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 Deep Ground (Jounin Thread Upgrade) + solo Lava Training in first post.

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PostSubject: Re: Deep Ground (Jounin Thread Upgrade) + solo Lava Training in first post.    August 24th 2016, 09:21

It was difficult to tell what was going on as he made his way down the hallway-- but with his X-ray vision of his eyes, he could see enough of what was going on to fully evaluate the best place to observe. He couldn't enter the chamber without being seen by those inside, but he soon found a room that was next to the larger cavern-like chamber. No one was using the room and it was empty enough to allow him to observe from and not be seen via his Tengan.

Checking down both halls, luckily no one was there, save for the people inside the chamber. Entering the room and closing it behind him, it was a basic storage room from what he could figure. Feeling comfortable enough to stay there, he then looked to the wall beyond-- seeing into the chamber and observed what was going on.

The wall was thin enough for him to hear the basic conversation going on, and using his own acute hearing via Taijutsu practice and keeping as silent as the dead-- he listened. Because the chamber was so huge, echoes were not so hard to pick up. And so he looked into the room, finding people there...

Upon the other side of the wall, was a well lit chamber, crystal hanging from the ceiling like stalactites and decorated pillars reaching high to the ceiling. For a cave, it was well designed to be like a palace interior. There in the large room, Asura could see a total of four people. He saw the two guards from before -- along with Roku among them between them as they escorted him. The more Asura looked, the more he got the gut feeling Roku was almost a prisoner.

Finally, the last person there Asura could see-- was in fact Deus, standing there facing Roku from afar. The two stood a good 3 meters away from one another. "Good evening, old friend. " Deus said, in his usual dry and unfriendly self. "Guards, leave us." he instructed.

The two shinobi in masks bowed their heads to Deus, then left for the far hallway on the other side of the cavern. Despite them leaving, Roku stayed where he was, and looking no less tense than before. As the guards soon were out of sight and ear shot, Deus turned to Roku. "So, Roku... thank you for coming . I am sure you must have concerns," he said.

Roku shook his head and looked to Deus, a firm resolve on his face now. "Why don't we skip the formalities, Deus," Roku said in a rather straight forward and brash reply. "I think you have a good idea why you requested me here. I could of declined, but I chose to come-- because I needed to talk to you."

Deus raised his eyes a bit, and shrugged his shoulders. "Please, Roku," he said, "There really is no need for hostility here. I promise you, you have my utmost respect. That said, if there is something you wish to tell me, speak your mind. "

"I'd imagine as much," Roku replied flatly, "Why else would you insist to meet here in Deepground. iwa's dark, little secret. "

Despite the attempts of a fair talk-- Asura could see the tension between them, as if a battle would erupt at any moment. Asura clenched a hand to the wall, trying to contain his own nervous feelings. he had to remain calm and just observe for now.

"Deepground has been and always will be secret-- for the interest and security of Iwa's future. We alwasy operated in the shadows, no different as any ninja clan. No different than the Root of Konoha." Deus said calmly, extending his arms to the walls around him. "You should know. You used to serve here. Even some Jiin have taken interest to serve our cause. If I recall correctly, your son--"

"I didn't come here to talk about the ethics of this pit, Deus," Roku said with a growl of his voice, cutting off Deus-- who only just stopped and closed his eyes in irritability. It was clear Roku was angry, but containing himself. "I came here to tell you the truth. Here, where I know you won't save face. "

Asura looked on, confused and troubled. What in the world was Roku talking about?

"I didn't tell you everything about the events that happened in the estate-- because I had my doubts," Roku said, "But now that you called me here... my feelings on the matter are much more clear. Tell me, what did you really know about the attack?"

"Why, just as I told you, Lord Roku," Deus replied, "We have been investigating the attack and trying to track down the bandits responsible. "

It was then Roku's eyes narrowed. "And the assassins who tried to attack Asura at the same time?" he asked.

There was a sudden pause in the conversation, as Roku's added question got a bit weird between them. The two's expression remained the same, but the focus was clear-- like one trying to outsmart the other in a battle of wits. "Assassins? I thought Asura was attacked by the bandits before just like the others.?" Deus replied.

"No. Right at the time the attack took place, shinobi-- and ones of exceptional skill-- attacked Asura while he was training. By sheer luck, a stranger of considerable skill appeared to his aid and helped fight them off. " Roku shared to Deus.

Deus' expression firmed up as he listened. "What was most interesting was after they were subdued, the stranger attempted to use Genjutsu on the attacker to learn their secrets-- and was killed via a curse mark that was meant to keep them from revealing any secrets of their mission." Roku said, and glared daggers at Deus. "If I recall correctly, that is a trademark of Deepground's methods, isn't it?"

"Heh... that sounds like a good story," Deus said, a light chuckle escaping him. "If we weren't such good friends, I would of taken that in offense."

"You think my apprentice would lie about something that put his life at risk?" Roku said, almost insulted himself, but kept his voice calm all the same. "One of the basic shinobi rules I know-- there are no coincidences in the events of a shinobi," he explained, the staring contest between them growing more intense. Even Asura from behind the wall could feel the turmoil start to boil. "I looked into my mission that was assigned to me when the attack occurred. It seemed odd I would of been sent away while my clan was attacked. So I looked into who issued the order to send me. "

Roku narrowed his gaze to Deus. "The orders were bounced around, but came from your desk."

Deus didn't say a word, but his face was as firm as stone.

"There is no point denying it, Deus,"Roku declared calmly, showing all the facts out. "You sent Deepground agents to assassinate Asura, didn't you." He accused him.
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PostSubject: Re: Deep Ground (Jounin Thread Upgrade) + solo Lava Training in first post.    August 24th 2016, 09:52

Asura from behind the wall was as shallow of breath as he ever thought he could get as he saw the two men talk-- his master having just accusing a village representative of a crime. No one spoke for what felt like a good solid minute.

Finally, after a moment, Deus closed his eyes and let out a deep breath. "I see... so it has come to this then?" he said, his shoulders relaxing. "Make no mistake, Roku-- I respect you as a skilled shinobi, a sage and a hero of Iwa. It is why I wished to not involve you in this."

Roku's eyes grew angry, now looking to him with that cold expression Asura only ever seen a few times. "Then its true..."

Folding his arms against his chest, Deus spoke in a proud tone. "Iwa has always remained balanced, stable up till now. We are a great nation, but our lack of war has made us soft. It is why the Tsuchikage died in the event of the war that happened a year ago. Change is a threat to our nation-- so it is my charge to make sure those changes do not hinder Iwa's order. "

Asura stepped back from the wall, feeling his heart beat faster in fear that he would be considered a risk to Iwa's order.

"You targeted Asura-- my clan-- because you see them as a threat?" Roku asked, "The Jiin clan has been nothing but supportive of Iwa. We had no interest of a coup or anything. Why in the world would you find issue with us?"

Deus shook his head, "Don't think of it that way. Your clan is very helpful and has been invaluable over the years. Still, those who show sign of exceptional growth but insuborbination are a risk to our stability. As a minister, I cannot overlook that risk. "

Roku knew exactly what he was saying with his carefully worded discussion. Instinctively, Roku felt defensive. "Look-- I am not denying Asura has some impulsive tendencies, but he makes it up in his passion and skill as a shinobi. He doesn't have a traitorous bone in his body. " he said on his behalf.

"Be that as it may, we cannot cater to the drives of the one, Roku. You know this," Deus said flatly, and looked up to him with a clear resolve. "The good of the whole outweighs the good of the one. Asura is strong, but he could rise beyond the control of Iwa. That said, I am forced to deal with him. "

Roku looked to Deus, an incriminating gleam in his eye. "Why not kill just me then? Or was that your intent when you sent me on that wild goose chace? "

"You are a hero of Iwa. Roku, the Red Sage and well respected for your service in time of war. " Deus said, "A public killing of you would of caused an uproar to the clan and the village. But no, your life is far more valuable. It just made things less difficult if you were not around. But I digress, my friend... Asura's progression is beyond what anyone would expect. If not dealt with, he can rise to be a threat to Iwa. "

Roku gleamed at him, his eyes boring with hate. "And by saying so, you already dub him so. This is not order. You are far off the mark. What kind of maniac would dare think a child's growth would be a threat to a whole nation."

Deus however didn't care to think more on it as he was set in his decision. "It is my job to oversee Iwa's affairs in Deepground, and to eliminate any threats, outside and within the village. I am sorry Roku... but the threat Asura has must be eliminated. "

From behind the wall, Asura couldn't help but let a tear trickle down his cheek. He couldn't believe this. he worked so hard to train and become stronger-- to be a better ninja for his people-- and now because of one person's fears of him, he was going to be killed? His fist clenched up, fury boiling in his blood.

"I won't let that happen," Roku declared calmly but firmly, causing Asura to look up through the wall.

The resolve on Roku's face was as firm as Deus' stone expression, one that showed he was not unwavering. "I lost my son to Deepground's machinations, and Asura lost his parents--my sister-- to the wars fought for YOUR goals of stability. I refuse to allow any more to die for YOUR order! I refuse to let you smother out his flame!"

Asura felt his heart sink, seeing his master defend him. The worst had happened. Iwa had viewed Asura as a threat, and this man wanted him removed-- and now that Roku was confronting all of this, it was unlikely he would be allowed to live.

"Master Roku..." Asura whispered softly, his teeth clenched in frustration.

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PostSubject: Re: Deep Ground (Jounin Thread Upgrade) + solo Lava Training in first post.    August 24th 2016, 10:49

Even thought he words were heated, neither Roku or Deus had reached for their weapons, but the air was tense with the intent of combat. From his hiding place, Asura could already sense the conflict even felt in the line of fire-- despite being hidden behind a thick wall before him.

"I see..." Deus said with a sigh of regret. "It is indeed a shame you feel this way. You were never meant to suffer this much. For that, I am sorry." he said, then glared back at Roku. "But I am afraid you now have learned too much yourself. Forgive me, but now you must be eliminated too. But fear not, your student will join you soon enough."

