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 Distractions and Debauchery (Travel) (Rated MA) (Traveling towards Konoha) + Solo

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PostSubject: Distractions and Debauchery (Travel) (Rated MA) (Traveling towards Konoha) + Solo   August 28th 2016, 09:31

The travel down the road to the east was somewhat uneventful for them as they made their way traveling by foot. Asura, the young shinobi along with his new mentor - master-- Ravana, the rogue Ninja. Since they had met, Asura had misgivings of the nature of the man's 'crimes' that landed him with the rogue title. He was an S class criminal by nature, but despite of an overly pervy nature from Asura saw-- he did nothing that made him seem to be a criminal.

As Asura now was forced to travel with him, cause he had no where else to go, he realized just how little he knew about Ravana.

The day was decently sunny, as the storm from the past day was well gone and they were able to move out easily. They had long passed the boarder of Iwa and were heading east towards the Land of Fire. Asura had no clue if he would be safe there any different from Iwa. Since the 4th Great Ninja War-- the bond between nations were stable at best. Even though there were differences between affairs, most were willing to help one another regarding dealing with rogue shinobi. Asura was both dreading, but also wondering what the other villages would hear about him -- and what the bounty on his head would be.

Asura let out a sigh as he walked, his feet starting to feel tired. "Eh... It's tough being a fugitive," Asura thought, pressing forward all the same.

"Don't tell me your tired already," Ravana said, looking to his young friend.

Asura turned his head away. "I'm fine..." he replied simply but in a low tone.

Ravana narrowed a gaze and sneer at Asura. He had recalled the times he had trained Asura in developing his Taijutsu and even teaching him the power of Mantra Release-- as special style of chakra energy created by his nation further east. During their time together, while Asura was still a bit young, he was energetic. He was passionate, cocky and driven in his passion to fight. It was one of the things Ravana actually liked about the kid. But since that night, when he found him in the forest, he had changed.

He was more sullen and quiet. When they were not traveling, he was training like a driven manac. He rarely ate or slept, just focus to train and get stronger. Ravana could tell something was broken with the kid-- and had a general idea of what happened that night. To what depth, he couldn't say... or...

"Eh, let's take a break kid," Ravana said, rubbing his head as if he was suffering from a headache, over thinking so much about his companion.

"It's fine. I can keep going," Asura replied-- but was soon silenced by Ravana grabbing hold of Asura's head and grinding his palm into his head a bit-- like a noogie.

"C'mere kid," Ravana growled like a tiger, and pushed Asura to the end of the path near the shade of a few trees that grew on the forest path. Despite Asura's struggling, he pushed him towards the tree where he had him sit down. "Honestly, you act like a child sometimes."

"Well, I'm not." Asura said stubbornly, glaring at Ravana as they got to the tree. He stood up and looked at him in the eye. "I'm 18 after all. How about quit deciding things for me, will ya? I know my limits."

Ravana sighed this time and dropped to the ground, sitting cross legged onto the grass with his back to the large tree. "Just sit down, already," he said flatly.

Asura was stubborn, but after hearing Ravana, he gave in and flopped down on the grass and crossed his legs too.

Once Asura finally sat down, Ravana reached behind him into his pack and pulled out something. In his hands he soon held two rice balls, one for each of them. "Go on. Eat something," he gestured, offering one to the kid.

"I'm not hungry," Asura said, just resting his feet.

Ravana leaned forward with a narrow glare. "YOu haven't eaten anything since this morning. Don't make me shove this down your throat," he said with a deep tone. Hesitating a moment, Asura glared back at Ravana, but soon reached up and took the rice ball. He sniffed it for a moment, still suspicious of the offer. "It's not fucking spiked, damnit! Just eat it already," he growled.

Asura replied with a wry raise of his brow at him, then finally taking his word-- he took a bite out of it. As it settled into his stomach, he felt a bit more pleasant and at ease, it tasting decent. "... Thank you," Asura said back to Ravana finally.

After seeing Asura finally loosen up to eat, Ravana pretty much downed his with two big bites and wolfed it down. As a rather big and strong man, it was a small snack to him. Asura took more of his time, but it was a good break all the same. But that was not the true intent. Asura was so uptight and on edge from so much-- it would inevitably affect his health. If he didn't get him to rest and eat, he would be broken far more sooner than later.

"Feeling any better?" Ravana asked.

Despite his stubborn moment-- Asura actually did feel more energy than he did before and was actually feeling more lively. "Actually... I am. Thanks," he said.

Ravana sat back with his back to the tree. The shade felt good as the sunlight had warmed it as he walked. There was a moment of peace as Asura finished his rice ball and also leaned back for a moment against the tree.

Glancing towards Asura, Ravana felt he had to touch the subject. It was clear Asura was struggling and knew the best way to be rid of it was to get it off his chest. "Asura..." Ravana asked, trying to be calm and sensitive on the topic-- shocking as it was to hear from the hedonistic rogue ninja. "I understand this might be a touchy topic, but I think I should know. What happened that night?"

