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 Awakening - the Inner Gates of Mantra -- Solo Training, yang learning X2 , Inner Gates learning.

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PostSubject: Awakening - the Inner Gates of Mantra -- Solo Training, yang learning X2 , Inner Gates learning.    September 2nd 2016, 22:59

ALong the southern region of Konoha-- the land of Fire-- Asura and Ravana, the two rogue ninja, proceeded to travel along the lone road with the intent to head to the new region. Asura was having his moments of silence as he felt the wind pass him and the sound of the leaves rustling giving him some measure of peace.

However, the fact of the loss he suffered with the death of his master was still fresh in his mind.

Ravana, the older muscular man with the nodachi beside him, was well aware of the moody persona Asura had been hauling around. Even more so, he knew Asura's desire for revenge against the man who branded him a rogue ninja and killed his master.

But even he knew Revenge was not a thing to pursue. Even a hedonistic bastard like Ravana knew how revenge would poison one's mind and soul-- making them do horrible things. It would poison Asura beyond anything else. While he had a goal to keep on living and true, the man responsible shouldn't get away with it-- revenge was never the answer.

"Asura," Ravana spoke up, stretching his arms a bit as he took in the mountain air. "Why don't we settle here for a while. We are out of the way enough that we can hide out without being bothered."

Asura turned to his new master, wondering why. "Shouldn't we try to keep moving? It's only the afternoon," he said.

"It's far enough. Besides we got this awesome view," Ravana said gesturing to the scenery. Upon one of the mountain passes, they had a great view of the surrounding country, its mountains, forests below and the clouds that floated along the blue sky.

Asura just sighed, feeling he couldn't just take it easy. Despite all that was said and done, he was still a rogue ninja and it was no time to take things easy. "This is a bad idea. We should keep going. Somewhere out of the way of the great nations or --"

"Idiot!!" Ravana boomed, causing Asura to jump as the larger man glared down at him, scolding him. "Look where we are! In the heart of nature itself. You couldn't get any more isolated than here. Now will you relax for at least a few minutes."

Despite his master's yell, he conceded but still glanced away. "With all due respect, Master Ravana, I can't afford to take it easy." he said and turned to the mountain pass, leading further up. "I gotta get stronger and train at least a little today," he said.

Ravana watched as Asura marched further up the path to a more stable place than a spiraling pathway on the mountain. He knew his student and friend was in need of major help or he would be right on the path of vengeance. He was dedicated to get stronger so he could make Deus pay for his crimes-- but would it destroy him in the process?

"Can't say he is not dedicated to his training. Damn boy... no student of mine is gonna kill himself--" It was at that moment, Ravana had a great idea. A grin came to his face as he thought of a form of training that wouldn't just make him infinitely stronger-- but also even help rid him of his desire for revenge and clear his mind. It might be the only thing to truly free him.

"Heh, well if there was a better time, I couldn't think of it," Ravana said to himself as he saw Asura make his way further up the path towards a suitable place for them to hide out.

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PostSubject: Re: Awakening - the Inner Gates of Mantra -- Solo Training, yang learning X2 , Inner Gates learning.    September 3rd 2016, 00:32

The mountain pass soon led to a series of ruins built upon the mountain peak. Long forgotten and worn out, they almost seemed to resemble the old ancient home of the Senju clan or another clan of similar traditions. Moss and vines grew over stone structures-- which also sat below a small network of caves.

The caves also held a small stream that opened up to a waterfall-- that ran off the mountain side alongside the ruins. There inside the caves, they had set up a small camp-- a place for them to lay down their bags and set up a place for rest.

However, Asura was far from resting. In the depths of the cavern, Asura was already hard at work with his training. He now continued to focus his chakra into the surrounding areas. He didn't know how though but he felt there was more he could of been doing. He had mastered the powers of Katon, even Enton-- which were very strong on their own.

Now he was practicing his Taijutsu, delivering a series of kicks into the dark along the edge of the cave's stream that ran through the mountain. He now swung kicks and threw punches into the air, his shadow playing off the water, causing it to seem larger against the wall. In each of his strikes, one could see the raw fury he had in him. He continued to perform the kata-- till he ended with a thrust of his punch into the wall...

... and caused a sudden smash into it, the impact leaving a small crumble of stone and impact crater in the rock. Ragged breath escaped Asura as he saw his fist in the wall-- and though his fist stung to hit a hard surface, it didn't register to him. His eyes were focused, furious as he glared at the wall. No matter what he tried, it didn't feel like even close to enough. Even as his body screamed at the stress it was under, he just ignored it. He couldn't afford to listen as he needed to push himself further in his strength. "I gotta get stronger.... stronger..." he growled, drawing back his fist...


Asura's fist was stopped as he felt someone grab his arm-- and then throw him backwards. From behind, Ravana had snuck up to Asura and threw him using his own momentum. Asura was dunked into the stream. Asura gagged as he was met with a face full of water, and fought back up to see Ravana standing over him, his arms to his side. "Never let your guard down, Asura," he boasted with a smirk.

