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 [S] Limbo and Drop off KOUSEN > TAKI

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PostSubject: [S] Limbo and Drop off KOUSEN > TAKI   September 18th 2015, 00:08

Arriving within the Kousen Village Grave smiled a bit to feel welcomed home by the soul. He turned to review everything around him only until Sakura came walking out of the house smiling. Their eyes slowly locked onto one another gaze at everything they had made thus far Grave thought about it as he slowly walked over towards her smiling still.

“Grave…you finally returned it seems only for a while am I right?”

Sakura’s voice was still soft as ever as Grave nodded to her for a bit turning to look at everything he thought about everything he had done. That led up to this point as he continued to smile he looked over at her saying.

“The bijuus ,traveling, everything ends tonight I’m going to create the gear and items we need for everyone and improve our growing strength in order to become stronger. I do not want us living in the dark if anything.”

Sakura’s eyes widen to the words Grave was expressing trying to figure him out once more but then stopped understand what he was up to finally as she nodded to this agreement as Grave turned waving to her as he ran off towards the new location that he needed to see. Stopping to see the old man that was found within Iwa before that forged his staff the old man turned to see Grave.

“Oh, Grave what are you doing here at this time of night?”

The elderly man was a bit confused as Grave leaned over saying to him.

“Its time…”

The old man’s eyes widen knowing what that meant as though it was something Grave planned from the very beginning of things Grave himself was unsure he was really ready but he knew what it meant for him. After several hours had passed the old man returned handing Grave the gear that he created for him.

“There you go…are you sure this will be enough?”

The elderly man asked Grave as he thought about it for a bit and nodded to him as he opened up Limbo while the old man had worked on everything as he turned to glance at the old man.

“Aye, this will be enough I’ll have everything finally completed if anything.”

Grave smiled with the items in place as he jumped into the portal vanishing once more traveling slowly across the white sand of limbo as he finally opened it once more appearing with his dust lab only to have the flames still light up the place with several coffins in the location as well. Sighing to this Grave knew the experiments he had done were wrong but he was in a dark place but now understands what his true goal is.

“Now…let’s get started!”

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[S] Limbo and Drop off KOUSEN > TAKI
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