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 Hikari Country: Jounin Exam and birth of the truth

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PostSubject: Hikari Country: Jounin Exam and birth of the truth   September 11th 2015, 01:06

The sun was finally starting to show its beauty through the cracks of the blinds that Grave had within his window. Slowly opening his eyes the young man was in pain from dealing with the previous battles of the tailed beasts. Thinking about it as he sat up slowly pulling the sheets from his body he stared at the wounds he would have obtained from the battle. But thinking about it all really made him smile for a bit. Only to try and look behind him seeing the seal that was placed upon him by himself in order to seal the two tailed beast within his body. Thinking about it all it seemed to be just a dream as he stood up by pulling one foot to the ground then the other following behind it as he stood up slowly giving himself a light stretch. Glancing around the house he was amazed that he was even able to live this long with everything that had happen. Walking to the bathroom Grave started to think of everything that has happen to him in the previous years. Closing his eyes as he started to brush his teeth gently he started having the images flash in his head. The first battle he had at the hands of his brother.

- Previous Year -
“ you are my dear brother how are you doing?” The young man that looked just like Grave Asakura was his twin brother known as Hao Asakura. Born one believed to be the reincarnation of the previous leader and founder of the Asakura Clan. However things changed as he was planning on erasing the world in order to recreate a new one. Upon talking with his twin Grave came with an idea in order to further himself and become even stronger he would need the knowledge of anything possible in his mind. After which the young Asakura trained and worked in order to improve his skills with his grandfather then having another young man appear to give his loyalty to the clan. The young man was a samurai named, Raijin. The boys seemed to get along with each other as they became closer like actual brothers. It was then Grave believed he could even save his blood brother. From that time frame he vanished for a bit until reappearing before Grave within the Fire Country’s hidden village Konoha from which the two Asakura’s had their battle with one another seeing if one’s skill was superior over the other. But as they came to be evenly matched Grave and his brother Hao only finished with a final attack which left Hao weaken. After that battle the boys finally ended their fight only to go their different ways. After which Grave returned to his home country only to relax or so it seemed. Only the battle left him to understand the world is decaying from the inside out. The prime example was the battle of his brother and himself facing against one another.

The rage he held deep within his own soul showed Grave that even Hao was being influenced by the way the world was being decayed. Grave then was allowed to train with his grandfather and father to teach him a better way of battling allowing him to bounce around before landing on the plot of land that he believed to be the key to everything. After which Raijin and Grave left their home country in order to being their travel to a new world or a new hope in their mind. Arriving to the foot of the mountain of the Mount Raijin Grave smirked only to know that he was able to make a new home with his brother here. As they had decided on creating a new home for themselves to train furthering their own goal of peace. Grave and Raijin then finished training only to have to help people around the area. Grave sighed leaving his brother a few times in order to become stronger to protect the home they sought. It was during the battle against a shinobi whom was attacking a country that was not found on the map that left the boys seeing the limits of their strength. Even then it showed that Grave was able to see that another shinobi had arrived with red eyes. This left Grave curious about the person’s powers and even more so how their eyes were able to become something of beauty in a way. Grave and the other shinobi as well as his brother got along and fought the leader of the band defeating them leaving nothing to hold them back. After that Grave and the others were allowed to be in the castle of the princess of the village from which everyone was given a choice for a reward. Grave’s goal was to create a ideal world of peace but needed the money so whispered to the princess of the wishful thinking of diamonds in order to help him further the goal. Upon which doing so was allowed even the young boy smiled gracefully at this gift. Upon them leave the shinobi went their ways with Grave and Raijin using the money to create a country.