At that moment, as Deus had closed his eyes for a moment-- a sudden gleam appeared in his eyes and he looked to his right--

-- starting right at Asura through the wall!

Asura jumped back, seeing the direct gaze of Deus right at him. Crap-- no! Is he a sensory type ninja? Asura thought, realizing he very likely had been discovered.

Deus then suddenly formed a quick weaving of hand signs---

BOOM! The wall before them suddenly erupted, as if an explosion was set off. Roku jumped in surprise, finding it odd to target that-- but it soon became clear. On the other side, he was startled but not badly harmed. With the clearing dust and smoke from the earth-style explosion, Asura soon was visible to them in the room.

The sheer shock of it caused his Tengan to deactivate as he looked into the room, seeing Roku and Deus clear as day. He was now exposed, and unable to hide any more.

"Well... isn't this interesting?" Deus said calmly, almost amused, "Like master, like student. It seems neither of you could leave well enough alone, can you?"

Roku looked, shocked to see Asura there. "Asura?! What are you doing here?! I told you to stay out of this!" Roku shouted, more concerned than angry.

Asura didn't know how to even react after witnessing all of this-- but Deus soon interrupted. "Don't put too much blame on him, Roku." Deus said, "The failures of a student are often reflected upon by their masters-- but I digress, if you weren't such a good teacher, he would of probably remained alive as another shinobi."

Lowering his arms, Deus spoke calmly. "Now then... who will die first, Roku? You or your student?"

Asura gritted his teeth, wanting to jump right in and attack. He couldn't stop deny this any further. He had to act.

Roku oddly was suddenly calmed and closed his eyes. "There is only one person dying this night..." he said. At that moment he snapped his eyes open, his Tengan in place of his eyes.


At that very moment, Roku activated his Tengan and from it-- flames immediately came out of Deus!

"GRAAAH---!!" Deus shouted, the flames literally burning off his body.

Asura looked in surprise as he soon saw it. The Doujutsu power of Tengan's Combustion-- the clan jutsu that caused one's own body temperature to rise so high their bodies literally burst into flames. Though a slow process, the flames couldn't be put out and would cause excruciating pain-- eventually killing the person.

He soon fell to the ground, his body in flames. Slowly, ROku approached as his body was now awash in the flames his body was almost impossible to see. "No master would sit idly by and let their students come to harm. If I must die to protect my student, believe me-- I will be taking you to hell with me!" Roku said with fury now in his voice, allowing the flames to eat away at his enemy.

As the screams soon stopped-- Roku soon looked and saw something wrong.

The flames were going out as something was now in place of Deus.

A statue styled after a Terracotle statue. A stone-clone, in the shape of a statue.

"A stone clone," Roku growled and soon turned around quickly with a flash of his robes.

Both Asura and Roku turned, finding Deus soon at the other end of the cavern. He wove a series of hand signs, and soon caused lightning to flicker between his hands. "Raiton-- Sky Hunter!!" He roared and soon brought his hands to the ground.

From there, arcs of lightning shot around the room, shooting off from one point and ricocheting off the stones and crystals of the room, threatening the entire room full of electricity. Both Roku and Asura would be at risk.

"Asura-- Don't Move!!" Roku shouted and quickly formed hand signs of his own. "Fuuton-- Sky God Dance!"

Clapping his hands together-- a sudden gale of air swept up both around Asura and Roku-- causing it to spread out like a hurricane in all directions. As the lightning made contact with the wind-- it suddenly flickered away, and the wind growing more intense. The wind became a gale force-- pushing outsward as it soon made its way for Deus-- and struck him.

Deus was forced back, faced with the impact of the resulting gale-force winds and aided by his own lightning release jutsu.

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PostSubject: Re: Deep Ground (Jounin Thread Upgrade) + solo Lava Training in first post.    August 24th 2016, 11:31

Asura watched in both concern and amazement. At first, he thought Roku was going to be killed-- but he often forgot how strong his master was. He used wind style to deflect Deus' lightning style, protecting them both.

Before Asura could even say anything, Roku rose his voice. "Asura, get out of here while you still can!"

Asura gulped but he couldn't go anywhere. "Master, I'm sorry, but I can't obey that. I can't leave you here like this. I won't!" he said.

Perhaps he was insubordinate, but it was only because he was doing what he felt was right. To try and help the person who was his master.

Naturally, it was not the time to argue as Deus soon slowly rose to his feet. The damage he sustained was not bad, but it did throw him off balance. As he stood up, he reached up to the clasp that held his cape and mantle in place. "Very clever, Roku. I had not seen you use Fuuton in a long time. " he said, unclasping it and allowing his gear to clatter to the floor. "It has been some time since we fought. Let's see if you are as good as you were as a younger man."

Roku turned to Deus and glared. Realizing the true fight was about to begin, he reached for his sword and swiftly drew it from his sheath. "Come," Roku declared, his Tengan staring right at Deus.

At that moment, lightning flashed around Deus as it flashed around him-- and clung to his body. The lightning was a common trait of a jutsu that was used mostly by those of the hidden cloud-- the lightning chakra mode, increasing one's speed and power significantly. Asura had no clue someone from his village mastered it. In the blink of an eye, Deus soon was gone-- and was moving around in blitzs of speed.

Using his eyes, Roku was working to track Deus as he moved at such high speed. The Tengan was able to track movement far easier than one's regular eyes, much like the Sharigan's. And soon Roku saw it-- Deus coming from behind, now armed with Nunchucks to try and smash into Roku's head, coated with lightning.

With a swift movement of his hand and arm, Roku rose his blade and soon parried the strike, causing the blow to go upward, and expose Deus from his high-speed state. After the successful parry, Roku's blade suddenly changed. Without a single hand sign-- his blade suddenly became coated in white flames-- the Jiin sacred touch weapon that coated the sword with the divine flames of the Jiin, adding to its power.

A wide arc of flame was slashed through the air, attempting to hit Deus. Deus however jumped high into the air and soon was out of reach. But that didn't stop Roku as he jumped after him. Though Deus was faster, Roku was able to follow him by anticipating his movements with his eyes. From afar, Asura could watch with amazement as Roku kept up with him on his own terms. Though impressed as Asura was-- he knew the truth.

Both Roku and Deus were evenly matched in skill and precision of their attacks.

Soon Roku brought his blade to counter another one of Deus' strikes with his weapon, lightning coating it along with the white flames-- both burning brightly.

"It is true what they say, Roku," Deus said, his lightning chakra mode flickering around him. "The bright flame is the ones that burn out quickly. Your time is over!"

Roku didn't reply-- but only widened his eyes, showing his Tengan more.

At that moment, an increase sense of heat appeared behind Deus. Sensing the change in chakra and temperature, he glanced back to see it-- a floating burning sphere of glowing red light--- a fireball floating in the air.

Deus quickly ducked low, attempting to trip ROku-- but only as a ploy to get out of the way-- as the fireball attempted to hit him. Roku merely flipped back, landing back on his feet-- only to see Deus soon dodge and move away. From the same place the fireball was-- two more formed nearby, splitting off from the first and growing to the same equal size.

Asura watched as he saw it-- Roku's famous Scorch Style. The fusion of wind and fire chakra natures, and with the aid of the Tengan he could form them any time in any location at will. It was a silent killer as any contact with the spheres of super hot flames would cause all the moisture in the body to evaporate, killing a person instantly.

Deus knew well the skill of Roku's Scorch Style, and he knew to avoid it at all costs as he moved around the cavern-- fleeing from the spheres that attempted to follow him.

"You can be as fast as the Six Tails, Deus-- but you cannot outrun my Scorch Style jutsu!" Roku declared as he saw Deus move like a bolt of lightning around the room. However-- the jutsu Roku used were heat-seekers, and drawn to continue to follow Deus for as long as Roku wished.

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PostSubject: Re: Deep Ground (Jounin Thread Upgrade) + solo Lava Training in first post.    August 24th 2016, 23:29

Deus was on the run as he knew touching the spheres of fire would be fatal. Records dated back of an Suna shinobi named Pakura who used similar Jutsu release to create the same kind of power. For now, he knew this was one of the reasons Roku was revered as a sage-- his understanding to use fire to its fullest potential.

The football field cavern was alight with his moving around, the light of his lightning flickering, all the while the spheres were in persuit. WIth a swish of Roku's sword, he produced more spheres, creating one at a time and launching them in a different angle, trying to limit Deus' range of motion.

"And another thing you should of known, Deus... you play with fire, you are bound to get burned." he replied, his Tengan focused into his enemy and tracking him with his fireballs seeking after him. It would only be a matter of time before the Scorch style assault would reach its mark.

Seeing the spheres coming, Deus realized he was in danger. With a sharp turn in his lightnign mode, he darted straight down into the ground and disengaged his chakra mode. Looking up, he saw the spheres of fire swirl in the air and make their way down, attempting to strike him. Deus sneered angrily at them, seeing them incoming.

FWOOSH!! The flaming spheres collided, releasing a red light that spread outward-- then vanished in a form of super heated air. The very ground sizzled with heat, showing how much of the air's moisture was now super heated. There was no sign of Deus, no body-- or clothing to speak of.

Asura was about to be relieved-- but he remembered Roku's advice-- never be sure your enemy is dead unless you see their corpse. And Roku knew it too. There would be a mummified remain of Deus-- not nothing. And it left only one place the ninja could hide.

Roku's eyes glowed as he looked below, using his Tengan to track his enemy. Though invisible to most-- Roku knew exactly what to look for. He could see him-- as Deus used his earth release jutsu-- having sunk into the earth and was moving around inside it, as if to dig through it with ease. Perhaps it was more accurate to say swim in it-- but Roku was not phased. "You can't hide from me!" Roku roared.

With his sword raised-- he then lifted his other hand, and from it, chakra grathered. The spiraling sphere of light-- raw chakra-- appeared in his hand. This time it grew brighter, but the sphere remaining in check. He was rotating it, compressing the change in chakra form. It was then something changed. Opposed to the Rasengan Roku had showed Asura how to do-- this time it glowed red. A strange heat glowed from the sphere that even Asura could feel. It was the power of fire.

