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 A. Naruto Jidai - Stone Tablet

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PostSubject: A. Naruto Jidai - Stone Tablet   August 18th 2016, 21:26

< Stone Tablet to Naruto Jidai >

x With the start of all things we all welcome you to our family and to Naruto Jidai. Rather passing by we wish “____” a wonderful trip through our home. On behave of the site I’m the game master – Omnicron. I have developed the site having the help from not just staff but also from other members on the site. We continue to keep the house “cleaned” and try our hardest to update it.

x So from us, we only ask for your patience and support in reading, glancing and understand how hard it was for us to bring to life a project. Glancing over this your mind says, “this is too much information just for one site correct.” Well that’s where I come in, within our walkthrough there will be sections that are important than others. The stone tablet or walkthrough for Naruto Jidai sometimes will go through some updates to bring everyone together in making it fair and understandable on the site .

x If anything comes to mind its best to view the guide often. The way its broken is simple, Normal Eyes basically is the start of everything, meaning its will show the steps in where to start and how to being a character and where to go from there, best to follow this in order. Next Sharingan this section shows how to setting up a thread or topic moving all the way down to how the characters can fight and die in battles or natural causes. Following with Mangekyo Sharingan Its not as important but it comes in handy with specializations that one is wanting to do. Finally Rinnegan this may seem pointless but if  looking to create some interesting and twisted new things to add on Jidai then take a look here.

HEY!!! Giving a heads up is what we do here, there may be a lot of quotes and spoilers coming up so stay on guard.

~ Table of Contents ~

Hint: Its easy to fine what you are looking for by using Ctrl + F to locate things. Use the shortcuts located next towards titles.

x Normal Eyes x
A1 – Genesis
A2 – Player Introduction
A3 – Character Birth
A4 – Starter’s Pouch
A5 – Path to Jidai

x Sharingan x
B1 – New Threads
B2 – Moving Up
B3 – Seeing the Sights
B4 – Income(s)
B5 – Attributes + Excercise
B6 – Battles and Dying

x Mangeyou Sharingan x
C1 – Seeds (Class)
C2 – Jutsus & Elements
C3 – Puppetry
C4 – Summoning
C5 – War Games

x Rinnegan x
D1 – Clan Uprising
D2 – Country Creation
D3 – Technique Creation
D4 – Blacksmith Creation
D5 – Invention Creation

A1 ~ Genesis ~
x Starting with the beginning of everything, first I shall be the one to let this be known. Jidai is set to using only certain information on selective areas and pieces of the anime series. We strongly view the manga more for certain things to gather information and complete the task needed. Now below are the Restriction(s) on Jidai that we do not allow or limited for said reasons.

x Restricted Section

x If any of the restrictions are broken this will lead to a warning or at least a staff member speaking with you. Please understand your fellow members are here to help you as well. So DO NOT attack with verbal arguments that would lead others away from you. They may have gone through the same things and only wish to catch and help you before going too far.

x Well, seems that explains that part now the list will still be updated depending on situations. This helps with keeping things under control and fun for others to role-play without worries. Good news you survived this part of the lesson now I bet you wish to see the ideal place you are going to exist.

World Map:

A2 ~ Player Introductions ~
x This is completely up to the player rather they want to or not, but come on and introduce yourself right here on the OOC Board that way everyone can contact you and trade you with friendly welcomes. Also on that board you can send messages to members and staff stating of your absence for future rps.

x Is this worth doing, I’d say yes because then you are getting the chance to meet new and old faces depending on how you see it honestly.

A3 ~ Character Birth ~
x The time has come and now you want to test your rping skills and luck against others alike. Well than welcome to the fun and here we go, you will need to fill out the Jidai Character Application, have it placed and approved by Staff. Want to know where you go for all of these things, simple head on down to the code box below.

+ Copy and paste this code within the Pending Character area with all information filled out. And await for the approval from the staff members to continue onward. Please use the application below if its not used or information is missing the character sheet will be denied approval until fixed correctly.