However, Asura didn't reply as he wasted no time and got up-- launching himself at Ravana with another strong punch aimed for the face.

Ravana grinned as he let the punch hit-- but the impact caused little damage as he merely just tilted his head. Merely moving his head and drawing a fist back himself, he grabbed Asura by the front of his vest-- and shoved him away, causing him to fly backward against the cave walls.

The retaliation of the attack caused Asura to strike back, without any doubt or thoughyt as he was now in a state of frustration and anger. "So my words won't make you listen, eh? Then I will have to use my --FISTS!!" He threw another punch, this time into Asura's solar plex and knocking him back.

The air came out of Asura like a wheeze as he struggled, but then he slowly stabled himself, refusing to fall down. Ravana merely beckoned with a finger, telling him to come at him.

For the next half hour, Asura relentlessly attacked Ravana with his Taijutsu. Whether it was training or him venting his frustrations out on his mentor, it was hard to tell. But Ravana didn't mind at all, always loving the chance to fight and face opponents with his taijutsu.

After a long exchange of kicks, punches and elbow-smashes-- Ravana made the final move as he countered a roundhouse kick from Asura. he blocked it with his arm, and then slammed his other arm in front of Asura between his right shoulder and left arm. WIth a thrust forward, he pinned Asura with his arm , binding him in place and preventing him from moving.

From where Ravana stood, Asura looked like a beast more than a kid-- enraged in the spur of battle. On one hand, he was proud at him putting his anger into his Taijutsu as he taught him, but at the same time-- too much would boil over and kill him.

"Fool! I humor you plenty but If I want you dead, you'd be a smear on these walls a long time ago," Ravana scolded. While Asura struggled to get loose, the older and stronger ninja kept him from going anywhere. "Control yourself, Asura-- I taught you to channel your rage, not to be ruled by it!"

After a fierce shout from Asura, he finally calmed down, his breath ragged but slowing down. "I can't just stop!" Asura shouted back. "I can't just sit and do nothing ! I need to get stronger-- no matter what it takes."

"Getting stronger means nothing if your dead in the process, kid!" Ravana said firmly. After that, Asura got quiet, it finially sinking in. "So, you calm yet, or do you wanna get at it again?" he said.

A sigh escaped him, his limbs finally lowering despite the choke-lock he had around his neck. "I give..." Asura grumbled, followed by Ravana letting go and allowing Asura to drop to his feet. "But Master... I can't just let it go either. What am I suppose to do? All I know is I can't just let it go. I gotta get stronger... so I can do something about it. I don't want revenge to consume me-- but i can't just let it be either! I have to for Master Roku! I owe him that much! " he said, walking over to the stream to splash some water on his face.

At that moment, Ravana walked over beside Asura as he looked at the water. "What if I told you I know a technique that can not only get your head straight, but can make you infinitely stronger?" he said, placing his hands on Asura's shoulders.

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PostSubject: Re: Awakening - the Inner Gates of Mantra -- Solo Training, yang learning X2 , Inner Gates learning.    September 3rd 2016, 14:48

Asura's mind was a blank till he heared Ravana's words and hands on his shoulders in a reassuring manner. His expression perked up and he turned around to look at him. "Really? What kind of technique are we talking about?" he asked, now curious.

Ravana grinned as he let go of Asura and walked further up the stream where the small river was flowing from the mountain. "Hmm... where to begin," he wondered, scratching his chin and beard in thought. "Asura, skilled in Taijutsu as you are, do you know about the Eight Inner Gates?" Ravana asked.

Those he knew about and Asura nodded. "Yeah, I know about them. They are spots in the body where chakra gathered and flows from. I intended to learn them, but I never found the time," he explained, remembering how he divided his training with the missions from Iwa and other duties he had.

Ravana turned and pounded a fist to his chest. "Well, you got all the time in the world now, kid ," he said, with enthusiasm, "But this... is gonna make the inner gates look tame in comparison."

Asura's eyes widened with that. "Wait-- what?" he asked. Baffled. "The Inner Gates can give one the ability to surpass even the Kages in power. Your saying there is something even greater?"

Ravana smirked . "Greater may not be the exact word, but in its own power, it works differently and gives a greater advantage in combat next to Hachimon." he explained, and gave Asura a wink. "Interested?"

Asura couldn't help but be curious by the offer. A form of the inner gates different from Hachimon seemed extremely tempting and even a great opportunity. Asura wanted to learn the inner gates anyway, but now he had an even stronger version at his disposal. Something like that would possibly give him a greater edge in battle beyond what others knew about the gates. "Yeah! It sounds amazing. How does it work?"