"Goen... RASENGAN!!" Roku roared, and with his eyes focused on the ground, he slammed the sphere into the earth with a loud smash.

The impact caused a loud boom as the sphere erupted, causing the earth below to crack and break like an earthquake-- followed by the roar of flames coming out from it as if he had struck into a volcano!

Asura was forced back from the impact, almost hitting the nearby wall from the shock and saw as the flames erupted like a volcano. He had never seen Roku had to use such a powerful technique, let alone that kind of power within a Rasengan. It was amazing.

For Deus, as he was under the ground, saw the glow of the Rasengan as it hit. He moved-- but was not fast enough as the flames struck him and knocked him out from his hiding place. He shout out of the ground with a yell, uprooted and having taken far stronger damage than he would of cared to admit.

Deus landed flat on his back with a thud, a series of burns on his clothing and armor-- his skin slightly burned from the resulting fires around him. Roku's arm also showed signs of burning as the arm of his robe was on fire-- but he merely flicked the flames away, his actual arm unscathed by the burning flames.

With a grunt, Deus rose to his feet, having been burned but not so injured he couldn't keep fighting. Still, the sign of fatigue was in his breath as he huffed and puffed for air, Roku giving him a run for his money. "Your strength has not wavered, Roku... Truly, you are worthy  of the title of sage," Deus grunted as he stood up once more, dusting off some of the soot from his white clothing.

Roku didn't bother to answer him as he readied his sword, prepared to strike the moment Deus made a move.

Asura truly felt useless at the moment. He came here hoping to help his master-- in the end he was amazing to him. He countered Deus' own escape by using the Rasengan, knowing he was underground.

Amazing, he thought, in awe of the fight between these two Jounin.

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PostSubject: Re: Deep Ground (Jounin Thread Upgrade) + solo Lava Training in first post.    August 25th 2016, 09:28

However, Deus rose and still had that same stern composure, despite having suffered damage himself. Roku refused to let his guard down, readying his sword. "That said-- it seems I can't afford to hold back against the likes of you," he said.

Once more, lightning flickered around his body for a moment-- and then in a sudden burst like with his chakra mode, the lightning hue changed! The white lightning became a strange shade of black mixed with white coloring, and crackled with an endless echo of snapping. Thunder echoed in the air, as if caused by the same power. His lightning powers were suddenly enhanced further.

"I am a pillar of Iwa's order. Anything to threaten its balance will be eliminated," Deus declared, his body now coursing with black lightning.

Roku glared at him, prepared for whatever attack he would attempt. "That is not for you to decide!" Roku replied firmly.

The power of chakra was growing between them both as Roku and Deus faced each other. At that moment, Deus took a fighting stance, his very footing causing a crush to the stone below him. At that moment, he weaved his arms around him, focusing the black lightning and drawing an arm back. As he did this, the black lightning arched off his body, as if his form couldn't contain the high build of the element with his chakra. He drew his arm back, as if he was about to throw something.

Deus then moved a shift of his right foot-- dragging it to his right...

And suddenly Asura felt something below him. His eyes went wide as he felt the earth change below him as his feet sunk.

His legs were now sinking into the ground a few feet-- the earth having become thick and soupy-- then to solidify immediately.

Asura didn't even get a word out as suddenly, the attack went. Deus thrusted his arm out, two fingers extending and shooting a powerful bolt of black lightning outward----

--- aimed at Asura himself.

Time seemed to crawl through the eyes of both Asura and Roku. For Roku he saw the attack and his eyes drew wider as he soon saw the trajectory of his opponent's attack, aiming to strike his student. He also knew Asura was now immobilized, thanks to the quick use of the "Swamp jutsu' turning the ground into a liquid and hardening it. Caught off guard and in the face of such an attack, Asura would not survive.

Asura looked in shock as his senses worked in overdrive, seeing the lightning coming but his feet unable to move to evade the direct attack. Doton was useless to stop lightning and Asura had been keeping out of the fight-- that he was not prepared to act. The lightning was close as he knew it would hit him.

It was then his mind was blank-- seeing the lightning feet away, his life a flash before his eyes.


The screech of the lightning and sound of its impact were loud and deafening in the cavern as it hit. For a moment, Asura's mind was a blank, his eyes shut for a moment. But finally he bared to look up-- and what he saw horrified him.

A shadow loomed over him as the lightning had struck, blocking the black lightning as it illuminated that spot. With his arms stretched out-- he was shielding Asura with his own body, his back facing the attack as the lightning struck him. He could soon see him clearly as the attack fade, his features coming to light and Asura's breath left him.

"...Ro...ku...." Asura gasped.

Before him was his own mentor, having thrown himself directly into the line of Deus' attack, his back now scorched black from the super-charged lightning style jutsu Deus had used. Roku's face was tense with the pain of taking the direct attack. He didn't even have the time to use a defensive jutsu. Ragged breath escaped Roku, his body fighting the overwhelming pain he felt, his hair and body showing the direct result of his electrocution.

Despite all the pain, the act to protect Asura from that fatal strike-- Roku smiled on his face, seeing Asura before him.

"No.... no...." Asura gasped, realizing what had happened. Roku risked his own life to save him.

With a grunt, Roku lost the strength to stand as he suddenly fell to his knees and to the ground.

"MASTER!!" Asura shouted in alarm. He immediately tried to move, but couldn't due to the quick sand jutsu. Realizing it, he immediately channeled his chakra into the muscles of his legs and quickly tugged them free. Despite the 'cement' solidifying, he was able to pull it free as if it was nothing more th an dried clay. Once out, he quickly jumped to Roku's side, grabbing a hold of him to keep him up. "Master Roku? Roku?! Please talk to me! Hang on!" Asura called loud and franticly, his voice clearly distraught to the fact of what had happened.

Realizing he could heal his master, Asura quickly channeled his chakra into his holy fires of the Jiin. Forming the white flames upon his hand, he pressed them into Roku's chest, attempting to heal him. "Please hold on! Master!" he was frantic, trying desperately to save him.

Lying there, Roku now felt Asura's arms around his shoulders, keeping him up. He could feel the warmth of Asura's hand and flame upon him-- but he felt his body growing colder and colder. Roku's Tengan still remained active as he looked to him, seeing his face plastered with fear to have seen what he saw. And still, Roku smiled kindly to him.

"It's.... okay... Asura," Roku spoke, musting the words out of him despite the pain. "... I knew ... and I did it without a second thought..."

Seeing the clearly fatal strike hit, Deus didn't even bat an eye. He knew well the strike was well placed. If Roku truly cared for his pupil, he would of gladly risked his own life to save him. For the moment, Deus simply rose and watched as Asura attempted to care for his master. But the fact was, he knew the man's fate was as good as sealed.

"Come on... Come on... heal, damnit!!" Asura shouted, still focusing the flames into Roku's body, but in his chaotic mind, he couldn't tell if the flames were healing Roku or not. Roku's injuries refused to mend and his strength was still fading. "Why.... !?"

At that moment, Roku's hand reached Asura's on his chest that was trying to heal him-- stopping him. Asura looked in surprise, seeing Roku's still calm and kind face on him. "it's okay... Asura... It's okay..." he said, knowing very well Asura couldn't heal him.

Tears began to swell behind Asura's eyes as he looked at his master, now looking so frail he could of been broken like a twig. "Why... Why did you do that? Why did you throw yourself at the blast? I could of--" Asura gasped, but realizing he couldn't of gotten out in time.

"I ... had to..." Roku said, before letting out a soft cough. "It didn't matter if you were capable of escaping or not... a master's duty... is to always protect his apprentice."

Now Asura couldn't hold back his tears, holding his Master's shoulders to keep him somewhat up. Asura saw the fight, he should of acted. He should of done something despite his master's orders-- but if he had not of come here, perhaps Roku wouldn't of had to die to begin with. "I'm sorry.... " Asura gasped, a tear streaking down his face. "This is.... all my fault. I'm sorry I came here, but I had to... I wanted to be there for you ... And its my fault you ... you..."

Asura was the one who was meant to be dead. The fact Roku was there teaching him and even fighting for him-- made him the true target and he was now dying in his place.

Roku's hand slowly reached up, and soon took a hold of Asura's cheek. "It's okay... Asura..." Roku spoke softly, all the while still smiling. "It's who you are.... You might be reckless... even cocky.... but in the end you followed your heart. You always... fought for what you felt was right... That is the true depth of the fire that burns in your soul. You were a handful... but I treasure every bit of it. Everything..." He soon let out a cough blood coming up from it as it dripped down his lip.

"No! Master-- please save your strength!" Asura said, gripping his master's hand.

"Asura..." Roku spoke softly. "I'm sorry I couldn't stop this upon you... but I-- I believe in you. I know you will survive, and I know you will grow even further... I truly ... am proud to be your master and see how far you have come..."

it was clear now what was happening to Asura. NO matter how much he wanted to deny it. Roku was dying, and he couldn't save him.

"No matter... what path you must walk, or whatever future... the Jiin clan may take... promise me one thing Asura?" Roku said, a soft laugh escaping him. "And don't worry.... this promise won't be hard for you...." it was a soft jab at Asura's insubordinate behavior-- a joke even in the moment of his death to lighten to mood. "No matter what... never let the fire of your spirit fade. It will grow, tempered, even dim at times... but I know you will be a bright flame that will blaze forward the path you must take. "

"M...Master..." Asura gasped, his breath shallow.

Reaching up once more, Roku attempted to hold Asura's face. "Keep your eyes focused on that flame in your soul.... and never let it go out. That flame of righteousness I see in your eyes..." Roku breathed, his eyes starting to droop and close. "Asura... I believe ... in you. Walk... the path... you must..."

At that moment, his hand fell. Asura reached to hold it, but the hand soon was limp. Roku's eyes closed as the last bit of life left him. Asura grasped his hand, feeling no pules in it anymore.

"No.... No!!" Asura gasped.

