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 A. Hand to Hand Styles

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PostSubject: A. Hand to Hand Styles   July 9th 2016, 00:27

< - Style[s] - >

~ Heads Up! ~
+ Types = Passive or Active like abilities.
- Passive: Always active and does not require an Action to trigger.
- Active: Always requires an Action in order to trigger the effect.
- Cost: Always requires "X" Actions in order to trigger the effect.

+ - Goken: Strong Fist - - >
> Used commonly with all taijutsu users, it’s a focus of strong and powerful strikes done to the enemies.
+ Type: Passive + Offensive
+ Limit: - - -
+ Effect: Taijutsu DMG +110% (x1.10)
+ Requirement & Restriction: n/a

+ - Nemrui: Sleep Fist - >
> One is knocked out by a technique placing them into a deep sleep, or they place themselves to sleep. Once this happens the strikes are faster and stronger than before.
+ Type: Active + Offensive
+ Limit: 4
+ Effect: Taijutsu & Melee DMG +115% (x1.15) + DEX +125% (x1.25)
+ Requirement & Restriction: n/a & Must be sleeping to perform.

+ - Suiken: Drunken Fist - >
> With a drink of Sake, one becomes known as a drunken fighter. The style's user become hard to predict with movements but each strike is stronger than the last. Depends on how one battles and stacks on with each hit.
+ Type: Active + Offensive & Defensive
+ Limit: 4
+ Effect: Action = Melee DMg +110% (x1.10) (-1 Action = +.10)
+ Requirement & Restriction: Cannot use Taijutsu(s) + Need "Sake" to trigger

+ - Rakanken: Arhat (Palm) Fist - >
> Crushing power of one's palm gives powerful strikes that can leave one feeling unease or unable to move from the hit. Carefully use this style to even take out the most strongest of targets.
+ Type: Passive + Offensive
+ Limit: - - -
+ Effect: Melee DMG +110% (x1.10) + Stun (1 Turn)
+ Requirement & Restriction: n/a

+ - Amano: Celestial Fist- >
> A heavenly style used by one of grace and purity. The style is said to not be able to deal damage but reverse it in some places to making it cause little to no damage. But be wary as the style requires a calm mind to work.
+ Type: Active + Defensive
+ Limit: (Calm Mind Ability)
+ Effect: Endurance +25% (x1.25) & Melee DMG +110% (x1.10)
+ Requirement & Restriction: Calm Mind Ability + Asura Character Type

+ - Ikijigoku: Living Hell Fist - >
> A hellish style using the powers of rage and impurity. The style is said to cause great damage but unable to react fast enough because of being blinded by something. Giving greater damage one is required to have a dark mind to work.
+ Type: Active + Offensive
+ Limit: (Dark Mind Ability)
+ Effect: Strength +25% (x1.25) & Melee DMG +115% (x1.15)
+ Requirement & Restriction: Dark Mind Ability + Indra Character Type

+ - Kenshu: Wise Master Fist - >
> A "Kenshu Takashi" was a wise master that was able to reverse the flow of damage back at his enemies. Living a long life he studied every waking hour to come up with a "Bounce Back" to keep other monks alive. Though he pass years the style lives on.
+ Type: Active + Supplementary
+ Limit: 4
+ Effect: Bounce Back Ability - Unlocked
+ Requirement & Restriction: Kenshu Takashi's Scroll of the Wise Fist

+ - Style of Elemental Manipulation - >
>  The style is used to having the powers of the elements flow freely through-out the area of battle. It is not limited but is lacked to who it can be used for battle. With this happening one is even use the powers of the elements without chakra cost effecting.
+ Type: Passive
+ Limit: - - -
+ Effect: Obtain "X" Element Manipulation (Mimic's Bijuu's Manipulation Effect) & Style Technique Cost = Stamina Drain: -25 x [Rank (D = 2, etc)]
+ Requirement & Restriction: Must have 100% Mastery of Element.
+ Creator: Raijin Raijoku Mitsurugi

+ - Matou {To Wear} Style - >
> Taking in the chakra of the bijuu differently than forming a cloak. The Jinchuriki will have a new wear of clothing that take the form of the beasts color and tail count but look like a priest's or priestess's robes. The powers from this allow one to reach the full form of the bijuu but if it were human.
+ Cost: Bijuu Full Form System
+ Type: Inactive
+ Limit: Bijuu Full Form System
+ Effect: Nexus Attributes x2 & Use of Character + Bijuu Techniques & Abilities
+ Requirement & Restriction: Must have 100% Bijuu Control + Bijuu Full Mode & Cannot use Full Form while in this style.
+ Creator: Asakura Grave

+ - Metsubiju (Tailed Beast) Style - >
> The style designed by Grave Asakura to battle against the Bijuu and Jinchurikis. As this now focuses on the inner powers of the user and forces the bijuu’s power to be wield without any dangerous effects. Though the style allows the use of powerful techniques on its own.
+ Type: Passive
+ Limit: Varies on (Mode)
+ Effect: Elements of Bijuu Add to Player. (Creates EX – Slot 1, Etc) + (Modes)
+ Drawback: Character Obtains “Seal of Tsuki” (Can be effected by Genjutsu no matter what.) + (Modes)
+ Requirement & Restrictions: Must have Matou Style Cannot create over 3 Techniques that use Bijuu Element.
+ Creator: Asakura Grave


+ - Mantra Release: Wrath - >
> This is a style from the far west that utilizes the power of emotions and transforms them into a source of power. These emotions are nurtured and refined via one's chakra and becomes a new power. The Mantra of Wrath drives forth a person's rage and anger into their blows and spur on fiery destruction. One is likely to go into a dangerous rage as they seek to destroy all in their path. Their very chakra radiates off of them, intimidating and terrifying to enemies.
+ Type: Inactive
+ Cost: -2 Actions
+ Limit: 4
+ Effect: Taijutsu DMG X 1.25 + Katon (or other Fire affiliated natures) DMG X1. 20.
+ Requirement & Restriction: Must have Katon Unlocked.

+ - Mantra Release: Pride - >
> This is a style from the far west that utilizes the power of emotions and transforms them into a source of power. These emotions are nurtured and refined via one's chakra and becomes a new power. The Mantra of Pride boosts one's superiority and respect for one's self. They are blinded by their own brilliance but makes them destined for great power. Lightning arc off the user's body as their chakra becomes super charged and capable of doing great damage both in ninjutsu and physical combat.
+ Type: Inactive
+ Cost: -2 Actions
+ Limit: 4
+ Effect: Increase Dexterity x1.25 + Raiton (or other Lightning affiliated natures) DMG x1.20
+ Requirement & Restriction: Must have Raiton Unlocked.
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A. Hand to Hand Styles
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