[Image -  Min: 350 x 350 Max: 500 x 500
O Name + Clan: [Alias]
O Spouse: n/a
O Age + D.O.B [Month, Date & Year]
O Height + Weight: ?
O Eye + Hair Color: ?

O Current Location:
ooo Birth Country:
ooo Visited Location:

O Occupation 1: Choose 1st Job
O Occupation 2: Choose 2nd Job

O Total Income: 0 Ryo
ooo > Ryo: 0 Ryo
ooo > Memory Fragment: 0 MF
ooo > Ability Pts:  0 AP

[b][u]Ninja Statistics[/u][/b]
- - Fights: Empty
- - Win/Losses: Empty
- - Kills: Empty

000 Rep Rank + Points: E - [o/1000]
O Mission(s) Rank D:
O Mission(s) Rank C:
O Mission(s) Rank B:
O Mission(s) Rank A:
O Mission(s) Rank S:
O Quest(s):
O Union:

[b][u]+ Body Fitting +[/u][/b]
[b]O Head Slots:[/b]
- n/a

[b]O Body / Back Slots:[/b]
- n/a
- n/a

[b]O Arm Slots:[/b]
- n/a

[b]O Waist Slot:[/b]
[Left] – Starter Pouch
[Right] – n/a

[b]O Legs Slots:[/b]
- n/a

[u][b]+ Battle Equipment +[/b][/u]
- Waist Pouch: Beginner Pouch - - L.O.E: (2 Slots | 2 Copies)
[b]O Item(s)[/b]
- n/a
- n/a

[b]O Tool(s)[/b]
- n/a
- n/a

[b]O Weapon(s)[/b]

[b][u]+ Attributes +[/u][/b]
O Battle Level: 1 |  EXP: 0
ooo Action + Reaction Gauge: 1 & 1
O Ranking: Academy Student
O Character-Type: Asura/Indra < Choose 1>

O Health Pts: 100/100 [100]
O Mind Gauge: 100% [Healthy]

O Chakra Gauge: ?
O Stamina Gauge: ?
O Soul Gauge: ?

O Control: 000%
O Nature Control: LOCKED
O Bijuu Control: LOCKED

O Strength:
O Endurance:
O Dexterity:
O Intelligence:

[b]O Bijuu Name & Alias:[/b]
O Bijuu Elements:

[b]O Kekkei Genkai Name:[/b] N/A
---[KG Stats Move Here]

[b]O Element(s)[/b]
[b]+ Element (1):[/b] 000%
[b]+ Element (2):[/b] 000%
[b]+ Element (3):[/b] 000%
[b]+ Element (4):[/b] 000%
[b]+ Element (5):[/b] 000%

[b][u]+ Abilities / Seeds +[/u][/b]
O Ability Max (0/10)
O Seed Limit: (0/3)
[b]- Name -[/b] (Gain at Creation)
[b]- Name -[/b] (Gain at Chunin)
[b]- Name -[/b] (Gain at Jounin)

Country & Home:

Clan or Family:



Seed (Class):

A4~ Starter’s Pouch ~
x Surviving this long hard journey I hope. You are doing great keep it up you are almost done. This comes down to the next part of the information that needs to be known to not just your character but to all players. First you will be learning the basic of everything from Attributes to Jutsus to even advance techniques for battles and jobs. Lets get started with everything, its best to learn these things before the approval of your character.

~ Attributes ~
x Good, welcome the first section of Jidai’s attributes. We actually have to categories for our Attributes. Which help in battle no matter how you look at them, though only a few of them can be trained up while others grow with the character.

+ Battle Attributes >
x These attributes are Health (HP), Chakra, Stamina, Soul, Nature Energy and Mind/Mental. Each one has a meaning in battle as Health or HP helps determine how much your body can last in a battle. Chakra is the mana of the series if you are unaware, this helps you perform varies tasks from using ninjutsu to sealing things. Stamina is the sub cost and cost for techniques and helps determine the “Gas” of your body once it hits zero you will not be able to perform techniques right as you will begin to strain.

x Next comes Soul, this is VERY important for reasons beyond the site. This helps determines the character’s Soul or Spirit . It will continue to increase as its tied into one’s Intelligence. The higher the soul the stronger your character’s spirit is. If that hits zero then the character is left basically unable to move their body and even fight. After comes Nature this is useful for those that wish to perform the arts of Sage or even Senjutsu, the Nature control/energy are used to determine the mastery over Nature and how much one can mix with chakra to create Nature Chakra. Finally Mind or Mental this determines how well one’s Mind is working or functioning. Everyone starts out at 100% but if it hits zero you have no way of defending, which will allow other players to cause an instant kill as all “Nexus” Attributes are reduced to zero.