It was then even more happened as suddenly Roku's body began to produce flames. It was not from his own formation-- but almost as if something inside him combusted. Asura felt his hand also become like flame, causing him to drop his hand. The flames softly covered Roku's body, quickly consuming him. Asura's eyes went wide as he witness Roku literally go up in flames. Ashes remained as Roku's body was quickly immolated, fading away in the intense fires as Asura watched his master disappear. He didn't understand how or why-- but as he realized it, it was clear.

It prevented an enemy from stealing the secrets of a Shinobi's body-- more specifically for the Jiin-- their eyes as someone could steal them.

Asura couldn't hold back his tears now as he saw his master become fire, ash and smoke as soon the flames died away-- leaving a scorch mark on the ground and a small pile of ash. Roku was gone to him, never to return.

".... Master.... MASTER!!! AAAAAUUGHGH!!!"

Asura screamed as his hands fell to the ground, breaking down to have his master die before his very eyes.

All the while Deus stood back and watched, allowing at least some measure of goodbye-- before he would have to deal with Asura.

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PostSubject: Re: Deep Ground (Jounin Thread Upgrade) + solo Lava Training in first post.    August 25th 2016, 09:48

As Asura mourned the death of his master... Deus looked on with a cold, expressionless face. He allowed the moment to let Asura make peace with the fate that awaited both his master and himself, but that moment was over. "Such a foolish man," Deus said, observing as Roku went up in smoke. Literally. "He was a truly talented shinobi, a true warrior to the village-- and he sacrifices everything for one wayward student who would disobey him." Deus said, his tone rather callous as he saw the two's parting. Asura's back was to him, seeing the youth sob. "Had he simply let you die, he would of still been of use to us. But that is the price of what something as compassion does to a Shinobi. The true path of a shinobi is born of sacrifice. It is the way that our nation has forgotten-- and one I shall not abandon. "

Asura didn't care for anything that man said. However, as he still was there-- he heard one thing. He slowly stood up, but not turning around.

"... What did you just say...?" Asura asked softly.

Deus blinked and gave a hum of question. Asura didn't turn around, but his voice was still trembling. He was still struggling-- or so it seemed.

"Master Roku... was a great man..." Asura spoke. Though trembling, his hands clenched into fists, his voice wavered. "He was a hero of Iwa. He was respected by many people, and gave much to this village. He taught me everything I knew... He was the closest thing I ever knew to a father.... and you call him a FOOL?" Asura growled, the last of his words growing more and more tense.

Deus couldn't tell what he was doing, as he couldn't see his face-- but soon with that moment, Asura turned his head to him--- showing the Tengan eyes activated and him with a deadly, furious look in his eye. "DIE!!!"

KA-BOOOOM!! At that very moment, a violent explosion suddenly tore through the air around Deus. It happened so fast, it actually caused a reaction of surprise from the man.The entire area was suddenly a wild storm of fire as it ripped through earth and air, causing Deus to be thrown back and struck by the explosion.

"What the--?!"

KA-BOOOOM!!! A second explosion went off immediately after the first one. It was Asura. Channeling the power of his eyes-- and his fiery fury-- he was using his own form of Combustion, also known as Flash Fire! He was creating fiery explosions at pin- point positions in the room, using the oxygen in the air as a fuel source and his chakra as ignition. Though all he was doing was standing there, he was in a state of fury as he caused several explosions across the wide chamber, till a good half of it was engulfed in flames!

From inside the maelstrom of explosions, Deus looked in shock to see some vision of Asura's, "What-- this isn't the same Combustion jutsu of the Jiin-- no, it is a variation! Instead of combusting one's inner temperature, he is creating explosions from the outside using his eyes!" Deus analyzed aloud-- but was soon silenced as another explosion went off near him, casting another blast of fire.

From the way Asura was casting his Flash Fire Combustion jutsu-- he was burning through his chakra and using it recklessly-- but he didn't care. Asura had lost a person most dear to him. Nothing on earth was going to stop him now as he released hellfire upon his opponent. He was not going to stop till he saw his enemy reduced to ashes.

"GRRRRAAAAAAAHH!!!" ASura roared aloud, no longer caring for stealth or detection as he let off explosion after explosion, not giving Deus a moment to counter.

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PostSubject: Re: Deep Ground (Jounin Thread Upgrade) + solo Lava Training in first post.    August 25th 2016, 10:50

The thunderous sounds of the explosion echoed well beyond the cavern, and even caused the earth to shake from all the violent eruptions. Half of the chamber was one large wall of fire as Deus was forced into the defense. The explosions happened so fast and without warning, it was difficult for him to dodge the blasts to avoid the blunt of it. Indeed, Asura's jutsu with the Tengan was much different than the Combustion, that slowly worked its enemies to combust from the inside out-- this one was far faster and worked on pin-point destruction.

Deus was overwhelmed by the blasts-- and he now worked to try and see a way out of the flames... but didn't have time as something soon charged at him. Through the flames, the silhouette of Asura appeared, shooting at him with a fist held back. "GRRAAAAA!!" Asura's hair was a mess, his eyes showing the Tengan and afire with fury. It was as if he had become a demon, consumed by his rage as his fist now glowed with fire around it.

A Katon-- Explosion Fist was soon throw from him, attempting to hit Deus , algow with white flames. Using the Jiin's fire release, Asura boosted his own fire style jutsu even further, adding more destructive power to it! The punch went off with a bang, striking Deus in the chest where his armor was, and followed with a powerful explosion. The explosion caused Deus to be thrown backwards and smashed into a wall-- the impact causing a crater there. Deus gasped, taken aback by the stun of the punch.

Asura was far from letting up. He wouldn't-- couldn't -- stop till his opponent was nothing but ashes. Even among the remaining flames around him, he charged forward, throwing back another punch as he attempted to smash Deus in the face, crushing his skull as he put more force behind his punch this time!

He threw the punch, which caused the form of Deus to buckle and the skull almost to crunch-- however, as he did... the body suddenly became hard and firm. Asura's eyes opened a bit soon seeing what he punched.

In Deus' place was a clay-stone version of Deus. Another Stone-clone of Deus resembling him as a statue. Looking around quickly with his eyes, he attempted to find Deus via his body heat-- just like Roku did in case he was hiding in the earth around him. Looking around, he couldn't find him in the walls or in the floor where he hid before-- till he finally was left to look one more place. Up!

There on the ceiling directly above him, he found Deus. He was using his Chakra to stand on the ceiling with ease, looking down at Asura. Despite the surprise he got from seeing Asura's Tegan in action, he remained now as cool and cold as before. "Foolish boy. Blindly charging forward fueled by your emotion will only hasten your demise," he said like a stern teacher scolding a student.

That pissed Asura off further-- but one good thing did help with the clone substitution. It gave Asura the moment he did to straighten his head out. He wanted nothing more than to avenge his Master's death-- but if he lost his head and charged blindly, he would be only getting himself killed.

But that still didn't stop his fury.

At that moment, Deus soon made a hand sign-- and Asura once more felt a strange substance to his feet. It was the same swamp technique Asura was trapped in before. "Earth style-- Underworld Swamp," Deus breathed, attempting to bind Asura once more to make him a sitting duck.

Asura glared at Deus with his rage-filled Tengan eyes. "Not this time!!" he roared. At that moment, the flames that were once around him-- turned into a bright crimson hue. His Blaze release-- as he soon was consumed by the red flames, and literally was warped out of the spot he was. He became the very flame itself, easily slipping out of the hold of the swamp.

Deus blinked, surprised by the jutsu he witnessed. "He can become the flames themselves?" he said, not shocked but surprised all the same as he saw the flames blaze into the air-- attempting now to get towards him.

Emerging out of the flames, Asura soon reappeared-- armed with his Chakra sword in hand as he attempted to slash at Deus with all his might in a spinning dive.

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PostSubject: Re: Deep Ground (Jounin Thread Upgrade) + solo Lava Training in first post.    August 26th 2016, 19:47

At first, Asura thought his blade would strike and cleave through Deus easily-- however soon a sudden burst of electricity was released from his body. The chakra sword acted as a conductor as the shock caused the blade to buckle back. Deus took the chance to launch an attack of his own-- thrusting a punch right for Asura with the added force of his lightning release technique.

The struck hit Asura in the head, knocking him back and causing a small head wound. Asura began to fall backwards-- and from so high up in the ceiling, he could easily fall to the ground with a bad landing and get hurt further.

However, Asura flipped in the air and focused-- causing flames to glow around his body-- and formed a pair of wings. Flames surrounded him like an aura, soon revealing the Phoenix armor jutsu Asura would use to fly and add power to his combat skills. Flying once more, he attempted to lauch a spinning kick, the flames surrounding him adding more strength to his attack!

Deus from upside down, didn't hesitate to strike back with blows of his own. He would aboid Asura's sword, but blocked Asura's kicks and punch with his own body. Despite the blows against the fire-armor, Deus suffered small burns, but hardly enough to stop him from attempting to take blows against his adversary. Even though Asura's attacks were fierce and fast-- Deus was centered and focused as he worked to evade the wild barrage of Asura's assaults.

Finally, annoyed-- Deus reached back, focusing lightning into his fist. "ENOUGH!!" he roared and threw a punch, making contact with Asura's flaming phoenix armor. A sick crack of lightning split the air and shocked around Asura. Even though the armor was a sense strong-- the lightning infused punch worked just like Asura's Explosion Punch. The blow was strong and aimed right so that it sent Asura flying back to the ground!

"GAAAAA!!" Asura shouted, his armor torn apart from the stunning blow as he fell towards the ground.

Asura soon landed on the ground-- less than graceful landing as a shinobi could make as he lost his balance, but he was still on his feet. Looking up with his vengeful, Tengan eyes, he saw Deus fall from his perch on the ceiling back to the ground-- but not before he quickly wove hand signs of his own.

He soon landed upon the ground, and slammed a fist into the ground. "Earth Style-- CRUSHER!!" he roared, causing a sudden series of the stones of the ground to rise up, becoming a wave of avalanching rocks.