The country was known as Hikari, upon which during Grave’s adventures he ran into a small village that was full of children where the oldest was the leader. The female had hair as white as the moon itself from which Grave and her got closer this allowed Grave to ask if it was possible for them to come and live together. The children including her, this caused them to all be happy in the end as the country was created with the help of some allies from which Grave had dealt with before hand at the boarder of Oto Country. During this time point though Grave had already became a Jinchuuriki for the Nibi…the Nekomata from which the actual name it was given. By whom its unknown or even if the tailed beast was born like that to know the name. This allowed Grave to smile thinking about it all really. During the return to which Grave was able to call forth his brother Asakura Hao had came to help his younger brother in order to create techniques to keep the country from attacks. During so the young boy shook their heads as they were able to settle and see that the darkness within Hao was removed by another element in which Grave could never question or even be puzzled about it really. But thinking about back to it Grave did not care really. As he accepted with a smile, the battles did not end there Grave had obtained a piece of the puzzle he needed in order to reach his goal. Raijin continued his training which left Grave staying alone and working on his goal to show the progress with his brother. After which Grave was visited by the old friend that went to the battle with him during the mysterious group that had attacked the country of life. The shinobi with the red eyes had appeared again.

The eyes were still the same even then Grave had obtained the knowledge of the eyes this time knowing them to be called the, ‘Sharingan’ this allowed Grave to be ready for anything that would come at him but he also worked on understanding the nature of everything as he furthered his studies with becoming a medical and scientist as well with his knowledge. But the person that came to see Grave wanted to make a deal in order to obtain power for themselves. Grave was to give them diamonds for money or starting form while the figure was to give a Kinjutsu scroll of Konoha in exchange. Grave agreed to see what jutsus could be within the scroll that allowed Konoha to obtain a power and still be stronger than the other countries. Accepting the offer Grave also asked for the man to steal the Kinjutsu of Kumo. This was an odd request but it was something to allow Grave to make the next part of his plan. From which the man agreed to it as long as Grave was able to steal the Kinjutsu scroll of Suna. With the shadows both agreeing to this both vanished to get started. Days passed as Grave had rushed to Suna to complete the task though he did not expect the guards to be so in to protecting the scroll with luck Grave was able to use Nekomata’s powers in order to escape from the dangerous village leaving it behind in the dust. While he was cloaked that left Grave on a different level of skill though he even knew it was dangerous upon the use of the powers. But something changed within Grave the moment he was thinking about the kinjutsu scroll. He had stolen.

As he was in the office Grave had created a fake kinjutsu scroll because of the fact he feared the powers of the techniques within it being used the wrong way then not having information about the other person was even more bring forth the issue. As the man used puppets for battle a technique existed within the scroll that turned one’s body into a puppet allowing every technique to be used by the controller. This caused Grave to fear this only because he figured the dark nature of the technique. Thus he could not go through with the plan and as he arrived to meet with the shinobi again. Grave used a clone in order to give the wrong scroll but only to buy him time while he was rushing towards the village but had left Konoha from a mission he completed. The mission was to gather someone that had the genes of the senju clan. It was then Grave noticed that the clone had exploded taking out the house as the figure was on his way to meet up with the real Grave. As both men finally met up with each other Grave traded exchanges with giving the scroll to the man as he took the Kumo scroll. Grave then vanished using a technique known as Limbo to leave the location without worry. However after which Grave felt he was right about the choice he made in order to keep the world safe from a dark nature technique as he was a priest at heart some things should not be known by someone. After which Grave appeared having three Kinjutsu srolls within his country from which he lived with his brother Raijin and another. During the time frame Grave started a war with Taki giving him a place to start the test of his small experiments to keep the world safe. It was then the dark nature of Grave was starting to break free. Training with several others Grave had the team he had killed by one of his own to see and test the abilities of a technique. Keeping the bodies safe and placed within a coffin full of salt. Grave sighed at the idea but had learn to use the technique, ‘Edo Tensai’ He knew the effects of what it would cause thus Grave stopped himself from using the technique as he continued to do more studies.

