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 Limbo - Hikari > Kumo (RP)

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PostSubject: Limbo - Hikari > Kumo (RP)   August 7th 2016, 21:58

^ Traveling through the white sand world Grave finally decided to leave it as he finished gathering his things to appear before the new area. Opening his eyes he was greeted with a warm welcoming.

"Hello...Asakura Grave..." Grave only heard the voice before sighing heavily saying, "Hello...grandfather..."

^ The young Asakura had finally returned back home, he was back within Kumo but the reasons for him are still unknown and as to why he has only the answers would be told shortly. After the greeting and the questions of the past would be asked to bring up the reason for his return. The grandfather was the leader of the Asakura Clan but the branches were opened by different elders of the clan. Hao Asakura, Grave's brother was believed to be one of the leaders of the head of a branch within the clan. Though that information is unknown even to Grave as he has not seen or spoken with Hao in a while.

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Limbo - Hikari > Kumo (RP)
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