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 D Class Mission: Cat in the Cave

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PostSubject: D Class Mission: Cat in the Cave   August 22nd 2015, 15:30

Asura had learned to curb his hubris for missions like this. Still it didn't make the experience enjoyable. He grumbled as he searched the caves. His youth exploring them made things simple but still finding something in it was another matter all together. Different animals could live in these caves and he was looking for one. A lost cat. A cat-- he loved animals but what owner was stupid enough to let their cat lost in the caves. Did it just happen to wander in seeking shelter or what?

The caves were just as dark and winding as ever as he would explore and search but it was not the best way to find the cat. Unfortunately for him, he had no other methods. If he could only use his Tengan, he could probably find the cat through walls even in the dark. But he couldn't open them no matter how hard he tried. SO he didn't couldn't wouldn't.

Then after some searching he saw something. Glowing eyes in the dark. First he drew his blade, being on guard in the event it was one of the larger more intimidating animals that used the caves. A bear perhaps. But then it moved closer and Asura saw it. A black and white cat with its irredesent eyes glowing in the dark. Asura let out a breath as he recognized the cat. It was indeed the same cat he was looking for.

"Mreow!" it meowed and walked over to Asura, without any hesitation. Looked like Asura found the cat. Taking the cat into his arms, he looked it over. He was starting to grow fonder of cats like this, after his little adventure with the king of tigers.

Taking the cat, he held it in his arms and began to make his way back to Iwa to give it to its owner.

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D Class Mission: Cat in the Cave
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