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 [S] Limbo and drop off KUMO > SUNA

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PostSubject: [S] Limbo and drop off KUMO > SUNA   September 17th 2015, 21:08

The night sky came to an end for a while but as the young men were resting for the morning sun to rise as they had returned from Limbo Grave had removed his gourds and left even Jouton within the Limbo realm. This left Grave to feel a bit naked without his usual gear. But it was worth it in the end as to what he believed at least.

“Grave , where are you heading to?” Phantom said curious about it really before he knew what the answer really was.

Grave turned slightly to place his hand on his left cheek thinking to himself before he could even come up with an answer himself but then nodded to it.

“I’m going to stop at several places, first…I’m heading to Suna within Wind Country. I have some things I need to pick up from a shop there that I noticed while I was there before. Afterwards, I’ll set up a shop within another country to start getting things set up if anything. Wish me luck got it!”

Phantom nodded to this as Grave turned opening up the portal to Limbo as he rushed into it only to have it reopen with him rushing outwards from the location.

“Its been a while…huh Suna…”


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[S] Limbo and drop off KUMO > SUNA
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