes.

It was then that he heard a soft sound. A small animal of some kind. A 'woof'. The young ninja opened his eye to find a small white dog nearby a few meters away from him. He was holding something in his mouth. It was the scroll itslef. The doggy was wagging his tail holding it as if it was a bone.

Surprised Asura slowly got up. "Nice doggy... Nice doggy... come here and..." The dog then turned and took off, running down the street.

"GET BACK HERE YOU STUPID MUT!!" Asura roared and quickly chased after it.

The dog ran down several streets with Asura rushing to hurry and catch it! It took him a while but he soon catught the dog, tackled it and pried the scroll from its little jaws.

(Word Count : 271)

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D class Mission: Finding the Lost Scroll
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