+ Nexus Attributes >
x These attributes are the “Core” of the character. They are broken into 4 easy categories Strength, Endurance, Dexterity, and Intelligence. Now time for the meaning of each one as you progress they are required for moving upward in the world. Strength determines the power one has this is usually used for Melee and Taijutsu techniques. Endurance determines how much one’s body can withstand before being over powered. The higher this increase the more damage you can withstand in battle and save up on Health. Dexterity determines how quick/fast one reacts or travels within a short distances. Lastly Intelligences determines how fast one can gather knowledge. They are certain exercises for one wanting to improve these even items can help with that as well.

~ Item(s) + Weapon(s) + Gear(s) ~
x As one travels through the world of Jidai one shall obtain great items, weapons and even gear. But we are nice enough to start you off with some well deserved gear and weapons and even some items to help you along the way. If you click on the PROFILE at the very top under our picture, you will be taken to your profile for the site. After which navigate it to the Character Sheet with this you can store all information about your character from IC knowledge all the way to techniques and owned territory. On the main Character Application however you will have a Body Fitting + Equipment section, that you can update. Its best to also be aware that there is a rarity chart,
Players have a limit of pieces of gears they can wear based upon rarity. Only a max of 3 Super Rare and 1 Legendary. Now time for what you obtain for joining.

  • Beginner Pouch
  • 1,500 Ryo
  • Kunai x5
  • Shurikens x4 OR Senbon x4

~ Jutsu (Techniques) ~
x Techniques are actually done differently than most places. What are techniques well if unaware of this the Jutsus are broken into three types Ninjutsu (Ninja Techniques), Genjutsu (Illusion Techniques) and finally Taijutsu (Hand to Hand Technique) with that knowledge now we can move to knowing a bit more. There are a large amount of ways to learning techniques. Purchase of Jutsu Scrolls, Completing certain Quest(s), a Mentor, or even by training. Now if one purchases a scroll to learn a technique they have to be at the needed requirements in order to even learn that technique. Where Quest(s), Mentoring or even training can actually skip several requirements for learning techniques.

Rank {E} – B.Lv +1 & C.C 1% - 5% | Stamina = 0 – 160
Rank {D} - B.Lv +5 & C.C 6% - 20% | Stamina = 180 – 320
Rank {C} - B.Lv +15 & C.C 21% - 40% | Stamina = 340 – 680
Rank {B} - B.Lv +35 & C.C 41% - 60% | Stamina = 700 – 920
Rank {A} - B.Lv +55 & C.C 61% - 80% | Stamina = 1180 – 1500
Rank {S} - B.Lv +75 & C.C 81% - 100% | Stamina = 1600 – Above

x Now the Ninjutsu & Genjutsu require the character to have their Battle Level & Chakra Control to be at a certain range. While Taijutsu requires the Battle Level & Stamina of the character to be at a certain range. Even that is not the best part the Hachimon only require a Stamina and training limit to learn. So that helps learning several things in some cases but its best to be aware of this. You can find the Scroll Shop – Odd Tree Library sells the scrolls needed to learn techniques. After which the two requirements are needed to learn that rank of the technique.

x To find what techniques you are wishing to learn its best to check out the Jutsu Scrolls or Elemental Scrolls.