Feeling he had made progress with his strength Grave had finally returned back to his home for a bit only then to leave it with his grandfather and father watching wanting to know what the young boy had been up to. Grave continued in Taki after winning the war with scars of the experiments he had done to himself. That moment Grave’s goal was on his mind only as he obtain the powers of the white snake, then obtained the powers of the Senju then the powers of elements that he felt was more useful for himself. In order to recreate or create the world in a purest light. It was then Grave was questioned about his goal for if it was worth it by saving others or by proving to himself he had no darkness within his own soul. Grave was lost for that moment but came to understand he needed to stop the seeking of the power to change the world and use his own knowledge. Thus he continued working on techniques and ideas to further the shinobi world in order to create a perfect world. After which Grave finally found the answer to a technique that was something he needed to perform to save the world. With the help of Nekomata and the rest of the tailed beast it was truly possible. Grave then started his next phase as he traveled to Iwa he obtain friends from the location in order to help him with his idea to capture the tailed beast. Using the powers of a new blade then with powerful sealing gourds Grave and the team he found set off to locate and capture the tailed beast. The first beast on the list was known as Nanabi the earth elemental beast with seven tails and took the form of a badger. The battle was left with Grave fighting against the beast while the others watched it was after sealing it Grave notice the difference in power even with a style that used the powers of the tailed beast within him. Then fighting with the team he created to take on the Rokubi the lightning elemental beast with six tails that proved to be deadly if one left their guard down. The weasel of quick speeds evaded a lot of attacks of Grave which left him defenseless even using his stronger Mokuton technique was not even enough. The battle Grave felt weaker until his brother, Raijin appeared to help save Grave from harm. This left Grave weaken even more as he had captured the beast but tried to do it on his own. Both boys joined together in order to capture the remaining. After coming to see the Kyuubi had been captured already it left Grave somewhat upset but saw who had completed the task, being the figure that he had made sure the Kinjutsu scroll of Suna would never fall into his hand. After which Grave and Raijin left to face off against the Hachibi. Its dark powers caused both boys to fear it a bit to which Grave was knocked out during the battle only to come back letter on to seal the beast. But the beast was still stronger than Grave. After Raijin had left his own path Grave returned to face the remaining having capture the Yonbi, then Sanbi the remaining tailed beast was Ichibi and Gobi. But something changed as he felt he did enough he had promised he would return to see Sakura once more. Thus the journey with his team ended with them all returning to Hikari Country.

- Present -
Grave was fully dressed with his kimono on as he started walking outside to see the light blinding him as his hair covered the eye that was infected by the white snake blood. Seeing the team still outside his house made Grave smile for a bit only to have Sakura come running over grabbing on to his right arm smiling big. “You take forever!” Grave blinked at the comment coming from Sakura before sighing saying to her, “Not my fault we have been traveling for the longest time you know.” She nodded with a smile on her face before wondering what the next adventure would take him before Grave turned to smile at everyone saying, “Okay so first things first guys…its time we start moving with the next phase of the plan for the perfect country.” Everyone turned to listen to what Grave had to explain to them after which he smiled to everyone had he spend his time with them. Hours passed only for him to return getting dressed with his gear, Sakura walked up behind him only to place her hand on his right shoulder from which he turned to look at her with a smile. “Yes?” Grave replied softly to her as she shook her head softly saying, “You sure this is what you want to do?” Thinking about it all Grave nodded to this as he knew the outcome would be off but something he would accept if anything. “Yes I’m sure, it’s the only piece that remains before I can even complete the remaining steps to reaching a goal for the better of not just this family on this island but the family I have in the other countries and friends I’ve met within the countries that I have traveled. The team is proof of that if anything.” Sakura smiled nodding to that but turned to stare at them as they were messing around cracking jokes at one another. “So who’s all going with you?” Grave closed his eyes for a moment to the quest she asked and nodded knowing whom. “I know who…and they will be able to return with the message as well if anything.”