Ravana said nothing, but urged Asura to follow him with a wave of his hand. Curious, Asura followed him deeper into the cavern. They reached a small series of pools that were interconnected to one another, with moss swirling around in each one. Once Asura caught up with him, Ravana directed his attention towards him. "As you know, Asura, Chakra or energy flows through our bodies from the mazes of passages in our body. What is also true is that the same spiritual and emotional energies flow through the exact same pathways," he said. Reaching behind him he took out his sheathed Nodachi in his hand and pointed the sheathed end to the water. "The energy pools and spiral there. And like the chakra system, each point governs a part of the body and in correct relation, aspects of our own lives as well. What is not known is that emotion and events in our lives also govern how the same points works." he explained.

Asura tilted his head as he looked at the swirling pools with the moss floating in it. "Are you trying to tell me, the inner gates of the chakra network respond to emotion as well?" he asked.

"Not exactly," Ravana said, "The method for which Hachimon works is different from this method in many ways. But I will get to that in a minute. " He directed his sword to the points where each pool was connected, a small trickle only getting out from each pool. "As you can see, the moss in the pools also act like emotional tramas and events that block our energy. Negative emotions, ones that hinder or own growth. BUt what do you think would happen if the moss was removed?"

Before Asura could answer, Ravana reached his sword towards the part of the first creek. He dipped his sword into the water and pushed the moss aside. From that moment, the water began to pour stronger into the second pool, and slowly the other pools began to flow as well.

"The energy flows freely," Asura answered.

"Exactly," Ravana said bringing his sword back attached to his side. With it, he took out another thing from his back-- a small scroll. As he opened it up, he knelt down and Asura did as well. Opening it up, it revealed a diagram of the human body-- showing the points of the body that Asura knew as hachimon-- but with some differences in it. "This special style of the Inner Gates is what is called Mantra Awakening. It is also called the True Chakra Gates, for its both physical and emotional energy that influences your chakra network. " It was then he rose a finger and pointed to the top of the head. "As you might know, Hachimon works by working on the physical art of unlocking the inner gates from the head down, ending at the heart," he illustrated pointing his finger and dragging it down the base of the spine. "However, the True Chakras work by activating the method of their energies from the bottom-up," he said, retracing his finger from the base of the spine up to the head again.

"So the energy of these inner gates work in our bodies depending upon how and where they are activated from?" Asura asked, looking at the diagram carefully.

Ravana nodded to Asura. "That's right. THe method for their activation is also not physically dependant on Taijutsu, but also one's own energy. Much like how you focus chakra into your body to make Ninjutsu work, you must also use your own focus and physical energy to open the inner gates of this system." he explained. "However, to open these gates for the first time-- requires a great deal of focus. It is done through meditation, dwelling upon one's emotions and overcoming inner demons through reflection and discipline."

"PFFFTTT!!!" Asura suddenly let out a violent and quick burst of laughter, trying to contain himself but failed. He fell backwards to sitting down, almost falling into the creek behind him. Ravana looked on puzzled, to see Asura in a laughing fit. "Bahaha! Sorry-sorry! Haha--! I just... With all due respect, Master Ravana... haha... You're the last person I'd expect to be able tot each about reflection and discipline! Gahaha!"

Ravana stared crossly at Asura, his brow furrowed though his eyes still glowing, making reading his emotions difficult. "Smart-ass squirt," Ravana almost chuckled darkly as he rolled up the scroll. "I'll admit I enjoy the debaucheries and pleasures of life, but don't think for a minute I am not CAPABLE of rising to the occasion when it is required. To unlock the inner gates, in a way... is almost as if to obtain true freedom for one's self."

The talk of freedom was something Ravana mentioned often and one Asura could understand. For a long time he wanted to be free to do what he wanted, not tied down by Iwa's rules. It was only now since becoming a rogue ninja, that he was getting a grasp of what Ravana was talking about. Sitting up, Asura finally stopped laughing and calmed himself. "Okay, I get your point. So, what exactly do I have to do?"

It was then that Ravana held a more serious look as he stood up, looking down at Asura. "Before we even begin, Asura, there are two things you need to know." He said, and raised up one finger at a time to drive his point home. "One, unlocking all seven inner gates will be an intense and trying experience. This is not for the weak of heart and mind. " Ravana said, and finally raised the second finger. "And the last thing-- once you have unlocked the first of the True Inner Gates, the powers of Hachimon will be forbidden to you. You will be unable to use Hachimon as you know it. Are you prepared for this?"

Asura took a moment to consider what he just heard. While these versions of the Inner Gates was way different from what he had known or learned about-- the promise of awakening a stronger power triggered by them was tempting. But temptation aside, he wanted to know more. If it would improve and make himself stronger, he would do it. He could only hope though that he could trust Ravana for this kind of training.

"Yes, I'm sure. It's hard for me to miss anything from Hachimon since I never used it before anyway-- but yes, I want to learn it!" he said with firm resolve and a smile on his face.

Ravana returned with a grin of his own. "Then let's begin, kiddo," he said.

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PostSubject: Re: Awakening - the Inner Gates of Mantra -- Solo Training, yang learning X2 , Inner Gates learning.    September 4th 2016, 23:18

Asura and Ravana soon reached another part of the caverns-- this one with a small cave opening at the end. The two of them sat on a small island-- a pillar of which stood out among a part of the caves that went deeper into the ground. Both Asura and Ravana were sitting there, cross-legged upon it and facing one another.

