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 Double: C CLass Mission: The body Guard again

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PostSubject: Double: C CLass Mission: The body Guard again   September 6th 2015, 18:11

Asura grunted at this mission he was assigned. He had hoped he never would have to do this again, but again, he was guarding someone else' ass for a change of pace. He was doing a body guard duty thing. Asura was charged to escort a big shot merchant , far more bigger than he used to guard during one's outings in Iwa. He was assigned with a few other Iwa shinobi to protect him from bandits and highwaymen that would ambush him among the forest of stones and head for the outpost north so he could move further and towards Konohakure. His goal was to propose trade between the two nations and resources.

However, not everyone was willing to accept the plan as it involved the trade of resources from Iwa as well. Precious metals from mines and such. Some people were open to spare it, others were not. It gotten to the point where the representative felt he needed extra protection.

So Asura continued with a team of 4, including himself, to escort the man towards the meeting point at the edge of the Land of FIre. The way was rather calm as the four of them continued on, escorted by the squad leader. Asura carried up the rear, making sure there were no threats coming from his side, along with his teammate on the left.

Asura kept his focus, not allowing himself to lose focus. He tracked every movement and action along the forest. For him, he knew it well. But so did every other Iwa ninja who came by through here.

Despite the others talking, he didn't know them too much so he didn't comment or interact with them. As the captain was the one to interact the trader for the most of the trip. HOwever, things were going a bit too smoothly.

Asura hoped it would stay that way but it was hard to tell.

At one point, he was asked to scan the area. Asura handled recon easily now using his Tengan! Opening his eyes, he could see the landscape and beyond it. With x-ray and heat vision, he could detect any enemies nearby. But after a moment, he did spot something. Three humanoid figures, waiting for the jump against them.

Asura stopped and asked if he saw anything, he didn't say a word. He gave a gesture and a use of his fingers to give his leader a signal. "no, sir. Nothing this way." he said, It was a clear sign for the captain and he nodded in agreement.

As they pressed forward, just as the enemy would attack-- it was the last thing they did. Asura was prepared and fired off a fireball jutsu at them, hitting several of them. But one enemy tried to go out of the ground using earth style--

-- but it didn't last long as one of the allies knew about the position thanks to Asura's Tengan. THe allies slew the ninja that tried to attack the trader from behind, causing him to drop dead.

From that point on, it was easy sailing to the meeting point and off he went into the Land of Fire.

(529 words)

Reward; 1350 for double ex, 12,750 Ryo, 450 AP, 150 RP.

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Double: C CLass Mission: The body Guard again
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