A5 ~ Path to Jidai ~

x Awesome job you are now ready, can you reach the next level of becoming a powerful shinobi and changing the Era to a new one. As you start you may be wondering what the first goal is, well its reaching the next rank as starting out you start out as an Academy Student. Pass the exam and move forward into the world, rather you are becoming a Wanderer, Ronin or even Rogue. You personal goal or Nindou is completely your way of living to change the way the world views you.

x Find that path to reshape Jidai into something positive for the future generations or change it for something negative for others to fight for a better future. This will conclude the normal texture that can be read by ones eyes. Now its time to have those eyes of your evolve into a sharingan to view the next section of things. We wish you luck and hope to see you out there in Jidai improving and helping others.

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PostSubject: Re: A. Naruto Jidai - Stone Tablet   August 18th 2016, 21:54

B1 ~ New Threads ~
x. Nice you completed in getting a character, some items and now working your way to starting a thread or topic in order to begin roleplaying with others.

x. What are Threads? You may not be asking that but just encase. They are where one interacts with fellow players or NPCs to help move their story-line to the next level. Depending where you the starting location or birth country is, you will start by posting in that Country’s Thread.

ie. > I was born in Suna, so now I would go to the Major Country > Wind Country Thread > New Topic.

x. Now you do not have to post saying you are in the village or born in the village. The Country you start is open for you to start almost anywhere even in a place that is not even added on the map. Now there are several different types of RPing while on the site or should I say there are multiple ways for Threads/Topics to get started. Players Cannot be in more than one RP at a time, unless its under the same location they are in. A set amount of time must pass between an RP usually an allotted time of of 48 hrs (rl) from the starting RP post. After which players are able to start a new topic but they cannot use any information until the previous thread/topic is completed.

Thread/Topic Types:

x. Setting up a Title for a thread/topic is very simple. We ask that you create a title like so that way it helps not only save you from losing gains but also keeping you out of trouble. A title should be read like so, Living the Life of a Nindo – Solo – Training – Peaceful As Solo would mean you are by yourself, peaceful would also show that one cannot kill or start death matches within there even if the owner allows it. Then finally training showing its training for one to improve.

x. Types help keep your character alive and safe or obtaining better rewards. It all depends on what you are aiming for. When it comes to finishing a thread or topic you want to make sure you have the final post read one of several ways of closing a topic. A few words that can be used are, End, Exit, Finished Topic, or Completed. This signals that you have completed the topic and no further posts can be made and its ready to be set up for an update for a staff member to review over and make sure everything is completed and set up.

B2 ~ Moving Up ~
x. Well time for you to know the ranks that are allowed within the site, as you already know the first being Academy Student and the final being Kage. As said before each one has a requirement needed in order to reach that rank and also reaching that rank will yield some rewards for characters.

x. There are six ranks in total within Jidai, these are simple and cannot be skipped UNLESS by special means.

Academy Student:
Toku- Jounin:

B3 ~ Seeing the sights ~
x What’s this, you have to travel to a different location in order to move forward to a better life. Well now that’s not a bad idea as you have to do it sooner or later in order to improve or meet new people or advance your plot. Traveling takes a while in order to get from one point to another there is usually other ways of travel but one should always try to take in the views for the beauty and idea of growing.

x Because of the Shinobi Union formation traveling is not as bad and restrict as it use to be for some countries. For others to travel its perfectly alright however there is a rule that must always be followed, you do not instantly appear within another country, unless by time/space techniques. Below is the map of the entire world of Jidai and it continues to grow as more areas start to appearing.

Jidai World:

x Time to travel to a different land and see the way they live. Leaving your country or home first you must post country board. Than as you are traveling for the time frame everything must be done on the Travel Section under how you are traveling either by Dirt Route or by Sea. The titles can be anything honestly but when leaving a country ANY and ALL topics that are located within that country are automatically ended because you are no longer there.

NOTICE: Please be sure to place on the title reads something of Land of Fire > Land of Wind that way it gives us a general idea of when you left.

x The map is to show ideas of areas around you do not have to be very accurate when it comes to posting of the surrounding areas like rather its grassy or not. Waiting it takes about 4 hours before one reaches another country. So take the time to train to pass the time. But remember everyone FINISH EVERYTHING BEFORE LEAVING!!! so you get gains and not lose them by force.

