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  B Class Mission: Gem Guarding for the Forge+ Side STory The Two Masters Meet Part 2 + Reward Dice)

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PostSubject: B Class Mission: Gem Guarding for the Forge+ Side STory The Two Masters Meet Part 2 + Reward Dice)   September 8th 2015, 21:55

He clearly was referring to Asura.

Roku narrowed his gaze at Ravana. "How kind of you, but he is MY student as well. I won't stand idly by as you take him down a life of crime." he said , a growl of anger in his tone.

Asura sweat dropped. "Hey, I'm not that bad," he commented.

"HAHAHAHA! Please, the kid honestly needs to loosen up in my opinion," Ravana said to roku, and shouldering his sword now. Unclasping the hilt, he had now held the sheathed weapon against his shoulder. "But perhaps SOMEONE is holding him back hmm? "

This was getting out of hand. The two glaring at one another became intense and the air became tense with their desire to fight. Asura took a few more steps back, aware of the conflict brewing.

"I'd watch what you say, fool," Roku warned, his sage like demeanor taking on a serious turn to the more serious. "You think Iwa Shinobi are lacking?" At that moment, Roku flexed his wrist and from his sleeve, his lithe Chinese sword fell out of it. He caught it gracefully as he held it ready. "I'll just show you how strong one is!"

"Oh god... this isn't good," Asura coughed as he saw that what was about to happen.

The silence soon caused a breeze to pass them. Ravana had a wide grin on as he heard Roku's challenge. "Oh, you think you can take me? Fine! Show me what your made of!!" Ravana roared, the air gusting around him with his revved up desire to fight.

The two now faced one another, prepared to fight. As Ravana held his sheathed sword and Roku holding his drawn one, the two glared at one another. At that moment, both of them stood and made a single hand sign-- the combat sign for a duel against shinobi!!

Asura felt suffocated by the tension...

... and then the two charged!

Roku flew forward, a single hand guiding him in front of him as he held the sword forward, using it as a means of balance and precision as he stabbed and slashed from angles intending to disoriented and throw off Ravana. However Ravana was fast as he used his own speed to maneuver past the sword, and used the base of his hilt to deter off the blade strike.

Ravana quickly acted to throw a punch. The power of his physical power made it clear he was skilled in the sword and taijutsu, as he struck Roku in the chest.

The punch caused a grunt against Roku as he took it, but held his base of the sword to take some of the brunt of it.

"Peh, your like a frail bird! " Ravana boasted and brought down his sheathed sword, attempting to strike him as if to club him with a bat.

Roku snapped open his eyes, his eyes flashing yellow and black with his Tengan--.

SMASH!! The blow struck the ground, kicking up a blast of dust and chunks of earth. At first it seemed Roku had beens mashed to bits... except the movement of black and red as Roku had jumped back in time, his reaction time increased.

Roku landed and skidded on the ground, holding his sword loosely, he glared at Ravana in the dust cloud. They had just started warming up. "Any reason you have not yet drew your sword?" Roku asked, almost annoyed.

Ravana replied with a tone of superiority of himself. "I'm deciding whether your even worthy of the effort or not!" Ravana declared.

Taking the 'trash talk', Roku regripped his sword and moved in. This time, he moved in a dance of elegant moves. HIs robes lashed around him as his movements were hard to track. Asura observed as he flowed around Ravana. The strikes of his swords were quick stabs, to which Ravana guarded with the sheath of his sword like a shield, However one moment, Roku literally vaulted over Ravana, a hand on his shoulder to balance and flip as he got behind him, attempting to strike from behind.

Ravana twisted and countered, blocking the sword strike. As Roku drove to get distance, Ravana chased after him, about to strike again with a Taijutsu powered kick but--

Roku snapped his hands.

BOOM! A blast suddenly came off Ravana's back. It had come from where Roku had tagged him when he jumped and flipped over him. Ravana looked on his shoulder, seeing the scorch mark surrounding a strange pattern on his back. A seal that contained a fire explosion.

I didn't know master roku knew sealing jutsu, Asura gasped as he continued to watch them fight.

Now Ravana had to be careful where the man made contact with him.

"Sneaky bastard eh?!" Ravana roared as Roku made another attempt to pass, but Ravana got wise. Lightning suddenly struck from nowhere, striking the ground where Roku had been.

Lightning quick reflexes of himself caused the man to turn and dodge just in time, but lightning continued to come down, arching off Ravana as he charged for him, like an armor of lightning. It increased his speed and power.

The sudden slam into Roku looked critical as the lightning caused a violent burst-- and the shreads of the robed figure disappeared. Before Asura could panic at the possible death of his master-- the sound of crumbled logs fell.

A substitution jutsu.

"What?!" Ravana said as he looked around to find his target.

