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 Double: B Class Mission: Capture the Thief

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PostSubject: Double: B Class Mission: Capture the Thief   September 6th 2015, 22:49

This was an interesting job, and finally one of Asura's taste as he left the mission office and headed for Iwa's depository. It was a place where all the rare metals and gems were cataloged and kept via the workings of the mines and other jobs that involved harvesting rare metals from the earth. Iwa's primary resource was its minerals after all. Asura knew what was likely here. He was to guard the rare items inside, the jewels and valuables from theives. In his opinion, someone had to be very skilled or very stupid to attempt to steal from a bank in the middle of Iwa. But there were always some who could try. If they did this time, Asura would be there to stop them.

The client showed them the way around, so Asura and what ninja were also hired got a good view of the building. Two stories, one underground, pretty big facilities. All the safes were locked up for the night and everything seemed in order with security. Of course, a skilled ninja could easily make their way through the bank vault and break in. Either by Ninjutsu or some other means of sneaking in. He could only hope that no one used space time to break in or they wouldn't ever be able to catch them.

still, the job would be more demanding as Asura would have to keep a more vigilant watch. The moment the bank closed and everything was locked up, the other ninja with him kept quiet and hidden in designated places among the bank. At that very beginning, he used his Tengan. Now he could see everything, even out of sight objects hidden by the walls. For now he kept hidden.

It was well past midnight. He was tempted to doze off but a Ninja never slept on the job. He was not about to let that happen. As he kept his eyes active, it was a bit exhausting. Even taking breaks using it, to keep his Tengan going was very complicated. As far as he knew, he was the only one in the group with a Doujutsu. He kept tabs on the other ninja with him. Everything was quiet for now. As he was about to let go a bit and rest his back against the wall...

Something changed. He spotted another heat signature as it interacted with one of his allies. Strangely enough, it was all that happened. The other ninja didn't respond and the new person moved along. Asura took this attention and moved his eyes in closer to see. What he was indeed unique. There walking casually through the closed bank was a woman with long violet hair and green eyes. She wore a short skirt and sleeveless tunic as she made her way through the bank. This was trouble. She must of been the thief. At that moment another two shinobi attempted to get to her, but suddenly stopped. Asura examined them and looked, both of them seemed immobilized and almost as if they fallen asleep.

Genjutsu. Great, Asura thought as he drew his blade and made his way to the scene. Anyone seeming either seeing her or hearing her, seem to enter a state of drowsiness. She soon approached the combination lock to the safe guarding the main entrance to the vault. With a snap of her fingers, one of the ninja she hypnotized moved towards her . He began to use the combination, to try and open it till...

TWHIMP! Asura threw a kunai towards her, catching her attention to look. As she did gasp and turn, Asura jumped overhead and landed behind her, and charged to make his attack. He would restrain her, preventing both sound and sight with her so that he couldn't get caught. But alas, it wasn't that easy. She turned and raised a hand. "STop! " she said her green eyes flashing with chakra-- and Asura stopped.

Asura felt as if his body went numb and his body slouched over.

"Hm, too easy, she said as she turned around. She was about to open the final combination on the lock. However...

SNAG! Asura had grabbed her by the arm when her back was turned. "Nice try, doll face!" Asura growled

His eyes flashed as he now had the Tengan active-- able to be immune to the powers of her Genjutsu. Asura soon used Taijutsu and grabbed her. IN a matter of seconds he sprung his own little trick. Before he had set a trap with wire and now he threw her into it, causing the wire trap to spring and causing it to tigthen around her. Not bad enough to cut or sever anything but painful if she tried to move around too much. ANd far tighter that would allow her to escape.

As Asura used his own chakra to revive the nearest ally ninja, he glanced at the woman now struggling to get free. "Genjutsu to break into banks. IF i was a criminal in another life, I would of found that a neat trick." he said, smirking at the female thief.

(853 words)

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Occupation[s] : Crafter of Chakra-infused items (weapons and items), fisherman
Post[s] : 1476
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PostSubject: Re: Double: B Class Mission: Capture the Thief   September 6th 2015, 22:52

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Double: B Class Mission: Capture the Thief
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