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+ - Return of Jidai (Season 2) - +
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PostSubject: + - License Board Guide - +   January 1st 2016, 21:14

< -  License Board - >

> This board is for those whom wish to request something for either staff or even players among things. Its to help keep track of things that that have been taken on the site. Players must have the request sheet filled in order for things to be accepted and allow a 48 hr window for respond. If it has not been answered, please bump and wait +12 hrs or send a direct PM to Omnicron to answer your request. +

~ Costs ~
Rank x 100 = AP Cost + Approval from GM

~ Heads Up! ~
> It would be best to copy the code making it easier to work from there if one would like.

[quote][center][b]License Registration Form[/b][/center]

[spoiler="Request for Manager Interaction"]O Reason:
O Character Name:
O RP/Quest:

[spoiler="Jutsu Creation"][b]Max of only 5[/b]

[spoiler="Item Creation"][b]Max of only 5[/b]
Form wrote:
License Registration Form

Request for Manager Interaction:

Jutsu Creation:

Item Creation:
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+ - License Board Guide - +
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