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 Well Earned Rest (Hospital Rest for the night)

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PostSubject: Well Earned Rest (Hospital Rest for the night)    September 3rd 2015, 18:23

Asura felt embarassed when he had been carried away. On one hand, he felt proud he completed his mission. Even more he got the rank of Chunin Exam. He felt great about that. One problem, he had used up so much chakra and expended so much stress on his body that he needed to be treated.

He ended up delivered to the hospital, where he was now in a hospital bed. He had a grumpy look on his face as he had bandages on his hands and arms, and a bandaid on his cheek. If anything, his pride was more hurt than anything else. He sighed as he looked at his gear on a nearby chair.

There was a knock on his door as he turned to it. "Come in?" Asura asked.

The sliding door opened to find it was none other than Master ROku. "Master!"

Roku came over to his bed and looked him over. He didn't say a word at first, but examined the severity of Asura's injuries. At firs Asura was a bit perplexed, till he looked up and smiled. "For your first major mission... i think you came out in better condition than most, my friend," he said happily. A clear look of pride was on his face.

Asura smiled at this. If anyone he wanted to make proud it was his Master.

Roku smiled and opened a scroll before him. It was Asura's official Chunin papers. "The elders approved of your advancement. The moment you get out of this hospital bed, I say we celebrate." he said, patting Asura on the head. "I am proud how much you have grown up. "

Asura bowed his head in respect. "Thank you, Master."  

286 words-- Full HP and stats recovered.

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Well Earned Rest (Hospital Rest for the night)
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