Asura's eyes widened as he soon saw the incoming wall of incoming stones, but he knew a way he could break it up. He had not mastered the art of this nature release, but he didn't have the time. Focusing his eyes, he channeled the same chakra into himself, and inhaled. "YOUTON-- MOLTEN FIRE BALL JUTSU!!" He formed a hand seal and released a sudden ball from his mouth. The Ball was in fact a chunk of earth with a series of glowing coals-- which grew hot and molten as it flew forward! A chunk of lava as he used his lavastyle.

The two jutsu collided, as the lava easily melted away the incoming stone. Asura huffed and puffed as the lava chakra faded from him, allowing him a moment to catch his breath. The fight was pushing him to the limit, as he never had to fight so hard in his life. Having fought a Jounin already, he was starting to feel the strain to his chakra.

However, Deus took the clash as an opportunity to strike-- as he wove hand signs once more from the cover of the two jutsu's clash! "Doton--Bedrock Coffin!!" Deus said, and clasped his hands together.

Suddenly, the ground below Asura rumbled. Four large slabs of earth shot out from the ground around where Asura stood. He quickly attempted to move but all the rocks moved in one single motion, closing in one after the other. "Huh? No---!!" Slam! The slabs of stone closed in on Asura, trapping him inside.

Asura was slammed and squished in between four slabs of stone, pressing into him. With refirming his grip in his hold of his hand signs, Deus held the rocks firmly in place with his chakra. He felt Asura inside, as the youth struggled to get free but was in vain.

From inside, Asura body was flush to the stone with very little wiggle room. He channeled his chakra into his strength, trying to push against the stone to break free-- but as he did, Deus tightened the hold, causing the stones to press in on him even more. "GAHAAA!" Asura screamed, feeling the crushing effect of the stone-binding jutsu.  

Deus finally stopped pressing the stone in, knowing full well he had trapped his target in the stone. "You fought well, boy, but I am afraid it was all for naught. I take no pleasure in this, you know," he said aloud, allowing Asura to hear his words. "But in Iwa, order must remain in tact. I cannot take the risk of an impulsive young man like yourself causing that order to be dissolved."

With his words, Asura felt the space of the rocks tighten, threatening to crush him! "GHrrr... you son of abitch--- that's the reason? THis isn't about fucking order. You're scared of any change... that's what you really are talking ab out. Any change-- you feel is a threat, isn't it?" Asura snarled aloud. His arms were now pressed tight against his chest, his body hardly having any room to move.

Deus didn't answer Asura, despite hearing him clearly. Perhaps Asura's words held some truth, perhaps they didn't. However, Deus was done fighting him and was prepared to finish the deed. "I shall make your demise quick-- and let you join your master. " Deus said, and once again began to weave black lightning around his body with his stance change. Lightning began to course around him, causing loud cracks and sizzles of it in the air so loud Asura could hear what was coming.

It was the end... or so Asura would of thought. Stuck there, he could barely move. However, he felt something wet on the side of his head. He had suffered a small blow to the head with Deus' hit, causing a trickle of blood to come from his hairline. Straining what he could, he reached his left hand up, the thumb just reaching his forehead as he swiped some blood from them. His hands were just close enough as the stone was crushing him along his arms, just enough to keep them near one another.

"Boar... Dog... Bird... Monkey... Sheep..." Asura's voice was soft, the hand signs forming as he used all his strength and what chakra he could muster out from behind the coffin of stone.

Having gathered more chakra and energy, Deus held his arm back and still, prepared to fire the gathered black lightning from the tips of his fingers. "Raiton!" he said, drawing his arm forward and aimed with a thrust of his arm. "Heavenward Spe---"



The stone coffin suddenly erupted open with a violent blast of smoke! The violent explosion of the stone and smoke tossed itself well into Deus' space, causing him to stop casting his Jutsu, and jump as a few of the rocks were thrown in his direction.

The large ploom of smoke was large, filling up half-high as the room was. Having escaped the fall of debris and smoke, Deus looked up to see something new appear in the caverns. FInally, the smoke began to lift, soon parting as a large white creature appeared in its place! Marked with blue-colored stripes, metallic armor upon its front paws and a war-mask on its face. It had strange spheres floating around him, and a spiked tail ring on its tail. The mask had four red eyes, and soon opened its mouth, letting out a fierce roar!

"GGRRROOOWWWRRRR!!!" the beast roared-- revealing itself to be a mighty, gigantic white tiger, so large it almost took up the width of the large chamber.

It was none other than Boss Byakko-- the leader and chief of the Blood-Vale Tigers Asura was contracted to.

Deus looked in surprise, his eyes genuinely wide as he witnessed the summoning of the giant tiger. "Wha... This beast? It's the one that rampaged Iwa a year ago," Deus gasped in surprise, and looked to see the tiger growling, glaring down at him from the distance. "When did that child learn to summon a creature like this?!" he exclaimed.

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The chamber was silent as the remaining smoke faded, and the only sound was the low growl of Byakko-- the ruler of the tigers. He was the boss summon with Asura's blood contract with the tigers, and unfortunately, not a summon Asura was on the best of terms with. He only resorted to him in true emergencies.

Needless to say, this definitely qualified.

The large tiger was well over 50 feet tall and stood proud and dominant over many he faced. Due to his mask, it was difficult to read his expression, save for the show of his sharp teeth, but he was a fierce warrior and was well respected for his fighting prowess and power over the elements. He was well viewed as one of the 4 sacred beasts of eastern lore.

Though summoned and having a clear idea of his enemy, Boss Byakko didn't hesitate to growl out his frustration at his summoner. "You really must have a death wish to summon me this often! You're lucky I don't charge you your soul for all of this!" BYakko growled at Asura. "Can't you fight your own battles, cub? I was about to court this hot young tigress and you had to kill the mood, didn't you?"

The tiger was a rather rude and crass animal for a leader, but Byakko and most of the tigers were known for their more mercenary attitudes.

"What do you got to say for yourself, cub?" Byakko asked, his eyes still looking at Deus. However, at his question-- Asura didn't answer. The tiger felt his presence-- the boy's body on his back as he would normally be placed after summoning him. However, he was not answering back. Though focused on the lone enemy, Byakko turned his head slightly and his eyes to the corner to look behind him. "Hey, cub! I'm talking to you! What you...."

Boss Byakko stopped as he soon saw Asura. The young shinobi was lying flat on his stomach upon Byakko's furry back. He could see the clear number of injures Asura suffered from his fight, as well from being almost crushed to death. Asura was passed out, unconscious but he could tell alive due to the shallow breaths he was making.

The angry tone of Byakko died a bit as he saw Asura in such a pitiful state. "...Stupid brat, he used so much chakra to summon he, he passed out. " the tiger growled, slowly drawing his gaze back to Deus. Though he didn't know who he was or why he was after Asura, it was clear this person was a powerful Shinobi to have done this to him. Even then, Byakko could tell... Asura had suffered well beyond a physical would but an emotional trauma to summon him as well. A reluctant growl, almost like a sigh, escaped Byakko. "Since when did I start giving charity.... Fine, kid. Consider this one on me." he growled, and glared dangerously at Deus.

Deus, despite his surprise, composed himself and gave Boss Byakko the same, stone-cold look. "Great beast... that boy is an enemy to the order of Iwa. As Iwa's minister, I am demanding you release him into my custody immediately. " Deus commanded.

Byakko didn't respond immediately, looking at Deus. Then a soft chuckle escaped from the tiger. "Heh... hate to disappoint you, but I'm afraid that isn't happening. He has a Blood-Contract with my kind, after all. I might be a greedy bastard, but I enforce my deals. I don't break them," the tiger said aloud. It was then that Byakko revealed more of his teeth in a snarl, almost in the form of a grin. "Even if I didn't... who the hell are you to demand anything from me?"

It was then that BYakko let loose a loud, booming roar that echoed across the chamber. It even stretched well beyond the walls and into the rest of Deepground. "I AM LORD BYAKKO--RULER OF THE BLOOD VALE TIGERS!! YOUR STATUS OR LAWS MEAN NOTHING TO ME, HUMAN!!" he bellowed, fury in his roar.

The very roar caused the air to gust against Deus. Though fierce, Deus didn't even flinch. "Very well, then. So be it," Deus said, and once again took up his stance once more, black lightning now flickering off his body as intense as it had been moments ago. "Raiton-- Heavenward Spear!!" he shouted, and thrust his hand forward, launching a streak of black lightning outward to Boss Byakko. Though it seemed regular range-- the power of the spear actually had penetrating properties, capable of dealing powerful direct damage if not careful.

But Boss Byakko was not intimidated in the least. He rose his left paw, claws extended, and soon caused chakra to form in it. "Fuuton-- SHOGUN TIGER CLAW!!" BYakko boomed-- and slashed his paw within the space before him. WIth that single swipe of his paw, the wind howled to life! The very half of the room was suddenly swept up by a violent gale with the winds swishing and slashing. And within it, numerous, invisible crescent blades of wind were created, one after another. Between the slashing air and the violent gusts, it was hard to tell-- but they went in all directions, easily covering the entire battle field -- and making it impossible for Deus to avoid.

Even worse, the lightning spear Deus created was immediately sucked up and dwindled into nothing. As a result, the wind grew even stronger, gaining more power and force as Deus was no doubt at risk of being struck.

Deus' eyes went wide by the sudden wind counter. He quickly attempted to dodge-- but it wouldn't do him any good as the sheer gusts were everywhere. Even without a direct hit from the claw-created wind blades, the violent sharp gale sliced at his armor and body, forcing him backwards to the rear end of the chamber.

All the while, Asura remained knocked out. Even as the gale whirled around him, he was unable to move or act in that state. It was now up to Byakko to protect him from Deus' attack and attempt to kill him.

Deus was flipped upside down and over several times in the air. After finally being tossed around like a leaf, he gritted his teeth and soon wove hand signs once more. He soon hit the wall-- feet first to stand on it. Once he was in contact with the solid earth, he casted his jutsu. "Doton-- Yomi Numa - Underworld Swamp!"

At that moment, the ground below Byakko's feet became soft and loose. It lost all solidity as the giant tiger began to sink into the ground, the stone now as soft as mud and he began to get sucked in. Though a slow process, it was bad if Byakko couldn't move or fight, the same trap that Asura almost fell into that cost him his life.

