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 The Forbidden Fruit of a Village (Quest) - (Re)

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PostSubject: The Forbidden Fruit of a Village (Quest) - (Re)   November 24th 2015, 21:06

Quote :
~ The Forbidden Fruit of a Village ~

Quest Type: - - - -

x Dark secrets that were sealed since the beginning of time for each country. It seemed that each Kage or village leader would write down the dangerous techniques and pass them down to the next generation in order to keep locked away from harm and misuse until now. Steal the kinjutsu and learn a technique before the shinobi of the village find you. However if leaving the boundery of the country before having to be returned. The scroll returns back to the leader or kage's office. Time/Space techniques do not seem to stop the teleporting of the scroll either. x

~ Requirements ~
+ Level must be 15 or higher
+ 20 Posts or more
+ Cost(s) 1,500 Ability Points to learn another

~ Option ~
+ Return the Kinjutsu Scroll and go to prison for 2 days.
+ Leave the Kinjutsu Scroll and escape with your life.

~ Rewards ~
+ Kinjutsu Scroll Knowledge: +1 Kinjutsu Free Charged
+ Ability Points: +300

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The Forbidden Fruit of a Village (Quest) - (Re)
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