Asura looked up to Ravana, but then cast his gaze down, his lip tight at the thought of what happened. Honestly, he wanted to tell Ravana, but was it a good idea. He didn't even tell Aki, in fear she would suffer the same fate Asura would. Could he truly tell Ravana about what happened to Roku, Deus, and the village?

"I get its a touchy subject. You don't have to tell me, but since I am sticking my neck out for you... I think its only fair to ask," Ravana said, acting calm and loose regarding the topic. "Either way, might do some good if you can bare to talk it out."

Asura still didn't say anything at first. He looked up at the tree above him, the sky through the branches and leaves. A soft breeze past as the clouds passed over. "Alright... I'll tell you, but don't be an ass about it..." he said.

Ravana said nothing, and made no such promise, but he nodded, waiting to hear Asura's words. At that time, the sun grew a little less bright as a cloud passed over the sun, darkening the land below. "Master Roku... was killed," Asura spoke, feeling the pain of sorrow seep into his heart again.

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PostSubject: Re: Distractions and Debauchery (Travel) (Rated MA) (Traveling towards Konoha) + Solo   August 28th 2016, 19:47

Asura went over the events of that night with Ravana, and thankfully, the man was quiet and listened the whole time. He told him about Minister Deus, Deepground, the orders given to Roku, the attack on the clan, and finally how Deus killed Master Roku. After that, all Asura remembered was Byakko taking him out of the village. Asura knew he was now a rogue ninja from his people, and he could never return to what things were before.

"So... the old man is dead, huh?" Ravana said, his tone disappointed as he too knew Roku and had fought him in a friendly duel. "I'm sorry Asura. He was a good warrior and man. "

Asura paused after that, looking up at the sky as the sun soon began to peak back out again from the clouds. Asura said he was unsure now what to do now he was a rogue ninja, and how he was going to deal with all of this. With that, Ravana soon shrugged with a huff. "Huh, is that all?" he commented.

Asura's silence soon ended as his gaze turned into a knitting of his brow as he slowly looked to Ravana, now leaning in a care-free manner against the tree. " 'Huh, is that all'? Is that what you said?" Asura asked, his tone angry and dumbfounded by the reaction. "Did you even LISTEN to what I said?!"

Outraged, Asura stood up and shouted down at Ravana. "Roku was the closest thing I had to a father! He died tring to protect me! That bastard took my home and family from me, even beyond that night with my parents and clan! NOw this... I ... I" he struggled to speak, his anger raging foward to him. Finally, after gripping with his own fury, he let out a ragged breath. "I truly can never go home. I have nowhere. I never thought I'd ever be a rogue ninja. "

"And as I said, is that all?" Ravana corrected himself.

Asura was now not angry, but confused as his mentor was pretty much completely laid back to his tragic tale. "DId you go deaf or something instead of blind?" he asked. "Thats a big deal. I'm a rogue ninja now. "

"Cry me a river, kid. " Ravana said, rolling his eyes as he sat up. "Look-- what happened to your master is tragic. I feel for you there and not belittling that." he explained trying to make his point and then smiled, "But honestly... I think you becoming a rogue ninja-- is the best thing that could of happened to you."

Asura looked genuinely shocked when he heard that. "What?" he gasped, taking a step back.

"Remember when we first met? You told me how Iwa as a village belittled the training of shinobi like you. They didn't teach you what you should of been taught," Ravana said, reminding him of when they first met. "Your Master had to teach you, so did I for you to become as strong as you are now. I remember how miserable you were being under Iwa's thumb. I am sure this fool 'Deus' is partly to blame for that too. "

There was truth to his words as Asura did remember having complained about how Iwa's system belittled the developing of ninja in the academy and he had much to learn on his own. "Now," Ravana spoke up. "You are free! A brand of being called a Rogue Ninja-- if you ask me is something you should wear with pride. You no longer have anyone to answer to but yourself. No more Iwa to answer to. Being framed aside, you now have the chance to explore beyond the boundaries of what you were 'suppose' to do." Ravana sported a large grin as he said this. "You have no more boundaries or shackles to chain you down. YOu can do whatever your heart desires now. Now, Asura... what is it you want to do?"

Asura looked down  for a moment, unsure for a moment. He was so ashamed being considered a Rogue ninja and the death of his master that he didn't think what to do now-- except one thing that felt more instinct than desire. "I wanna avenge Master Roku..." Asura answered with a grumble.

"Revenge, huh?" Ravana commented, tilting his head with a hum. "Not exactly a good use of your energy, but who am I to talk about what goals you should follow. "

"I know... but its not just about that..." Asura said, causing Ravana to look up at him. Despite the look of anger on Asura's face, he had a sense of resolve to him as well. "Nothing would make me happier to kill him for what he did to Master Roku. But there is more to this than that. He has Iwa wrapped around his little finger with Deepground, controlling everything from the shadows. Who knows what he aims Iwa to become. But I won't just defeat him, I am going to expose him. I want to not only clear my name but destroy the precious 'order' he tried to create. All his lies I want exposed, and then everyone will know what a snake he really is."