"It doesn't matter what you are!" Deus declared to the giant white tiger. "These caverns shall serve as your tomb-- for you and your charge!" He continued to focus his chakra, causing Byakko to soon begin sinking even faster into the summoned swamp.

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PostSubject: Re: Deep Ground (Jounin Thread Upgrade) + solo Lava Training in first post.    August 26th 2016, 21:39

Byakko felt the summoned swamp of the underworld start to drag him down-- the muddy waters lapping at his fuzzy feet and making his toes squishy from the mud. He just stood there, still for the moment as he knew struggling would only make one sink faster. But he was unusually calm.

It was then a chuckle once again escaped Byakko. "Fool. You think a little mud will stop me!?" he bellowed with pride.

At that moment, the spheres on his body began to glow and discharge electricity. From the ceiling, arcs of lightning also began to bounce off the walls as Boss BYakko channeled chakra for himself as well. "Raiton-- Royal Armor of Raiden!!" Byakko roared, causing a massive discharge of electricity to come down from the ceiling itself-- striking the tiger! He roared out again, feeling the jolt of lightning now surge into his body.

But it didn't cause him harm-- it energized him. Much like how Deus did-- Boss Byakko created a coating of lightning chakra, energizing him that made him stronger and enhanced his abilities. Despite his body now a lit with electricity coating his fur and body, Asura remained unhindered and unharmed by the strike. Controlling his chakra, the 'armor' protected and strengthened Byakko-- also allowing him to protect Asura just the same without being electrocuted.

The most important feature, however, was the fact that the moment the aura of lightning coated the tiger-- his feet no longer sunk into the swampy mud of the summoned quicksand trap. The armor was lightning, which was superior to jutsu of earth-chakra nature, making Deus' attack useless.

Seeing it, Deus looked shocked. He commands lightning as well?! the man thought.

It was at that moment, Boss Byakko charged. Literally. With one mighty leap-- he tore his feet free from the swamp as if it was nothing but water. Enhanced by his lightning armor, he charged forward, a mighty claw lurching forward to try and strike Deus.

The tiger was as fast as Deus was now-- if not faster-- with the power of the aura, and so Deus was forced to go into his own lightning chakra mode-- and soon took off into the air, attempting to avoid Byakko's claw strike. The swipe of his claw struck the ground, but so strong it left a clear claw mark so deep into the earth, it looked like a trench.

Byakko tracked the man with his eyes, seeing him even with his speed. "Coward!!" he roared in outrage of the fact he was forced to run. Furious, Byakko began to chase him, like a cat trying to catch a mouse.

However, as they fought-- the sound of the battle finally caught the attention of others. From the corridors that opened up into the cavern-- Iwa Deepground shinobi appeared, all wearing the same masks. They were very confused and surprised to soon see a giant raging white tiger rampaging in the chamber, along with their superior Deus fighting it.

"What the-- what is going on here?!" one of them gasped.

"Lord Deus!!" another called out.

Deus, moving across the ceiling and ground as the giant tiger was hot on his tail-- figuratively-- glanced to see the other shinobi finally arrive. "WHat are you fools waiting for?!" Deus roared at them, "Restrain this beast!!"

Hearing the command and the sound of reinforcements, Boss Byakko looked to soon see the arriving cavalry. They were soon pouring into the room like ants, attempting to get closer.

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PostSubject: Re: Deep Ground (Jounin Thread Upgrade) + solo Lava Training in first post.    August 26th 2016, 22:04

This is bad, Boss Byakko growled as he thought, seeing the reinforcements come. Even clad in his Raiton armor and his edge on Deus in a straight fight, more numbers meant more trouble. I can't keep fighting these guys AND protect the boy on my back. If one gets in one good hit, it could be the end of him.

As the enemies began to approach, he drew back one of his claws. "Fuuton-- SHOGUN TIGER CLAW!!" he roared again, slashing and causing the wind to rip apart again-- this time in all directions.

Deus was unable to resist the fierce wind style jutsu-- and neither were the allies he called for help as they were even less prepared. The sharp winds tore through the enemy ranks of shinobi-- others being tossed against the walls. Deus was among the latter as he rather of been thrashed against the walls instead of cut to pieces by the wind-enhanced tiger claw. Despite his skill and power, Deus was not prepared for Asura to have such a fierce ally, let alone with such raw power.

Once he had created greater distance between himself and the Deepground forces, Boss Byakko quickly tried to think of a way out. He couldn't simply run out of the chamber, the passageways all too narrow for someone his size to run out. He was boxed in this cavern, and so deep underground there was no real exit.

But Byakko knew exactly what to do. He gathered chakra, and began to growl as a light glow came from his maw. "When you hit rock bottom-- only place left to go is up," He commented in his own amusement and raised his head towards the ceiling. "Raiton-- PROTON ROAR!!!" Byakko bellowed, and with that mighty roar to the ceiling, a brilliant, blinding flash of lightning erupted from his mouth.

The roar was so powerful it literally lit up the entire cavern as if the sun broke through, and shot upward. A loud crash of earth and scream of energy echoed through the entire cave system as the blast ripped into the earth and beyond.

Back on the surface, it was near midnight and the entire village was at peace--- till suddenly the ground trembled, swelled, and in the middle of the roadway--- a brilliant beam of lightning shot out of the earth, skyward into the heavens, along with Byakko's mighty roar into the night sky. People were startled away, terrified as the ground was torn apart.

As for Byakko down below, his roar finally ended. The entire group of Deepground soldiers could only hesitate as they slowly opened their eyes to what happened. Deus too had been blinded, but upon opening his eyes, he saw it.

Byakko's roar, being a form of Raiton, had the power to easily penetrate the earth. As a result, his roar got stronger in the presence of it. Forcing his roar upward, Byakko had literally ripped open a hole in the earth. Above Byakko, was now a giant, cylindrical hole three times his size. The earth still glowed and hissed from the intense heat of the lightning roar-- but it went all the way up, the sky visible from them a good mile under. He had created an escape route out of Deepground.

"Later, losers! BAHAHAHA!!" Byakko roared, and with that, gave a mighty leap of his legs and launched himself upward.

The tiger landed with his front and rear paws parallel to the freshly made surface of the hole he made-- and immediately began to sprint upward. Jumping and pouncing from one side to the other, he was ascending his way up the hole, attempting to reach the top! Still unconscious, Asura miraculously was still secure on Byakko's back-- perhaps due to the natural static result of his armor. Regardless, Byakko was sure to keep the boy secure as he proceeded to scale his way upward out of the caves.

Deus looked in alarm, now understanding what the tiger was trying to do. "Stop them!!" Deus ordered. "We cannot allow them to escape!" he shouted, and formed a hand sign, attempting to seal up the hole himself.

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PostSubject: Re: Deep Ground (Jounin Thread Upgrade) + solo Lava Training in first post.    August 27th 2016, 01:27

Boss Byakko pounced and darted around the whole, each push of his rear paws propelling the large, mighty tiger up higher and higher through the hole. His speed was impressive alone as he ascended, but the length of the hole itself was almost a mile in comparison underground. At that time, Byakko soon saw it-- the parts of the stone around him starting to form protrusions and stone pillars.

Pieces of earth began to shoot out from the walls, attempting to bar off his path of jumping and moving upward. LIke webbing, the earth was attempting to close up the hole.

It was Deus and possibly other ninja aiding him in casting the ninjutsu. They were trying to seal up the hole, preventing their escape. However, Byakko's lightning aura was being far more useful as one pillar of earth barred his path. "YOU'LL HAVE TO DO BETTER THAN THAT!!" Byakko roared and charged.

He literally ran right into the pillar, causing it to crumble. The armor merely made the earthstyle useless as he charged right through it.

(Late so next part tomorrow)

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PostSubject: Re: Deep Ground (Jounin Thread Upgrade) + solo Lava Training in first post.    August 27th 2016, 12:19

Boss Byakko's Lightning Armor jutsu allowed him to be immune to all forms of Earth Release-- so as the pillars tried to hit or bar his path, he just charged forward! WIth a roar, he charged his way through, causing the stone to crumble like dried clay.

Below other Shinobi joined Deus, forming the same earth-hand sign to try and seal the hole.

As Byakko sprinted and jumped along the edges of the hole and avoiding direct hits of the stone 'bars', he soon saw a more pressing matter. Up further at the top, he could now see the main entrance begin to grow smaller. THey were now focusing their chakra to cause the exit to shrink-- slowly sealing it up. Now landing on the wall of it-- Byakko charged straight upward in a straight out run! His eyes were on the cloudy skies above as he charged forward. Even with his enhanced speed, it was going to be close as he sprinted with all his might, full aware of the silent Asura on his back. For that moment, the giant tiger felt as strong an attachment to him as he felt to his own cubs.

"YOU WON'T STOP ME!!" He roared and with an extra burst of power from his limbs, he jumped for the shrinking hole, putting everything he had to make it.

He shot through the hole, the speed of the closing picking up and finally... Byakko got through, the closing hole just missing the tip of his tail as he shot forward.

The shot th rough the hole followed with a large 'shockwave' as Byakko jumped right into the open air of the surface! From around the area, the sounds of shouts and screams could be heard as they saw the large tiger emerge from the earth. Byakko was in the air for a few moments, then landed with a loud thud that thundered across Iwa.

They had landed in the market district of the village-- several buildings around and possibly people in line of danger. People were up, alarmed by the giant hole that ripped through the village, despite it just closing up, but both shinobi and citizens were up and looked to the giant tiger.

"AH! Its the same tiger that attacked Iwa before!" someone shouted.

"Get the Iwa guard to stop it!" another shinobi ordered to his comrades.

Byakko growled as he looked around. "Drat... Deja Vu, it seems. " he said. The good news, they were free from Deepground's base, but now they were among Iwa and once again Byakko was viewed as a rampaging monster. And they were not wrong Razz Seeing more shinobi appearing upon the building tops, he had no doubt some of them might of been from Deepground, and more would come to apprehend him and Asura. "Time to go!" Byakko growled.

