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 Restriction & Forbidden List

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PostSubject: Restriction & Forbidden List   August 14th 2016, 14:26

As of today, it should be known that any and all techniques must follow these rules upon the list, this will include past approved techniques. Staff will be getting with members to work out details of ironing out issues and problems.

- Techniques of any category cannot increase Actions permanently after a battle or usage during a event.

- Time/Space cannot Influence training gains/points by any means. They will be reviewed and altered.

- Techniques cannot do effects listed within the description if not located within the effect(s) given or approved.

- Boost(s) that are allowed is a max of x1.45 (145%) nothing over or doubling UNLESS by special means or reasons. Techniques that were created for such higher MUST have a large drawback OR side effect that causes after use.
ie. Hachimon >7th or 8th Gate effects.

- Techniques that are weak or starting out do not require any for of parent jutsu within the Hijutsu's layout and must start at least Rank E or D.

- Thank you for your time and good luck out there.

- GM: Omni -
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Restriction & Forbidden List
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