B4 ~ Income ~
x Need money how odd that being a shinobi you do not obtain a good amount right. Well no worries heading towards the Mission Desk, read up on some missions you can take up. There is honestly more ways to earn money than you think. A list below shows it for you. Another Currency is called Memory Fragments, this is obtained at the end of trainings. Look below to see how.

”What Makes Money?”:

B5 ~ Growing Up! ~
x Previously attributes were explained well here the Nexus Attributes are going to be explained a bit more starting with Strength [STR], Endurance [END], Dexterity [DEX] and finally Intelligence [INT]. This part of the guide only explains the basic and advance features found within the character that can be used for further story lines.

x This shows the power or force a character has behind say a punch, kick or even using a Taijutsu. But this also shows how much the character can lift. As some weapons will require a certain required strength to be lifted. Be warned about that as well.
- Basic: Used for Weapons, Melee and Taijutsus
- Advance n/a

x This shows how strong one’s body can resistance damage from incoming attacks. The higher this becomes the stronger the body is and the more Health or HP one can protect. Though be careful just because the number is high does not mean all damage can be blocked.
- Basic: Blocking Damage
- Advance: n/a

x This shows how fast or quick one’s reaction is or traveling from one point to another in a short distances. Now this is also used for Ninjutsus as the faster you move the powerful the force of the technique is. The higher the rating on this also increases how fast one is able to strike and react to attacks.
- Basic: Quick movements or helping with damage on attacks.
- Advance: Travel Time deduction (Every 500 DEX = -5 Hours off Travel Time)

x This helps showing how smart the character is able to gather knowledge. The higher this becomes the more knowledge that can be obtained and able to study over for later on. Some are able to gather knowledge allowing tactics or even help improve in trainings to grow faster. The faster you gain knowledge the better your training will become with experience.
- Basic: Obtaining & Using knowledge
- Advance: Experience gains +(X) after training. (INT /100 = X)

x With that knowledge and named based on what they can basically do and what their advance features can do. A player can be able to also determine what they are wanting to train. As you will be able to train however you are limited to how much you can train as your body is unable to handle that much training. Which opens to the next part of growing up on Jidai, TRAINING!!

x It is very important to stay in shape and stay up to pace with everyone in the site or catching up to be able to battle against harder challenges. There are things that can be trained and things that cannot be trained. Now how to train is simple. As the it is still classed as a TYPE of Rp for the title.

Ie. Rough Night in the Moonlight [Solo – Training - Neutral]

x Now with that title the training can finally begin. But how far do you go with it right? You go as far as you want to with 7 points of training you can train just as long as you spend it correctly. Now Training Points can increase, be restored or halted by certain things. It takes a full day from the first training topic for them to reset back to normal. Let’s have a look and see what it is that can be trained.

Battle Level:




x Okay now we have made the selection of what we want to do. Time to create our plot and get it set up for others to see how we train. But wait what comes afterwards right, no problem here is how we end the training.

Ending Training:

x After you have that posted up the next post you make are for the gains. So you will make another post reading, “Rolling for!” what you trained that was located above and before you do that click on the + sign to add more dices,  after select the
Exercise dice and leave the value of “1” in the selected box. After post the message and you will notice another post was made by “Game Master” showing the results.


x These numbers get plugged in the order you have what you trained running down, so DEX +9, STR +2 and Katon +5%. That is how you improve in the nexus attributes. But what do you do with the experience easy. Whatever you typed equals the experienced gained. Meaning anything that is In Character or IC you gain experience which adds to the battle level. After which you are perfectly able to continue training or start an RP and help another Plot grow. Good luck with training and stay alive.

B6 ~ Battles & Dying ~
x Mankind can not help but continue its long lasting battle with one another. This is because its basic nature for everyone to battle and prove we are stronger even here. These battles can be taken to the point where its either Easy going or pretty hardcore Kage battle level. With what you should know is that in a battle everything and anything can be used. Tools, Items, weapons etc.

x For more information about combat as battles happen with PvE or PvP its best to always take a closer look at the Combat Survival Guide.

