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 Double: C class Mission: Wack A Mole

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PostSubject: Double: C class Mission: Wack A Mole   September 6th 2015, 15:48

Fierce underground creatures had been moving closer and closer to Iwa. Typical of Iwa, they send a less team of shinobi to handle it. Rather, one man. But this man was more than capable now to handle it on his own. Out of all his peers despite the unrest with developing Iwa, Asura was the best of them.

Large moles, the size of cows practically, would burrow up from the underground and been roaming around. Unfortunately for the animal lover Asura was, they were overpopulating and bursting into farm lands. Eating their food and uprooting the soil there. And so they needed to be thinned out and force them to return back to the mountains.

The task was medeocrue but it involved far more intense combat for Asura as he approached to the land. He found a few moles and iwth his chakra blade, he easily took care of them, but the issue was the ones still under ground.

Once he made sure the majority of the moles were away from the crops and fields, he felt more at ease to use his Fire STyle. "KAton; Fireball Jutsu!!" he shouted and released a Fireball into one of the holes. The fire would easily sweep out through the ground and through the tunnels they made, leaving them with few places to go.

Crude, but effective.

The flames caused screams and grunts from inside the hole, but alas it was the all that was needed as the flames killed many inside the tunnels. Asura would of preferred to use Earth STyle to 'uproot' them but his control over Earth was not strong enough yet. He had a ways to go before he could start using them more accurately.

As some still emerged from their holes, to escape they recognized Asura and charged, intending to strike him. Asura smirked at this and dodged out of the way-- Then in retaliation, he suckered them with a powerful uppercut.

Using his Taijutsu was the most effective of means of handling simple animals like these. As he finished, he offered a small prayer out of habit for the animals. In the end, he hated having to kill animals just to keep the balance of things, but it was what had to be done.

As the fighting had come to an end, he still had to check the holes. From the spot where the farms were and moving down, Asura freely explored the holes. It were cramped and not pleasant, including all the worms that wiggled their way down there. The farmer insisted to be careful and check completely with his search. He searched for a good 2 hours, emerging from the hole with mud and dirt smeared across his body and clothing.

He really was going to have to take a hot bath when this was all over. He shook his head, tossing out loose dirt and a worm that got caught in his hair. "Ugh... this is not what I had signed up for, now that I can handle harder missions" he said to himself.

Regardless, he had complete the mission and headed to collect his reward.

Words: 522

Reward: + Double: 1044+ 550= 1594 exp. Ryo: 13,500 , 450 AP, +150 Reputation Pts (RP)

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Double: C class Mission: Wack A Mole
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