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 The Cave of the Dead (Quest of Lightning Country) - (Ot)

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PostSubject: The Cave of the Dead (Quest of Lightning Country) - (Ot)   November 30th 2015, 22:20

Quote :
~ The Cave of the Dead ~

Quest Type: One Time
Quest Location: Lightning Country - Shinmyou

x The cave of the Nekomata exist only to house the tailed beast. Though another section of the cave is said to pull the souls of the dead towards it for everyone to gather to continue their journey to the Pure Lands. Though this may be true its unknown if this will allow one to question the souls before the depart. But quickly follow the light and return back with something you did not have before. x

~ Requirements ~
+ Level must be 15 or higher
+ 20 Posts or more

~ Rewards ~
+ Necklace of the Undead
+ Ability Points: +300

~ Item ~

+ - - Necklace of the Undead - - >
< The necklace allows one that has passed away to visit the living once again. The living will cross the line of life and death. They are able to travel to see someone they once knew and question them. However as they leave they will be haunted by a dark spirit.
+ Type: - - - -
+ P. Effect: +22 DEX
+ Effect: See someone of the deceased, but return with a haunting curse.

+ Curse +
< Dark Spirit – Goryou – The dark spirit uses its wrath to cause one to constantly be unable to strike, sleep or even focus on things around them. But only the person can hear it as it torments them.
+ Effect: Rolls Halved + All Costs x3 + Cannot be removed by normal means (Ie. Fuinjutsu)

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The Cave of the Dead (Quest of Lightning Country) - (Ot)
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