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 Lightning Deity Great Sword - Raijin (Quest of Lightning Country) - (Ot)

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PostSubject: Lightning Deity Great Sword - Raijin (Quest of Lightning Country) - (Ot)   November 30th 2015, 22:14

Quote :
~ Lightning Deity Great Sword - Raijin ~

Quest Type: One Time
Quest Location: Lightning Country - Mount. Raijin

x Within the top of Mount Raijin a lightning storm never lifts. As it continues to bolt downward on the top peek of it crushing and dealing damage towards something. At the top it seems a blade was left by a warrior of the past whom felt the need to rise against the deity of lightning. Only now the blade remains to show the battle is a forever struggle as Raijin himself cannot even destroy this blade that mocks him. x

~ Requirements ~
+ Level must be 15 or higher
+ 20 Posts or more

~ Rewards ~
+ Great-Sword - Raijin
+ Ability Points: +300

~ Weapon ~
+ - - Lightning God Great Sword: Raijin - - >
< Forged by Aba Julian, a powerful great-sword that surges raiton through it. This mighty blade of lightning allows one to give crushing damage as it cuts through one's defense.
+ Type: Martial
+ P. Effect: +25 STR
+ Damage+ Effect: 110 + Raiton DMG +125% (x1.25) (Cost: -250 Chakra)

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Lightning Deity Great Sword - Raijin (Quest of Lightning Country) - (Ot)
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