Asura was in a meditating position, as was Ravana, but Ravana was the one acting as a guide and mentor to Asura, being more aware. The young shinobi sat there, his body at ease for the moment as he awaited to hear more about the True Chakra Gates.

Taking a deep breath, Ravana focused on Asura before him. "As I said, there are a total of 7 gates in this technique. Each one has a purpose, and is disrupted by a type of vice that people experience in life, or lack clarity to see," Ravana explained, his tone far more serious now than it had before. He was guiding Asura through the activation of his CHakra gates, which alone could be strenuous on the young shinobi. "The first gate is called the Earth Chakra. Muladhara, in the language of my home land. It is located at the base of the spine where you are closest to the earth. "

Asura listened with great attention. Though his body was at ease, his mind was sharp and listening to Ravana. "Muladhara... the Earth Chakra..." Asura repeated, trying his best to memorize it.

Ravana nodded, and continued with his lession. "This gate governs the need for survival. It is disrupted, by one's own fears." he explained.

Asura's eyes raised a bit as he heard this. However, Ravana further directed him and pointed to him. "Now, meditate. Dwell upon your inner fears." he explained. With that, Asura closed his eyes and placed his hands into his lap. He had done meditation before with Roku, so he knew the general means to relax his body-- something the had not done often since his death. He loosened his body as best as he could, as he still heard Ravana's voice. "What do you fear most? Let your fears become visible to you."

As Asura dwelled in the darkness of his eyes, he didn't see or think of anything. For the longest time, he didn't feel afraid of anything. Not beasts, or bandits, or thugs. He didn't know of a fear that plagued him. However-- as he meditated, focusing energy to the point of the body Ravana instructed-- something began to stir in Asura's mind, like flashes.

The time he was thrown back in time. The fact of how he was 'killed' by Madan and was involved in the great 4th shinobi war from a time-traveling jutsu. He remembered the fear he had as he couldn't beat Mantan-- the fear of the fact he thought he failed a mission where everyone depended upon him.

Even upon his success, he feared the fact of the consequences of those missions.

At that moment, he felt a sudden surge of fright, and right there before him was Mantan, the same blade stabbed into Asura as before.

Sweat dripped from Asura's body-- and he gasped as he remembered the sting of the blade through his chest. "GHAAA...!" he gasped.

"Asura, what you are seeing isn't real," Ravana's voice spoke, through the illusion of what he saw. "This is merely the vision of your fears made manifested. But you can overcome those fears. Let it go..." Ravana said, his voice more soothing now and at ease, "Accept your fear, and move forward..."

Like a nightmare, it felt displaced before him. Real, but immaterial. Slowly, Asura's breath eased up and became more controlled. It was at that moment, remembering it was in the past and he survived-- the image of Mantan soon vanished like a ghost.

Asura opened his eyes with a soft breath of relief. The sweat still dripped from his brow as he opened his eyes to see Ravana before him.

"Congratulations," Ravana said, sitting up and putting his hands on his legs casually. "You have opened the First Gate Muladhara. "

Asura blinked his eyes at the thought of it. "Wait.. that's it?" he asked. "I thought... it would involve a bit more or ..."

Ravana raised a brow. "You don't look like it was that easy," he said, looking at how Asura was sweating and his breath a bit shallower. "Opening the gates is not just a physical experience but an emotional one. You will find yourself tired by this before you know it. That being said though... some gates open easier for some people than others."

Placing a hand against his chest, Asura felt his heart beating a bit faster. It was the same fearful nature, but the pain and hesitation was gone.

Ravana smirked. "You are doing a good job, so let's not stop now," he said and stood up with a swift raise with his legs. "Come on, " he said, reaching a hand down to help Asura up.

Looking up at Ravana, Asura reached up and took his head. He was pulled up and the two headed for the next place where they could reflect on the second gate.

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PostSubject: Re: Awakening - the Inner Gates of Mantra -- Solo Training, yang learning X2 , Inner Gates learning.    September 5th 2016, 10:35

The two had moved to another part of the cave-- where the flowing river within the caverns finally ended into a water fall. THe two of them now sat behind one of the caves, a large waterfall obscuring the view of the cave entrance. They were also on a small cropping of rock where the water flowed around them in a steady babble.

Asura had to admit as he sat there, he was impressed by Ravana. He had always viewed him as shameless, impulsive and a muscle head. The idea of him meditating alone seemed like a far fetched quality to him. His respect for the man had deepened to see this side of him.

"The next Chakra Gate is called Svadhishthana" Ravana said as he sat there, "It is located in the sacral region of the body."

Asura frowned as Ravana told him the name. "I'm not even going to try and pronounce some of these inner gates." he said dryly.