Battle Types:

x The goal of a battle is to live or maybe you are sparring someone to help teach the system. If a player’s Health hits zero they are knocked out. Which causes the Nexus Attributes to be completely useless as you are knocked out they fall to zero cause the brain is shut down. If a death match, than the opponent can perform the final strike killing player. If not a death match then you are in luck you cannot be killed. Several things come into effect with battles.

Phases of a Battle and Chart:

x First anything goes again, second always have a escape plan, and third try your best to conserve chakra and stamina. Hit zero chakra causes the player to become unconscious leaving you again weak and wide open. If Stamina hits zero then you basically just pushed to the limit of exhaustion. Which causes you to lose actions and/or turns, all Health, Stamina and Chakra can be restored after a battle if staying at a Inn or Hospital. After a battle there is no free restore so if you are attacked after fighting someone be ready for another fight.

x Well now comes the piece of advance fighting. Someone too strong for you to deal with time to bring out the poison or better maybe stun and escape from the battle. Yes there is side effects on Jidai that deal with causing more damage or allowing a better escape its all about how its performed and used correctly. Below are the list of the effects that can be done or will be seen through-out the time in Jidai.

Battle Effects:

x Some can end after or during a battle while others can stay with you for almost to the end of your life or they cause you to lose a life. Which can happen and leaves you to wonder the world thinking how did you fail right.

xWell you have a choice, as you progressed it was not forgotten your soul cannot sleep and has unfinished business. So you are able to continue IF the body did not have the brain or heart damage. Though if that does happen you have now way of coming back and need to accept it but in a good way. Its time to decide to be reincarnated into a new life and new goal or same goal. All the experience you obtain in your passed life is applied to your new life as extra gains until it hits zero. But if you die again its forever lost and you cannot obtain it anymore.


B7 ~ Multiple Characters or Mercenaries. ~
x Members can have up to only 3 characters max on the site. They can start whenever but they cannot gain a higher rank no matter the conditions. Rules have to be followed with them sadly though.

A. Members cannot use their characters for personal gain. (Ie. Player A. Kills Character A with Character B to obtain said item.) This includes Mercenaries / Pets.

B. Members can use each Character for a battle but they share the highest character's actions. (Ie. Player A uses Lv 60 Character A w/ 3 actions and Lv 34 Character B /w 3 Actions. Character B battles using Character's A Actions not their own. This excludes Mercenaries / Pets, as they have 1 Action only.

C. Members can train their characters together but the Word count is split based upon how many characters they are using. (Ie. Player A trains Character A/B/C together and types 2000 words. 2000 words / 3 = EXP for each character.) This includes Mercenaries / Pets.

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PostSubject: Re: A. Naruto Jidai - Stone Tablet   August 18th 2016, 22:15

C1 ~ Seed (Breed) ~
x In this part of the guide you are now about to see the different selections of breeds or types of shinobi that are walking around the world. Now this guide helps with understanding what and how the breeds or Seeds.

x Seeds are broken up into several groups for others to view, they help allow the player to grow, learn and create techniques based upon the knowledge that character has. The max amount of seeds one can have is 3. So its best to choose wisely on what you are wishing to add onto the character.


C2 ~ Elements ~
x Chakra itself would seem plain and simple to use once mastering the form of shape manipulation the next comes the nature manipulation. For a better understanding or list of the elements its best to check the Nature Manipulation Guide. Elements also can counter or negate one another with the right kind of practice and understanding.

Counter Elements:

Negate Element:

C3 ~ Puppetry (Kugutsu) ~
x This happens to be a section for those wanting to learn and use the powers of a puppet (Tool). There are three types of puppets that exist within Jidai. Zairyo (Material), Human, and Seikatsu (Life) puppet all exist though one is usually harder to control than others.

x Puppets can go through a modification during the time of wanting to increase the puppets outfit to a better level. However in doing so this upgrade or modification is forever stuck on that puppet even if obtaining a better part for it.




