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 Episode 1: The Retcon

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PostSubject: Episode 1: The Retcon   July 22nd 2016, 07:28

These are the recollections of the Senju Sanada Heise, The Monkey Sage.

Episode 1: The Memory

“With my experiences and past life returned to me, I realize I am more lonely than ever. No family to call my own. Only this country and Uchiha Hayabusa. At this point there is no purpose in returning to the surname of Yukimura. He was a nobody, a criminal. Though, there is interest in my family name Sanada. Eliot has sent his spies to go look for the origins of my name and their connection to the 1st Hokage. My Subordinates Hyuuga Mei-Lee and Uchiha Shizou have decided to take on this task of learning about the truth behind the Sanada clan in Konoha and their Sudden disappearance along with the Senju Clan. We’ve opted to leave our current wereabouts and return to Konohagakure in order to learn more about the disappearance of two strong clans.

Going to Konohagakure brings bitter sweet feelings. I hardly know if I’m able to call them my own feelings but, I know there is a part of me that rejects returning. Yukimura had been branded a Criminal after stealing the scroll. And Heise started a war… allegedly. Not to also mention the fact that I’d be married to a princess of the Royal Hyuuga clan(at least not by choice).”

Heise closed looked down at the words he wrote in his journal and placed his ink pen down. He breathed for a moment and allowed the Ink to dry before he’d close the book. After which he stood for a moment and stretched. He could feel a figure creep up behind him and place their hands around his waist. He could also feel a smaller head nestled into his back.
“It will be okay” A sweet voice said.
“It Will Be Dangerous” Heise replied.
There was an uninterrupted silence between Heise and the secondary figure till finally a third voice broke the barrier.
“Be ready to leave in 12 Hours”

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Episode 1: The Retcon
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