"Wind Style-- Violent Vortex!!" ROku roared from above. Asura looked to see Roku pratically standing on the very air. With closed hands, he released a sudden tornado like blast right for Ravana. The air struck and penetrated the armor of lightning. Lightning was weaker to Wind, and Roku knew this well. As the wind continued to twist and grind against Ravana, who was guarding, Roku took action again and formed a hand sign. "Katon-- Vermillion Firebird Jutsu!!" he roared and from his mouth, blue flames shot forward-- the Shin Katon power up to the fire style jutsu.

The massive bird went forward, made stronger by the power of the blue flames and wind attack. The massive flame attack scorched a large amount of the area, sending super heated air all over the place. Asura had to brace himself, the heat intense even for him.

As the flames ended, the armor of lightning around Ravana had faded. Though powerful, Ravana was still in in tact. However, burn marks marked his body and even singed his white hair. Lowering his arms, he glared at Roku, clearly aggrivated. "Oh, now we are having fun."

Roku hovered back to the ground, and landed on his feet. "If you liked that then this will enlighten you, " he said as he extended a hand. At that moment, chakra gathered and condensed-- forming a sphere! It was the Rasengan! Roku had learned the ability to wield it!

Asura looked in amazement as Roku charged, running with the spiraling sphere behind him. As he ran, mystical flameing fireballs glowed-- Roku's Scorch style. The flames drew closer to Roku and were drawn into the Rasengan. The sphere jutsu glowed with power and absorbed the violently powerful flames. "Scorch Style-- Rasengan!!" he roared, thrusting the sphere of scorch style jutsu towards Ravana.

Ravana was quick as he drew a hand back and stomped a foot to the ground. The very gesture caused a massive wall of earth to be erected up in the path of Roku's charge to act as a defense. But it wasn't as effective as hoped as Roku without any hesitation slammed his hand into the wall, jutsu and all.

The resulting impact caused the wall of earth to heat up and the blast of intense fire and heat to scorch began to char a hole in the wall. It literally ate its way through. Seeing this, Ravana got out of the path just in time as the flame broke through like a massive laser, slicing through the structure like a heated ray.

ROku's blast had struck a mighty blast through the wall, but it wasn't to last . iN the part of the earth wall still in tact, a strange blast of lightning struck and chased for ROku.

Ravana now charged, using an encharged fist to try and strike him with a blast of lightning.

The fight soon began to grow beyond the compound of the fighting field, causing both Shinobi to take to higher up the mountain. Seeing them chase one another, Asura looked in alarm and made his way after them, but seriously slower compared to the two masters.

The two clashed further and further. Lightning clashing against fire. The very atmosphere seemed to grow darker with a coming storm. Roku had threw a massive collection of fireballs towards Ravana who was airborne, and he dodged. but it was making the atmosphere electrified now with growing heat.

"Nice try, old timer," Ravana bellowed. "It's no wonder when I met that runt he was so weak for an Iwa Genin. This nation has poor teachers. "

Roku however only smirked. Thunder echoed in the distance as finally he drew one last trick. Lightning crackled to his hand as the thunder clouds above responded, and the lightning took shape into a Kirin. "Careful what you say, friend. This old man has tricks. Kirin! " he said and drew a lightning coated hand towards Ravana. The Kirin descended and struck for Ravana.

The lightning ripped apart the mountain regions, sending earth scattering in all directions.

As the debriss cleared, despite its wide area of destruction, Ravana soon stood up, huffing and puffing. At first it seemed he was tired, but then soon-- a golden aura soon erupted from Ravana and he laughed in amusement.

"I will admit, you are more entertaining than I thought you would be," he told Roku and reached for his own sword. "You may very well be a worthy opponent after all. For that, I shall show you a special treat."

Ravana unclasped it and held it out. With both hands, he finally drew his sword, the blade revealing a golden shine as he slowly drew it out and tossed the sheath away. The sheath landed, making a massive impact to the ground behind him.

"PRepare to die, Iwa Shinobi!!" he bellowed as he drew his sword high, a golden light shooting into the sky.

(1753 words) Ryo: 12,750

Rewards> 850 [Max]
+ Reward + Payment: +425 EXP= 2178 & Ability Pts (AP) | +225 Reputation Pts (RP)

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PostSubject: Re: B Class Mission: Gem Guarding for the Forge+ Side STory The Two Masters Meet Part 2 + Reward Dice)   September 8th 2015, 21:56

Reward Dice roll.

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PostSubject: Re: B Class Mission: Gem Guarding for the Forge+ Side STory The Two Masters Meet Part 2 + Reward Dice)   September 8th 2015, 21:56

The member 'Enjin' has done the following action : Dice

'Reward Dice' : 67, 21
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PostSubject: Re: B Class Mission: Gem Guarding for the Forge+ Side STory The Two Masters Meet Part 2 + Reward Dice)   

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B Class Mission: Gem Guarding for the Forge+ Side STory The Two Masters Meet Part 2 + Reward Dice)
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