C4 ~ Summoning ~
x Needing help on the battlefield, summon a massive ally to provide the backup needed to hold off an enemy. Summons are broken up into size based upon ranks.  There are two ways to obtaining a contract, first doing the quest to locate the creatures location OR performing a summoning technique to get sucked up into a void and spit out elsewhere. To determine rather or not you find the location its rolled by the summon dice. Get an even number and choose from one of the legendary summons. Get an odd result well you are sealed within a void for three hours (RL).

x Custom Summons require a set number of information. For example if you give the template with only wolf it will not pass because there are a large number of types of wolves. We ask for the Genus and Species which is found below.

Ie. Genus = Wolf | Species = Arctic Wolf

NOTICE: Custom summons cannot teach their partner or contractor the ability of learning Sage Mode.  

x Ranks of the player will help determine what size or rank they are able to summon on to the battlefield, more information can be located on the Summon Guide

C5 ~ War Games ~
x The world has seen peace for so long but there are still those that wish for war in order to grow in size and rival powers against other countries. This can go from territory grabbing by taking over saying a lake from a country owner. Then massive wars to even taking over countries from others that worked hard in creating them.

x For more information about this its best to visit the Warfare Guide as this is just like chess and should be played very carefully with full on caution.

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PostSubject: Re: A. Naruto Jidai - Stone Tablet   August 18th 2016, 22:18

D1 ~ Uprising Clan ~
x Clans come and go, with that new ones come and enter the storyline from players plots or even from plots to speed up other stories along the way. But what if you were not the only one and wish to start a family of the clan that you create a system or stable clan within the country you love so much. Now is the best time to do so as it allows some good rewards for characters. This has to be done before the character’s approval to allow the effects to come into play.

x There are types of clans that exist with Jidai and Naruto alike. First being a Kekkei Genkai clan of Doujutsu or Element. These two usually do not form together or in rare cases do. Next comes Hijutsu clan which formed a special ninjutsu that can only be used by the clan members. They also are rare in seeing a Doujtusu within them but never know. Below are the templates that will show how each one is created and what is needed to be approved.

Clan Type:

D2 ~ Country Birth ~
x Needing a home or a place to call your own, creating a country is not hard nor is it easy. Obtain the funds needed to become a lord and control the needed country. Make it grow from a country of  no purpose to a country that others would love to start and be part of the family and see how the new story will grow for them.

x For a country to be allowed its best to add the following information. Once approved section or thread will be created to where you and others can create topics about the land that you no live in.


x All items for the creation of a country can be found on the General Contractor Shop, but one must complete this Quest in order to even start a country.

D3 ~ Creation Jutsu ~
x Players are allowed to create techniques for others to use or for them to learn personally. If a technique is create a member would be ask if its for Purchase or Personal. Selecting the one of the two types is still beneficial to both parties as the Player will obtain ryo for the sold technique for Jidai to add for others to purchase and by. While if its personal the player is able to have it added the site but with their name placed on it so others cannot learn by purchase but by character interaction.

x The template below shows the requirement needed to have a custom technique approved for the player to create, learn and teach others.

Custom Jutsu:

x Though one is able to get the approval that does not mean they automatically learn the technique. Actually what happens is the player is now able to do training to learn their created technique. But that requires a large word count to even complete. This can also be found on the  Introduction to Jutsus

D4 ~ Black-smithing ~
x Players are able to take up the black-smithing trait or job. With this in order for them to obtain money they must go through the steps of becoming a famous blacksmith. As they are required to know techniques then apply those techniques. After completion of this they have formed a blueprint and weapon of that blueprint. It is then taken to by Staff to review and approve. Then it is placed up on the blacksmith shop and as payment the creator gains money for the blueprint but also a free example of their weapon, using the starting materials.

Blacksmith Recipe:

D5 ~ Inventions ~
x The job of a inventor is to create items for other players to further their plot or journey. The better items help players survive even in the most dangerous times. One is paid based upon approval of the item, in which it is added to the shop(s) main location allowing another player to purchase and use how they fell. The creator will also receive a payment of the item created for Jidai. Following the rules for how to design will make things go by faster and easier for the inventor.

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A. Naruto Jidai - Stone Tablet
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