With a mighty leap, looking like a flash of lightning, Byakko jumped upward over the buildings of Iwa. He jumped over a good block with one bound, landing on a street, with one paw, then jumped over the next, proceeding towards the south of the village.

As many of the shinobi yelled after him-- Byakko kept his mind focus on the task to get Asura safely out. He could clearly hear  the sounds of confusion and shouts from behind him, but Byakko pressed on. Though still in the neck of the woods, the true danger had passed. They had escaped from the hidden Iwa base of Deepground. As Byakko ran, he made his way to the forests south of Iwa, the only place he could think of where he could stop, hide and put Asura down.

From above, upon one of the mountainsides that overlooked Iwa-- the lone ninja Ravana watched as the events transpired. He saw Byakko emerge from the earth and run, easily spotting Asura upon his back.

"Heh... looks like the kid made it, afterall. I was right to bet on you kid," he said-- and with that vanished in a blur of speed.

Back in Deepground, the shinobi there had sealed up the hole, but their target had gotten through as the night sky was now gone from view. Deus looked up at the hole. Despite his feelings or thoughts, he remained as cold and stony-faced as before, not showing any true emotion to the fact that Asura was out of sight.

"Lord Deus," a masked shinobi said, approaching him and stood in attention. "I'm fraid to report the target has fled Iwa. We lost him, sir," he informed.

"Yes, I gathered as much," Deus said, observing the damage that Asura and his summoned beast caused. The more he looked over it, the more he realized in his actions were well founded. He could tell Asura was powerful-- even too powerful for his own good. Still though, Deus didn't even seemed too worry. "It doesn't matter. One obstacle is removed-- as this lose end will be dealt with. I think I know of a way to keep things under control for the time being," he said.

Turning away from his soldier, Deus turned and went to one of the hallways leading out of the cavern

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PostSubject: Re: Deep Ground (Jounin Thread Upgrade) + solo Lava Training in first post.    August 27th 2016, 12:59

The soft sound of thunder reached his ears as he was there. His eyes were closed, having been in the sweet supor of slumber for a while now. Exhaustion had tugged his body down as he soon began to regain a sense of consciousness. He felt the softness below his back-- thinking for a moment it was his bed, but it wasn't. It was wet and leafy. Moving hs hand, he felt it-- it being grass instead of a mattress. Slowly, Asura opened his eyes. Three things he saw that brought him into attention!

One, the dark overcast sky above as dark as night, save for the soft flashes of lightning in the distance. Two, the strange view of the trees around him, the bows softly outlining the sky--

And third and most obvious, the large face of Boss Byakko looming down at him.

"About time you woke up, cub. Was starting to get worried," the tiger said in a rather calm voice-- very unlike Byakko.

His droopy eyes soon blinked and he became more awake, seeing Byakko there. "Ah... What? Boss Byakko," Asura gasped. Slowly he pushed himself up from the ground. While he still felt tired, he had the strength to move around for a bit, at least to sit up. "What happened...?"

It was then it came back to him, having woken up. He remembered Deepground, the attack, Deus... and Roku's death. Asura then became silent, remembering it all, and feeling his heart ache. FOr a moment, he wanted to believe all of this was a bad dream... but it wasn't. Roku was dead and Deus had tried to kill him. The last thing he remembered was trying to desperately summon Byakko from inside of the stone coffin jutsu-- and then he blacked out.

"Oh... right..." Asura breathed, falling back onto his back, the memory weighing him down in every sense of the word.

Byakko didn't need to read minds to tell Asura was suffering of a great loss. The shinobi chasing him was clear enough. From behind his mask, no one could see the sense of concern on the tiger's face-- but he was sitting down, just hidden behind the bows of the trees, Asura nestled between the space of his front legs and paws.

"You are presently outside of Iwa, to the woods to the south," Byakko said in a soft growl. "You lost consciousness after you summoned me, so I got you out of those caves on my back. We made it out but... the village is looking for you," the tiger said.

Asura didn't know what to say. He rose an arm over his forehead, listening carefully. He felt his muscles ache, as the wounds he suffered soon returned to his sense of awareness. it was a long silence as Asura laid there, unable to bring himself to answer the large tiger.

Byakko growled softly, able to tell that Asura wasn't willing to reply. "I do not know what transpired in those caves that would cause this-- but I fear time is short. I will soon be called back to Blood Vale Jungle. I got you as far as I could. Your wounds don't look serious, so I hope you will be able to go on your own."

Asura's wounds from battle didn't seem fatal or hindering his ability to walk, but the true damage was to him in his chakra almost completely gone, and his sorry weighing him down.

"Asura, I hope when the time comes, you will tell us what happened. For now, rest while you can. But when you can get up-- leave the Earth Nation as soon as you can." he said in a soft growl. "Return to Blood Vale Jungle. There... there you can find safety if you so wish. Asura... be well..." the tiger said softly.

Suddenly, smoke erupted from Byakko-- and he vanished. His summoned time had expired, causing him to be returned to the jungle where he ruled. As the smoke cleared and the distant thunder echoed through the trees, Asura soon was left with the unhindered view of the stormy sky. He was now all alone.

He laid there for a while, motionless as he looked up to the sky. A small raindrop fell upon the leaf of a nearby tree, followed by another, and soon more joined in. The soft sound of water falling filled the air and soon the sky opened up to reveal a steady rain. It soon became a downpour as it fell around Asura, the cold rain licking his aching body and wounds.

In his mind, he couldn't help but see it all happening, as if his life was flashing before his eyes.

His Master. The time they spent together, the training he had taught him, the compassion he showed him well beyond just being an apprentice-- and the love he felt for him as a true family member did. His uncle, his master, his father figure...

It was a reality he didn't want to accept, but it happened. Roku was dead.

As the rain fell around him and pattered against his face, a single stream of water not of the rain fell down his cheek, and continued to fall, accompanied by the ragged breath Asura tried his best to contain. THe rain drowned out his sorrow, his sobs and his tears under its relentless fall.

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PostSubject: Re: Deep Ground (Jounin Thread Upgrade) + solo Lava Training in first post.    August 27th 2016, 13:47

Back in the village...

The storm raged outside as Aki soon returned to the shrine. She heard all the commotion of the large tiger from months ago-- and also the fact the village was looking for Asura. She was not sure what was going on, but she tried her best to stay calm. Why they wanted to look for Asura was confusing, as she just saw him hours ago. That, and no one had seen Master ROku.

Still, Aki continued her work as she soon went to tend to the Jiin shrine in the estate and opened the door.

To her surprise, the candles of the shrine was lit, including a new one-- one used to honor someone after they died. In the room was someone she knew-- someone dressed in red with the same red hair.

"Asura...!" Aki gasped.

Turning around, Asura looked to her. He didn't say a word at first, but soon saw her, and felt her presence. "Aki..." Asura said.

Aki closed the door behind her and approached Asura with concern. "What is going on? The entire village is in an uproar. Roku is missing and the shinobi are looking for you! What's happening?" she demanded, but also scared and concerned.

Asura however never removed his solemn look from his face as he had his eyes cast down. It was an hour after Byakko had saved him and left him in the woods. Even at this late hour, everyone was busy trying to recover from what happened. The fact that Asura wasn't speaking made Aki even more anxious.

"Asura... what is going on? Please, talk to me!" she said, approaching him closer till they were face to face. He could see the tears in her eyes, concerned what was happening. She knew Asura better than anyone, and she had never seen Asura so sullen before.

Finally, he looked to her. "Aki... I wish I had more time, but I don't. I can't even say much... but I came back here, to pay my respects... and to say goodbye." he said.

Aki's eyes were wide with confusion. "Goodbye? Wh-what do you mean? Why are you saying goodbye? I--" she asked but was soon silenced by what happened next.

It happened so fast-- as Asura moved forward and took Aki in his arms, wrapping around her and hugged her to his body. She gasped as she felt his body against hers, but his hug was nothing but sincere as he held her, his head on her shoulder as he hugged her. She was speechless, witnessing this gesture-- a part of the depths of her own feelings and his.

"Thank you, Aki... You been more than a servant to me," Asura said, his tears hidden from her view. "You been more than a friend to me, as well," he said, "So thank you... I don't know what will happen this point forward... but I couldn't leave. I couldn't without saying this to you. Thank you..."

Tears swelled in Aki's eyes too, unable to comprehend what was happening, torn by her emotions to hear Asura's heartfelt words and the fear of what was transpiring that night. "Asura... What--"


Aki turned in the hug to soon see several masked Shinobi-- and all of them wearing the Iwa emblem on their masks-- come crashing through the paper walls of the estate and windows! Three in total soon were there, breaking in and ending the touching moment.

Aki was in front of Asura, as if unconsciously protecting him.

"Asura Jiin. You are under arrest! Surrender now and come with us quietly." one of the ninja said.

Aki's expression was surprised, but Asura was calm and glared at the ninja without fear. Aki couldn't speak, trying to understand why Iwa shinobi was after him-- but he didn't give much time for her to ponder that.

"Never," Asura said simply.

At that very moment, knowing the ninja was soon to attack-- he grabbed hold of Aki's arm! In a not-so-gentle motion, he threw her into a twist-- as if one did in Judo to throw an enemy. Using the twist and motion, Asura threw Aki as quickly and as far as he could into one of the enclosed paper walls of the buildings.

She let out a short scream as she was thrown out of the room and through the window-- which ended up with her rolling on her side out onto the grassy ground of the Jiin training grounds, outside of the shrine.

However, that one move was all the opening the ninja needed as they charged.

The sick sound of blade stabbing flesh was made as the lead ninja in the mask charged and his sword stabbed into Asura's chest. The second one came, stabbing him in the back, further pinning the ninja down. Asura was stiff in pain as he was struck, his body feeling weak.

Even though he was struck, he groaned and looked to the ninja in front of him. "I... have a message for Deus," he spoke, his breath becoming shallow. "Tell him... I'll be back. And when I do... I'll be coming for his head."

At that moment, the spots where they struck with their swords suddenly seemed to give off fire.


