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 [S] Limbo and drop off SUNA > Kousen

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PostSubject: [S] Limbo and drop off SUNA > Kousen   September 17th 2015, 22:43

Grave had quickly ran through the town trying not to be seen by anyone until he heard the strange noise of teeth shaking in the cold. Then turned to remember the noise as he heard it before in a battle from long ago.

”That noise is the sound of a...”

Turning to see the place it was puppets a large variety of them that even Grave was not aware existed as he entered the shop he turned to look at the different selection until the shop owner came to see him.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, the name is Akira, please take care of the puppets they have been handed down for many generations.”

Grave had nodded to the man’s wise words before turning to view everything in the shop and pointed out the items that were most interesting to him. After the selection was made he paid the shop owner with the items taking them carefully Grave smiled nodding to the shop owner.

“Thank you,”

Grave placed his hands on to the ground before the shop owner smiling. Over at everything he slowly relaxed with chakra reaching his palm as he closed his eyes saying, “OPEN” Soon limbo would spiral open with Grave jumping into with the items as he left the shop heading towards his next location.


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[S] Limbo and drop off SUNA > Kousen
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