Ravana grinned at that idea. "Sounds like you got a firm grasp of what you wanna have done. Exposing him for what he really is is a good plan." Ravana agreed. "Still, you might be a bit ahead of yourself."

"I know..." Asura said, agreeing with Ravana on that point. "Deus is far stronger than I am. Master Roku could of probably of won that fight..." At that moment, Asura flash-back to that moment when he was stuck to the ground by his feet and Deus attempted to kill Asura with a fake out attempt in the middle of their fight. "Instead, he choose to save me..." Asura said, seeing his master's death before his eyes.

Ravana could see the sorrow on his friend's face. Though far younger than he was, he understood the pain he must of been going through. "A master will always try to defend their student. Its instinct and there is no thought involved. Your death would of meant as much to him, as it does to you losing him." Ravana explained, letting out a breath as he reached behind him. "The only difference is, its only natural for a student to surpass their masters. He wouldn't of wanted you to die. Any decent shinobi would risk everything to protect what is most precious to them."

That thought didn't occur to him. Roku threw himself into Deus' attack cause he valued Asura's life more than his own. Had he not, he would of been dead-- and Roku choose to give him a second chance to live. "A master will always... defend his student..." Asura said to himself, realizing the honor and dedication Roku felt to have done so.

"I suggest you don't belittle his sacrifice. He would want you to savor your life-- not disregard ." Ravana replied, nodding. "It takes more than passion to stay alive, pup."

Asura knew it was true. He had nothing to rebuttal with. " It takes more than passion to stay alive, huh?"

At that moment, Ravana pulled out something-- a sake goard and handed it towards Asura. "Here, have a sip," He offered, a grin on his face.

Asura blinked at the goard, knowing it was full of sake and looked confused. "Um... I'm not old enough to drink, you know." he rebuttled.

A laugh rumbled in Ravana's chest as he still held it up to him. "You're a rogue ninja now. Having some wine is far from the worst rule to break," He said, shoving the drink towards him. "Come on. It's good for what ails ya."

Asura hesitated, not wanting to drink it, but he never had before-- and Ravana was right. He had nothing left to loose now by broadening his horizons. Asura took the sake from him, and slowly brought it to his lips, taking a small sip. It was warm to the taste and felt the sting to his tongue as alchohol would do. "Eh.. it doesn't taste too bad,"

Ravana laughed as Asura offered the drink back to him. "As i said, it takes the sting out of anything. Trust me, you'll grow to love it." he boasted, then took a swig of it for himself.

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PostSubject: Re: Distractions and Debauchery (Travel) (Rated MA) (Traveling towards Konoha) + Solo   August 30th 2016, 10:33

After respecting Asura's feelings enough, Ravana went back to his regular hedonistic, jack-ass self. "Kid, I'm telling you. Being a Rogue Ninja is the best thing to ever happen to you.  Revenge aside, you can do anything you want and go anywhere you want. You are free. So celebrate" he said, offering another swig of the wine.

Asura declined the wine, happy with just a taste. He was feeling better now, after getting it off his chest. While revenge was a dangerous fire in his heart, he knew he was not near ready to take action to it. "Well... I know one thing for sure. I have to be stronger," Asura said.

"All things in good time, kid," Ravana said soon standing up and still took a swig of his sake. "COme on, kid. Loosen up. " He said and handed the wine back-- insisting he takes another sip. "You can't do anything running yourself ragged. As your teacher, you should obey such advice," he joked slightly.

With a disapproving glance, Asura still took the sake and took one extra swig. He had to admit, it did taste good. Despite the tangy taste on his tongue, it wasn't a bad drink. Though getting drunk was not something he intended to do, he could understand the appeal and how it made him feel less 'weighed down', his thoughts more at ease.

Handing the goard back to Ravana, Asura nodded. "Let's get going." Asura insisted, wanting to keep moving as he was starting to feel restless.

Watching Asura start moving forward, made Ravana grin a bit. It was good to see the kid still had his own drive to keep going. It was what he was worried about. One without any desires or outlook was only going to die sooner than later. Ravana followed Asura down the path.

Either way, Ravana intended to help Asura adjust to letting go of his pain at least a bit. He grinned, never once regretting being branded a rogue ninja-- and at least Asura should learn there were some benefits to it.

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PostSubject: Re: Distractions and Debauchery (Travel) (Rated MA) (Traveling towards Konoha) + Solo   September 1st 2016, 09:55

Within a day... they soon reached the boarder of Konoha and walked through it, now leaving the land of Earth behind and embracing life of travelers, and rogues into the land of fire.

Even as he was now 'on the run' Asura felt at ease to be surrounded by all the trees. After all, it was the original home of the Jiin clan.

(END. Ending early to go and continue the events of this in Konoha.)

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PostSubject: Re: Distractions and Debauchery (Travel) (Rated MA) (Traveling towards Konoha) + Solo   

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Distractions and Debauchery (Travel) (Rated MA) (Traveling towards Konoha) + Solo
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