A light chuckle escaped Ravana, seeing his student's reaction. "Haha. It is more commonly known as the Water Chakra," he said with a smile. "This chakra gate deals with pleasure, both emotional and physical. " It was at that time, Ravana's grin widened. "Its one of my personal favorites-- as it also governs sexuality as well. Can't live without this one," he boasted.

Hearing that, Asura frowned. "There it is. Old pervy Ravana as I know him," he grumbled. "Hedonistic bastard..."

"Don't be such a hypocrite." Ravana laughed, more at Asura this time for his words. "All beings live to experience pleasure in any form. One must accept this fact, no matter its vices-. Unless you want me to stop. " He then began to get up, as if about to leave. "I think I will get a drink instead. Good luck with this..."

"Wait! Wait! Wait!" Asura interrupted, reaching up to stop Ravana. "I'm sorry, okay? Please, continue?"

Ravana smirked at Asura, then softly dropped back down into his sitting position and crossed his legs once more. He took a deep breath and began once more to explain the second Chakra Gate. "The vice that restricts and hinders this chakra gate-- is one's sense of guilt. The guilt that we burden ourselves and weighs you down."

Asura closed his eyes-- though part of him didn't want to. He knew this one very clearly. "Dwell upon it, Asura. What do you blame yourself for?" he asked.

As Asura closed his eyes, he remembered the moments. The attack on the clan's home. The fact he disobeyed his master's orders and went to help Roku-- where he died. If he had not been there, if he had not been the reason why all these things happened-- they would of never had been attacked.

The clan would not of suffered. Roku could still be alive.

"I am the reason Roku is dead..." Asura sighed, the pain showing on his face at the memory. In the end Roku died to save him. That mistake was truly on him.

Ravana looked at Asura seriously, seeing the pain on his young face. "You are not responsible for the actions of other people, Asura, "Ravana explained, talking to his student as he meditated on the visions he saw. "There is no way to tell how things could of happened dwelling on 'what ifs'. What is important now, is that your guilt-- will not change things, or bring you any sense of peace. We all learn from our mistakes, and vices, Asura. Now, what is most important now is to not let those feelings go. " Ravana explained. The tone in his voice made it clear he too had his own demons as well, and now he was doing what he had to to get Asura get over his own. "You will never grow as a shinobi or a man if you cannot learn to let things rest in the past, and move forward to the future. If you truly wish to move on, you must learn to forgive yourself..."

Asura could still see the actions of his past, the actions that caused mistakes so great he wished to curl up. But he then understood. THere was no way to tell what happened. Mistakes were made, but he learned from them. With a deep breath, he allowed the visions to fade and with it, his thoughts of self-hate upon them.

His body, which was once tense, soon loosened as he rose a bit higher in posture and took a deep breath. At that moment, he felt a strange rushing sensation. At first, he thought the water had risen, but in fact it was a sense of refreshing energy that cooled his tired muscles. He opened his eyes, feeling more at ease now as he looked to Ravana.

Once again, Ravana smirked. "You have opened the Water Chakra, Asura. This gate, much like the original second gate of Hachimon, involves healing and rejuvenation of the body." Ravana explained as he sat there, seeing Asura feeling a lot more 'alive' in his expressions. "The activating of this chakra will allow you to recover energy far quicker than you would believe, even stronger than Hachimon could provide."

It was strange how Asura felt more at peace with each gate he opened. "I do feel a lot better now, and not just over the emotional stuff," Asura said, gripping his fist as he felt his chakra flow in a different pace than before. With each gate he opened, his own chakra was changing its pace and flow.

"Don't get too used to this mushy side, boy," Ravana joked, "Once this training is over, its back to the hard-knock methods. Haha!"

Asura furrowed his brow at Ravana's crass humor. How he ended up with such a pervy, hedonistic teacher was beyond him. Even more surprising was he was aware of techniques like this, that focused more on one's spiritual power than one's physical power.

This was going to be a long, trying experience for Asura.

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PostSubject: Re: Awakening - the Inner Gates of Mantra -- Solo Training, yang learning X2 , Inner Gates learning.    September 7th 2016, 09:39

The next spot they relocated to was a ledge of the mountain side facing the setting sun. THe soft lull of the clouds were floating softly as it played off the sunlight, giving an orange glow to the sky. Observing it, Asura and Ravana sat before the edge of the cliff, the sun warming their skin. "The third gate is called Manipura, also known as the fire chakra," Ravana explained in his calm tone. "It is located in the stomach."

Asura shifted in his position as he listened to the instructions. "My fire chakra is growling at me to eat something," Asura said in a low tone, rubbing his stomach as he soon realized he had not eaten.

Ravana let out a bellowing laugh as he realized the same thing. "We can take a break a little later, but let's keep moving, shall we?" he said with a snicker, then returned to his meditating mood. It was odd for Asura to see him enter such a focused, meditative state when he was so active and impulsive at times.

