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 Chapter I | Part 4B : And It Begins [Assassin Job-Rated G]

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PostSubject: Chapter I | Part 4B : And It Begins [Assassin Job-Rated G]   August 22nd 2016, 20:21

Chiasa sat down on her bed, reading a novel about the proper way to wage war. Books like this were her favorite, however, she would not have to time to enjoy it as much as she wanted. She had only been reading for an hour before a white envelope slide under the space between her door and the floor. Chiasa sighed and placed a book marker in her place. "I wonder who it is this time." Chiasa thought to herself as she wanted to her closet and began to change into her skin tight mission gear with a small cloth concealing her lower face. She then walked over to pick up the envelope, ripped it open, and began to read the letter that was inside. These kind of things happened to Chiasa often, given her current occupation as an assassin. She "Hmmm....Kenji Matsurama" Chiasa read aloud. This was all that was on the letter. There was no reason why or even a description of what Kenji may look like. "This handwriting is definitely mothers. I take it that this guy must be someone she used to run with when she was a child." Chiasa's body was still sore from the workout today, but she would have to do this mission first and whine later. As with the usual task Chiasa would have a week to track him down and assassinate him. Given that her mother didn't provide much for her to go off of she would have to spend of the mission collecting information and tracking. Perhaps that this was Akame's way of training Chiasa. She didn't really mind. It gave her practice, for her resumed shinobi life. She knew that eventually she would have to hunt and kill much more powerful people than Kenji.

Chiasa walked out of her room and made her way towards the armory. She didn't have enough saved up to be able to afford her own swords, so she often borrowed from the armory. Chiasa grabbed two Katanas and headed out to the now quiet and sleeping village. "I still have plenty of time to find this dude, I should begin gathering intel immediately." Chiasa couldn't help but hope that this mark wasn't on the same level as her mother. Akame had a habit of sending Chiasa on missions that were outside of her skill range, however at the same time those kind of missions made for the best stories. [413 words // 413words total for Pay Period]


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Chapter I | Part 4B : And It Begins [Assassin Job-Rated G]
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