Though Grave was not set to living Grave turned his head thinking about something, “I’ll be right back okay…” Grave ran over towards the library house with everyone curious as to what was going on. Following behind him was Phantom staring at Grave, “What are you up to now?” Grave continued moving things to reach the Kinjutsu scrolls that he had within his inventory. “I’m going to learn some things real quick, cause if I’m right then I might be able to help not just our country but others as well.” Confused about this Phantom stared at him waiting to see what he noticed that was different about having to save not just one country but all. “Okay show me then what it is you are willing to learn.” Phantom said walking over to see the first technique was from the Kinjutsu scroll of Suna, “This one…at first I believed it to be a horrible technique but then I noticed that Edo Tensei is even worse…but I was not sure on how they could work together until now…If I’m right then an army can actually be made to its fullest if we do it right…Phantom you understand what that means.” Thinking about that would mean the guards would be undying in battle as they would reach a level stronger than a regular person. Then Grave pointed to another technique within the Kinjutsu Scroll of Kumo. “This one here is the next thing I noticed but I have an idea that I can alter the way the technique works in order to increase and give a powerful output if anything but its rather risky if used wrongly.” Phantom was shocked to notice but then turned to Grave saying, “Are you really going to use these for helping this country?” Grave turned nodding to him about the idea because of the fact that he was going to avoid using the children during the time of war again but this also allowed Grave to be able to come up with a way of having training partner. From which cannot be destroyed nor be killed during battle. The next part was creating a powerful technique that would surpass the abilities of Hachimon and the powers of even the Kumo’s forbidden technique.

Phantom nodded to the theory only with Grave to smile turning his head to Phantom saying, “I even have another technique that is beyond a normal medical technique if anything…” Shows the formula over to Phantom who’s eyes would widen full of shock confused to the theory of the technique but soon thought of it being something dangerous of just to give to just anyone. “This is the start of the new form of techniques my friend we are going to save the shinobi world in a different format. Plus not to mention a new idea came to me with this item while I was fighting the tailed beast.” The strange blue print showed a gauntlet with a strange storage unit. Grave smiled saying, “This is called a Technique Activation Device…or basically TAD for short. You insert special made cards that are stored within this storage unit within the gauntlet, after which you draw a card in which you are wanting to perform, after which insert this card within the activation slot the technique is the performed through the gauntlet allowing you to save the whole use of hand seals and what not. Sadly once the cards are used they burn up so you’ll have to continue making them which only I can do.” Grave turned smiling at Phantom as he was amazed by the idea of what Grave had completed he then leaned over asking, “But what of the techniques like Doujutsu and what not?” Grave looked up saying, “Well others can be able to perform them however…the cards will trigger it if the person doesn’t have the requirements to do so…let’s say a rebound happens to where the person will be hit by a powerful shock wave that causes damage onto their body.” Grave stood up placing the techniques away and blueprint for the TAD as he smiled over at Phantom. “Its time I go over towards. Seeing the Raikage if anything I have to pay a visit to show how stronger we’ve gotten if anything.” Grave smiled as he pulled the gourds towards him as he opened Limbo up and jumped with Phantom following. He carefully placed them in to the white sand as they both would exit within Kumo staring at everything in which Grave forgot the beauty of the village he was now going to prove himself once and for all to everyone that he was not going to hold back from what he was doing as the first stop was going to visit the Asakura mansion to where he wanted to visit his family once more.

The men arrived with Grave’s father turning to see his youngest son returning home after months had passed, “I see you’ve returned young asakura.” Grave smiled as he showed a huge smile to his father saying, “Its all worth the wait if anything because I know you all have been busy with everything so I wanted to show you all what I have done if anything. After that I’m going to challenge the Raikage to a battle to see if I can prove myself to them at how strong I’ve gotten.” The man nodded only to look over at Grave saying, “So you did the exam tell me how did that go?” Grave smiled saying to himself, “I may be part of Hikari but I did take my exam in which I understood what it meant to be stronger and care about your team so thank you for the exam father I didn’t believe you had it in you to continue teaching me.” Grave smiled as his father nodded only soon his brother came walking out with his body repaired after the mission that took damage to him. “So you did return!” Grave pointed was curious as to how his brother was fixed before even Phantom watched curious about it all but the Asakura family was back together as they finally were living to be interesting to each other allowing each other to understand they all had their own road to follow in which Grave accepted how life was for him. Soon turning his head he smiled at the light of the sun as it was starting to set from the mountain side Grave tilted his head forward saying, “This is the start of it Phantom let’s begin.” The two boys vanished once again later on that night leaving the Asakura Mansion heading towards Kumo for the visit that Grave had been wanting to plan for a while now in order to prove to himself that he can rival his brother in combat now. Though it was time for them to decide rather or not this was the right time.

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Hikari Country: Jounin Exam and birth of the truth
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