Focusing on the setting sun before him, Ravana too cleared his mind with a clensing breath and continued his lesson. "This chakra governs willpower. The energy that blocks this chakra... is shame. The disappointments that stick to us and drag us down," he said and looked to Asura. The young ninja had a puzzled look on his face, but still closed his eyes and meditated on the fact mentioned to him. "Look deep into yourself, Asura. What are you ashamed of? What disappointments stick to you?"

Asura took the moment and listened carefully to Ravana's words. He thought back, keeping his breathing calm and steady as he tried to remember. His most embarrassing moment was how he failed the academy exam because he didn't know how to recognize a Genjutsu. It was an embarrassment, when he excelled at everything else. However, it was not something he was ashamed of. "I couldn't overcome genjutsu..." he spoke, but it was more of a question than something he was ashamed of. He looked deeper, trying to find the answer....

But then he found it. The lingering thing that he couldn't find but knew deep down was something he couldn't figure out. Through all his time training, through all his goals to master the art of the shinobi... he never found it. His Nindo. His Ninja Way. He never was able to put his finger on what that was in his own mind.

"I couldn't find my Nindo. I could never understand what mine should be." he answered.

Ravana turned and looked to Asura, seeing how focused he was. He could see the shame in his expression, how his face tightened at the memory. "One's nindo is not something you create or pick, Asura. It finds you, and defines you. Perhaps you do not know it, but you already have it with you. You just need to find it in yourself. Time, will show it to you. You don't need to rush things, Asura." he explained calmly to him. With his words, he could see the tension leave Asura's body once more. "Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses, Asura. In due time, you can and will overcome them. Accept them, and continue to move forward to find the answers in the future. "

Asura heard his words, and soon put the thoughts of his weakness and Nindo aside. He always followed his heart, even when it was impulsive. THat perhaps was his way of a nindo for now. That was enough for him for now, and he never was ashamed of it.

As his body became less tense this time-- Ravana noticed something now as Asura released the 3rd gate. His body began to let off a soft glow of chakra. Or rather, Mantra-- the energy of chakra and emotion combined. It flickered off of his body like a candle flame as it was released, and Ravana sensing the opening of the 3rd gate already.

"Good job, Asura," Ravana said, which diverted Asura's focus and caused the aura to fade. "You opened the fire chakra." Raising a finger, Ravana began to explain further on what happened. "The third gate is one of the more powerful ones. This allows your taijutsu, even your ninjutsu a significant boost in power, and also allows you to push past physical limitations. "

Asura blinked at Ravana, not sure if he understood. "What do you mean?"

"As you can imagine, not all Jutsu are helpful as they can hurt the caster or user," he explained, "But this gate can allow you to push past them, to keep on fighting without those limitations. If someone was to poison you, or if a taijutsu would leave you weak, this chakra can prevent that damage."

Asura looked down at himself, feeling the same change in his chakra flow again. He looked at his hands, slightly trembling with the new flow of energy. It was as if he had been lifting weights this whole time. "Why am I feeling so different now? It's only been 3 gates?"

Ravana laughed, slapping his knee and leaning closer to Asura. "I told you this version of the inner gates was not for the weak," he said almost boastfully. "You're body is responding to a different way than what most shinobi experience with the inner gates. It greatly effects their chakra flow with the power of Mantra instead of just physical might. " With that he pointed to Asura's body. "As you unlock the other gates, you will soon feel the same change to a point it will feel natural to you."

Asura wasn't in any pain or anything with the new sensation, but it was unnerving to feel so different by just accepting things about himself and unlocking this method of the inner gates. In his mind he thought it was because of the position order the gates were being opened. As Ravana said, it was very different from Hachimon.

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PostSubject: Re: Awakening - the Inner Gates of Mantra -- Solo Training, yang learning X2 , Inner Gates learning.    September 7th 2016, 10:29

Just as the method of opening the Chakra Gates that Ravana was showing him, worked from the bottom up-- so to did their journey go from the bottom of the mountain, further up. Already Asura had opened three of the seven inner gates. His body was already humming with a new form of energy, Asura himself couldn't truly identify with. It was as if his own chakra was changing the further up he went. It felt foreign to him, but not bad or painful. It was as if he had a surge of adrenaline. it was a wonder, to himself, that he was able to meditate through these processes at all with this new burst of energy.

Ravana and Asura soon had arrived in ruins near the top of the mountain, the old ruins of the people who used to live there. They were surrounded by statues of ancient gods and people, all in peaceful demeanors with moss and vines growing around them. Asura and Ravana now sat across from one another, the sunset still slowly setting in the evening sky.

"This chakra is called, Anahata," Ravana explained, his hands placed in his lap as he too was meditating on it, and encouraged Asura to do the same. "It is also called the Air chakra."

"Um, Master?" Asura asked. Ravana cracked open a single eye to look at Asura, wondering what his question was. "If I may ask, are any of these gates relative to the chakra natures we use in ninjutsu?"

Ravana took a breath and opened his eyes . "Not exactly," Ravana said, giving Asura his full attention. "True, the inner gates in this chain refer to the elements, it is not in a direct relationship with chakra nature transformation. However, techniques that use the same gates can in fact enhance their performance, should you know them. The points in the body, like all the elements that make up our world can also be applied to one's self."

