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 Lake Fuyuu Star (Quest of Water Country) - (Ot & B)

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PostSubject: Lake Fuyuu Star (Quest of Water Country) - (Ot & B)   November 30th 2015, 23:08

Quote :
~ Lake Fuyuu's Star ~

Quest Type: One-Time & Battle
Quest Location: Water Country - Lake Fuyuu

x Aba Julian once battled against a creature from Lake Fuyuu. Only to lose in battle to its powers. In exchange for his life the creature asked the man to pull a star from the sky and forge it to a weapon in 1 day. The creature believed that Aba Julian would fail at this task. However it seemed the remaining of this story is missing from history as now the creature holds a weapon that fell from the night sky. x

~ Requirements ~
+ Level must be 10 or higher
+ 20 Posts or more

~ Rewards ~
+ Water Star Lance Sword - Kaishin
+ Ability Points: +150

~ Weapon ~

+ - - Water Star Lance Sword: Kaishin - - >
< Forged by Aba Julian, the blade with a five pointed guard and a thin blade used for fencing. Calmly the blade allows the user to move with a higher reaction than normal.
+ Type: Martial
+ P. Effect: +22 STR
+ Damage+ Effect: 90 + Roll & Suiton DMG +125% (x1.25) [When Held]

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Lake Fuyuu Star (Quest of Water Country) - (Ot & B)
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