KA-BOOM!! The shrine room suddenly exploded with a powerful flash, knocking the two shinobi who had stabbed him away with a painful blast, and burning them in the process too. The explosion messed up the shrine, knocking over the candles and leaving a large area of destruction among the shrine.

The two shinobi were injured from the explosion, but both alive. The third had been knocked back but relatively unharmed. "Shit-- he was a fire chakra-clone," one of the ninja said, looking around.

From outside, Aki saw as the shrine area was on fire. She too realized what happened. the Asura she was talking too was a clone. Though his words were likely no less real than the original, as she knew how clones worked-- a pit soon appeared in her stomach as she saw him literally go up in flames. Something horrible happened that night, and Asura was in the middle of it.

As the rain continued to fall around him, he had done exactly what he had to do. He knew it was too dangerous to return to Iwa. Not now, not after what happened with Deus and Deepground. At the same time, he couldn't leave not without paying his respects to Master Roku at the shrine. Though Asura was never religious as much as the Jiin were-- he had to honor his master properly as his clan would. It was the least he could do.

As he made his way further along the forest, he soon felt it. The return of the Pyro Clone's memories no different as it was his own.

And a lone tear fell from his eye as he soon remembered the fact Aki was there as well. He had a chance to say goodbye to her, which made the risk worth it. He was lucky to get her out of the way before his Pyro Clone went up in flames. Literally.

Raising up his arm, he wiped the single remaining tear from his eyes, the rain still falling from the sky as he attempted to reach the road. Though he doubted he could travel it, it wouldn't be far before he reached the boarder of Iwa.

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PostSubject: Re: Deep Ground (Jounin Thread Upgrade) + solo Lava Training in first post.    August 27th 2016, 15:12

It was clear now to Asura he could never return, not as he was now. Despite his words, returning to Iwa now was only a means to get himself killed. If he didn't cross the boarder by sunrise, he would likly be discovered. However, the rain did well to cover his tracks and allow him to reach the general road. He probably wouldn't walk on it, as it would leave his tracks in the mud-- but he could follow the side of it to the path leading to the end of the country.

ALl the while he had the sullen, sad look on his face. He almost appeared half dead -- or so he felt that way , in the depths of his heart. He felt broken, his inner fire just a soft simmer that the easiest of winds could put out. His steps were slow, but he moved towards the boarder in a straight line.

As he made his way closer, down the forest trail-- he soon saw someone. A white among the brown and green of the forest and trees. Leaning against one of the trees, his back against it and his arms folded across his bare chest, was a certain white haired man-- Ravana himself as he also had his long nodachi sword behind him.

"Heh... well was wondering when you would get here," Ravana said, sporting that same stupid grin on his face, his eyes glowing white and his demeanor cocky as ever. He did get a good look at Asura, seeing the young man's sullen and sad expression as clear as day. "You look like shit, kid," he said bluntly.

Asura slowly dragged his gaze up to Ravana, seeing the man and not in the moment able to handle dealing with his general personality at the moment. "I am FAR from the mood to deal with your crap, Ravana," Asura said rudely, the weight of his words holding back the pain and anger he had over Roku's death. "Not now. Just leave me alone..."

Despite Ravana's greeting, he could tell exactly how distraught Asura was, and yet he was holding up well enough to do what a ninja had to. "Heh, give me some credit. Despite popular belief, but I am not blind," he said in a sarcastic reply, tapping the side of his head. "Besides, kicking my student when he is down is not my style."

Asura wanted to throw a Fireball at him, but didn't have the chakra to even muster that up anymore. He just let out a sigh and tried to just swallow what the man was saying without losing his temper any further than he had that night. "What are you doing here, Ravana?" Asura asked.

Reaching up, Ravana rested his arms behind his head as he leaned against the tree. "I actually had my fill of Iwa and was about to take off. Been a nice town but I had reaped the best out of it," he said, either ignorant or playing ignorant of the events that happened. "Think is slept with every single women there-- save that girlfriend of yours, haha! Made some husbands man, but hey their fault. Tasted every wine and food they had and found some decent shinobi to fight. I'm good of this place, so its time to move on. "

Asura really did hate Ravana's bragging of his hedonistic lifestyle, even worse than he was a rogue ninja. But at that moment, it did occur to him. He was now a rogue ninja too-- leaving the village and now wanted for attacking Deus. It wouldn't of mattered as Deus would of killed him, had he been loyal or not. While the circumstances might be different, Asura realized the fact that now Ravana and Asura had something in common now-- they both were renegades.

"Well... good for you," Asura said softly, glancing away from Ravana as he carelessly bragged of his conquest. "Where will you go?"

Ravana looked up to the sky, seeing the thunder and lightning in the distance. "East probably," he said, "Some places I still wanna go, and swing by Boss Byakko for a bit. Saw him here. YOu had something to do with that?" he asked.

Asura glanced away further. "Rather not talk about it..." he grumbled.

A soft chuckle escaped Ravana as he stood up fully and stretched after leaning against the tree. "Ahh... well fair enough, kid. " he said and turned his back to Asura. He slowly began to walk down the forest trail. "Either way, nothing left here. A man can't learn anything stuck in one place, can he?"

Ravana proceeded to leave, as Asura watched him go-- but then Ravana stopped and looked over his shoulder. "Hey kid-- what are you waiting for?"

"Huh?" Asura said, genuinely surprised.

"What? Do i gotta write you a fucking invitation?" Ravana said with a cruel jest, and turned to Asura. "Unless you got something else you need to do in this dump?"

Asura was about to speak, his mouth opening-- but then he shut it. He had no reason to stay. He had no home, or place to go. He knew he had to leave. Even though the advise to come to Blood Vale Jungle was a plan-- it was the only plan he had. At least Ravana, despite his disposition, he was the one person he felt he could trust. In the end, it was he that taught him how to reach the jungle to sign the contract

"No. There is nothing here for me..." Asura admitted, hanging his head low.

However, it was then he saw something enter his line of sight. A fist Asura looked up and saw Ravana before him, outreaching his own fist to meet Asura. it wasn't a punch-- it was a gesture. No different like the one Naruto had done to him-- back in time when he faced Kaguya.

Ravana said nothing, a somewhat kind smirk to his face as he held his fist out, waiting for Asura to answer.

Despite every desire to punch Ravana in the face, he got the message loud and clear. The pain in his heart seemed to lessen as he raised his fist and met it with Ravana, the two fists clashing together. Firm but gentle in its intent.

"Thanks..." Asura said.

In that moment, Ravana wound his arm around Asura's shoulder, almost head-locking him as Ravana let out a laugh. "Kid, I'm gonna show you how to live life to the fullest, mark my words! Hahaha!" he bellowed, dragging Asura forward.

"GHa!" Asura struggled to get loose, but soon Ravana settled to just keep his arm around Asura's shoulder, urging him forward.

Despite Ravana's tough love approach-- Asura had one ally to believe in. It was at that moment, the two crossed the boarder, leaving Iwa behind as Asura began a new chapter in his life. He would train to become stronger, learn of the world beyond Iwa-- and work to get the one thing now that burned in the depths of his soul.

To avenge his master.

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That next morning...

Rain still poured over Iwa as the results of the event that night were visible. Buildings broken and destroyed from the rampage of BYakko. In iwa's main circle-- Deus, acting in behalf of the Tsuchikage as he was nearby acting in respect. Deus spoke out to announce to the general public. "It is with great regret and humility that I have come to inform you of the events that had transpired last night. It is a tragedy to all those who risk there lives for the sake of our village. However, we have lost yet another Shinobi."

A picture of Roku was on a relief wall, along with his name to be inscribed on the monument in Iwa. Many of the Jiin clan was in attendance, including Aki as she listened to Deus' and the Tsuchikage's speech.

"He was a good man, and a hero to Iwa. It is even more tragic that his death came from not just one of our own-- but also his student," Deus said.

Aki gasped, hearing it. Murmurs also echoed around the Jiin and rest of Iwa. She couldn't believe it, but that was the spoken word.

Deus had pinned the entire event, including the death of Master Roku, on Asura. Now dubbed a Rogue ninja by him, he now was a criminal to the state of Iwa. The Jiin clan would be appauled to hear that one of their own would kill another of them. Even worse, that any ninja from Iwa would betray them. Killing one's master was a heinous crime.

"At this moment, Asura is now an enemy of the village. He shall be updated to your bingo book, and he will be wanted dead or alive." Deus said, annoucing it to the other shinboi. "But for now, let us act to honor the memory of this brave shinobi, as Roku the Red. May he forever be remembered as the stone remains strong upon the earth." he spoke.

As everyone had their own mixed feelings of the news, Aki among them was in the most doubt. Tears streamed down her face, but she couldn't believe Asura would ever murder his own master-- the man he respected so much.

It was set in stone now. Asura was now a rogue ninja to Iwa-- and from now on would be hunted for the bounty placed on him, by all nations if he was not careful.

Still, while this chapter was closed-- the secrets of Iwa and Deepground still remained, and their machinations would shape Iwa in the dark ways they sought to do. All in their own time...

And Asura was the only witness they needed to eliminate. To tie up that loose end.



Treasure Roll at end. Now Jounin Level

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PostSubject: Re: Deep Ground (Jounin Thread Upgrade) + solo Lava Training in first post.    August 27th 2016, 15:47

Rewards: >
+6,000 Ryo
> Experience +45% (x1.45)
> Action & Reaction Gauge = 3

Treasure roll for Special JOunin: +3

Enemy Jounin difficulty. X1.25– Experience & Ryo 150 x Rank/Size [Green Section]

Ryo +938

Add additional 25% to 45%--70% exp tallied in story scroll.

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PostSubject: Re: Deep Ground (Jounin Thread Upgrade) + solo Lava Training in first post.    August 27th 2016, 15:47

The member 'Enjin' has done the following action : Dice

'Treasure Dice' : 58, 33, 43
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PostSubject: Re: Deep Ground (Jounin Thread Upgrade) + solo Lava Training in first post.    

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Deep Ground (Jounin Thread Upgrade) + solo Lava Training in first post.
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