Asura nodded as he understood it now. It was not the same as chakra and ninjutsu after all. Now he had to understand what the art of manipulating Mantra and these inner gates had in relation to one another. He only knew it a little, through the use of a stance and taijutsu.

"Let's move on," Ravana continued and returned to his meditative position. He took a deep breath and continued to explain the 4th chakra to Asura. "This chakra deals with the emotion of love. This is one of the more important chakras, as it is located near the heart-- the middle of the chest to be exact. However, this chakra is blocked by grief," he explained.

Just knowing Asura for as long as Ravana had-- this would be the most difficult for Asura to attempt to unlock. For he had suffered a great deal of loss, and didn't hide it. The fact he wanted to avenge his master's death was more than enough for him to tell how much he loved him. Asura's frown was clear as he too realized the

"Are you ready?" Ravana bothered to ask Asura, knowing he was hesitant to proceed down this particular mental path.

It took Asura a moment, as he let out a long drawn breath and placed his hands into his lap once more. He closed his eyes, ready to hear Ravana's instructions. "Yes..." he replied simply.

Ravana kept a steady expression. The danger with this training is that while it allows one to unlock the great resevour of energy in their bodies-- but if one fails to unlock their chakras and can't overcome their vices, the chakra gate will not only be harder to release, but screw up their energy flow even worse than before, Ravana thought. Knowing this though, he chose to not tell Asura this, as he knew he needed the training. Not just for its martial powers, but for closure with the demons of his past.

"Alright, Asura," Ravana said, "Focus now. Visualize those you love-- in your past and now, and lay out your grief before you..."

Asura's closed eyes tightened a bit, his right hand reaching up and placed it upon the space close to his chest-- where the 4th gate was. For a while, he felt the tightness in his chest, the tearing of his eyes as he remembered those he held close.

It was then that the darkness from behind his eyes faded. Asura soon felt himself wandering, like a dream. He was in the darkness still, but this felt more like actual reality than just his eyes. It was within his own mind as he now dwelled on the thoughts of his past.

As he looked around, he soon saw it. A set of flames burning in the distance. Moving towards it, Asura soon saw shapes made out in the flames. As he soon got closer, he saw them.

His parents. His mother, a beautiful woman with black hair in bangs behind her head. Beside her a head taller was his father, a strong man with a kind face with red hair just like Asura's. Both of them were in one another's arms, looking at Asura silently. Asura soon attempted to reach out to them, trying to hold their hands as they too reached out for him---

--- only to as he got close, go up in flames! Their vision faded as they became the flames, flickering away.

His heart throbbed for a moment, as if a great pain had stabbed it. The sorrow was palpable as he had lost his parents all over again in his mind, having to face the fact they died in action.

It was then he found another flame in the distance. Slowly, he approached it almost instinctively. Through that same fiery vision, he saw him again. Master Roku. The black haired older man dressed in red looked down to Asura, a kind smile on his face. The man who had raised him, trained him to be a great shinobi. Asura felt as if a ghost had come to see him, both nervous and overjoyed to see him again in his mind.

As he approached him, however, Roku too went up in flames, vanishing from sight. Asura stopped and fell to his knees in the darkness. The more he saw it, the more his heart throbbed in pain. Emotional pain as he couldn't handle the loss of his family.

"Asura..." Ravana's voice spoke out to him, "I know your pain. You have experienced a great loss. But you are a Shinobi. A shinobi endures hardship and moves forward. Those who died, those who we loved, are gone, but not forgotten Asura."

Hearing those words, Asura sat there in the darkness, feeling the dull thud in his chest. It still was painful. But Ravana's words kept him from losing himself in the pain and grief, where he would of wanted to curl into a ball and cry.

"Their love for you is no different than energy, Asura. It lives on inside you, long after they are gone," Ravana spoke.

With those words, the darkness began to become brighter. Asura soon opened his eyes to soon see em. Small globes of flames that burned around him. THough formless, they were warm to him, no different to how happy he felt when among his loved ones.

"Loss is a part of life, just as love is. But that love will stay with you. Even in death, it is never absent from you, Asura. " the voice said, and soon with it, the flames began to spin around Asura. With them, he saw visions. The moments he shared with Roku, the time he spent with friends and clan mates in Iwa, time he spoke with Aki-- all of them precious moments in his life. And most of all, the small moments he could recall with his parents.

As the flames spun, they became a golden, flowing twister of fire that lit up his surroundings. Their warmth made the ache in his heart fade away.

"Let go of the pain Asura. Those you lost wouldn't wish you to remain sad forever. The time of mourning is over," Ravana spoke softly, "now treasure what they had given you."

The teachings Roku passed on to him, and the time he spent with his loved ones were too precious to let go to waste.

