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 PAST BEAT-DOWN EVENT (September 21 - September 25)

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PostSubject: PAST BEAT-DOWN EVENT (September 21 - September 25)   September 13th 2015, 12:01


+ Hi everyone, I know what you are thinking the five "w's" and that one "h" right?

> What is this event?
> When is this event?
> Who will be in this event?
> Where is this event held?
> Why is it this event is called Past?
> How do I join this event?

+ Well let me answer all these questions, first by saying this is something I have been wanting to do for a while but was unable to come up with a great way to release it onto the site until now at least. So this allows every member an equal chance and to fully release bosses that have been played and appeared but vanished or you never got a shot at. So time for the questions!

What is this event?
> Its a Past Beat-Down, a time/space jutus has been used in order to call forth those of past battles for the players to test their skills against and see if they have what it takes to defeat them. Now does that mean a limit of how far back, No its actually pretty interesting on when you can choose. You choose one of the three major events that has happen after which a boss from the event will be teleported from the past to the present. For you to do battle, though there is a waiting list if anything to keep the time/space from not working. As well the summoned has a time limit as well before they vanish heading back to the original time line. These are not Death Matches so you can go all out or mess around its up to you.

When is the event?
> It begins on Monday, September 21st at 00:00am Monday Morning. This allows others to see what is in stores. This will also introduce several new dices to the game that are only used during this event. Introducing....LEVEL DICE < this determines the level of the boss you will be facing from 1 to 100, now does that mean that you won't have a chance? NO everyone has a fair chance as there is not live or die battles.

Who will be in the event
> Bosses and enemies from events that have been played out on the site, from the Battle of the Regulars to The Dark Times events. This allows again players to fight against enemies they did not get to last time.

Where is the event being held?
> In your backyard...what too easy, I believed it was too good to be true right *laughs* Well then let me explain where if you go the World Map (Go to the Navigation on the far right and click The World, after which click world map located on either Hitoshii Sea or Dirt Route) The map will be showing a new country called Jikuu Country, yes time/space country. The country will appear East of the Snow Country, this will be classed as a Minor country. The Country only appears once in a while as it follows the name it was given. The Map will be updated for the event as well so be aware of this.

Why is the event called Past Beatdown
> For some they have faced and either killed or left the bosses/enemies alive, well now that Jikuu Country is coming they are pulling the strings to summon the bosses/enemies before their death allowing others to face and battle them in one-on-one combat. This will be a battle that you can say you fought in history to see the future.

How do I join this event?
> A waiting list will be generate for when you are able to come and enter, if anything. The max times you can enter is based upon the event's time line of staying. Please take note on that most techniques the bosses or enemies use are simply altered versions of other techniques or newly custom that cannot be found on the site as it only is suited for them. But I got off track for a moment, the waiting list will be shown under the NJ (OOC) board for those that wish to sign up after which the waiting list will be generated and show up pinned to all boards for others to see their date night. Well until we meet again everyone this is Omnicron signing out.

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PostSubject: Re: PAST BEAT-DOWN EVENT (September 21 - September 25)   September 20th 2015, 21:36

This will be postpone until after the Hour Glass event, due to adding more exciting enemies to the mix.

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PAST BEAT-DOWN EVENT (September 21 - September 25)
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