Slowly, Asura opened his eyes-- welcoming back in the world of his true surroundings. A lone tear fell from his eye, but he no longer felt sad. More moved to tears at the good memories from his past. He wiped it free from his eye with his arm and took in the sight of the ruins and Ravana before him.

He had emerged, having unlocked the 4th Chakra of Air.

"Well done, Asura. Well done," Ravana said kindly, glad to see Asura emerge from facing what was probably his worst inner demon.

A sniffle escaped Asura, at the memory of his loved ones, but he soon recovered and took a deep breath. First in a long time, a smile returned to Asura's face, his mind at ease even despite the loss of his loved ones. "Ravana..." Asura said, causing his mentor to raise a grow in question. "Thanks... for everything," Asura said.

Ravana glanced to the side, as if touched by the mushy moment. He wanted to tell him to shut up, as he was not accustomed to such touchy moments, but there it was. Instead, however, he soon reached behind him and drew out something. An apple. "Here, kid," Ravana said, tossing it to Asura.

Reaching up from his meditating position, Asura caught the apple, surprised by it.

"Let's take a small break. So eat up," he said smiling at Asura.

Asura nodded in thanks and took a bite from the apple, it tasting even better than he thought.

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PostSubject: Re: Awakening - the Inner Gates of Mantra -- Solo Training, yang learning X2 , Inner Gates learning.    September 7th 2016, 11:17

In the span of just a few short hours, Asura felt refreshed and strangely at peace with himself. It was as if part of him was no longer there. The once brooding, angry Asura was now a shadow as the mood past. At first, Asura for a moment thought that Ravana might of slipped him some sake to ease him up but it was just water. The two had agreed to take a break as Ravana had apples and water for them to eat and drink.

Finishing a swig of his water, Asura let out a refreshed breath and put the water keg down. "Thanks, Master Ravana. That really felt good," he said.

"I'd imagine so. I did say awakening the inner gates in this manner would be an intense experience. A little refreshment would help rejuvenate the body for the remaining gates," he explained, taking a drink of his own water skin.

The two were now in a meditation circle, surrounded by pillars made to specifically be a sacred site for meditation. Below them was a series of runes along with a strange lotus symbol. There they had rested for a bit, but now it would play the stage for Asura awakening the next in the line of Inner Gates.

"So, Asura, how are you feeling?" Ravana asked, checking to see how Asura was doing.

Strange for himself to admit, Asura stood up for a moment and moved about, hopping on his feet as if when he was willing to fight an enemy with Taijutsu. "Huh... It feels strange. I know I am feeling more energy than I did before. But something else," he said, feeling his chakra flow again. It was no different from the second to last gate he opened recently. The opening of the heart chakra was a more challenging, but with it now open, Asura felt strangely more calmer and at ease. "I feel... lighter, might be the right word for it?" he said, trying to describe the feeling inside his body as he turned to Ravana once more.

Ravana smirked. More like a metaphorical weight has been lifted from your shoulders, kid, he chuckled in his mind, seeing how more at ease Asura was. While the gates were indeed meant to help awaken a new method of channeling energy and make one stronger-- in the end he was right to teach Asura the techniques of these inner gates. It turned out to be more therapeutic to him than actual training. Something the kid severely needed.

"You're doing a great job, Asura," Ravana said, smiling at the young shinobi. "Better than I expected in such a short amount of time." With that, Ravana tapped the ground. "Come on. Let's continue. Your pretty much half way there. Only 3 more gates to go."

Hearing Ravana's instructions, Asura slowly sat himself down within the meditation circle before Ravana and once again placed his hands inside his lap. He took a deep, cleansing breath and paid attention.

"This chakra is the fifth, called Vishuddha," Ravana explained, his eyes closed as well as he focused on his own point, and still speaking clearly for Asura to learn it too. "It is called the Truth or throat chakra. Naturally, it is located in the throat." He paused for a moment, allowing this information to be memorized to Asura. "It deals with truth... and is blocked by lies. The lies which we tell ourselves. The lies we believe..."

Asura focused on the concept of this. He had never thought he would lie to himself. Rather, he didn't know a part of himself he lied to himself about. Dwelling on the thought, he tried to recall a moment he might of denied something about himself.

It was then he remembered something. He remembered how Naga-- a clan mate of his and a rival at the time, told him he was unworthy of the eyes he possessed as part of the Jiin clan. A part of him, deep down made him wonder if it was true.

"A long time ago, I felt I was unworthy of my clan's lineage. The eyes, the power I had," Asura explained, and opened his eyes. "I was told I didn't deserve it, and for a moment believed it."

Ravana looked to Asura with a firm look. "I can't say anything regarding your clan, Asura-- but I know for a fact you do have it. The 'Tengan". The powers you possess, " he explained firmly, "You DO possess them, and you must use them how you see fit. For good or ill. It is your decision, and no one else's-- whether or not you deserve to have what you were born with."

Asura took a deep breath, realizing he was the only one to say if he was worthy or not. He was worthy of the Jiin clan's gifts. He worked hard, he trained, he learned of it-- and awakened the Tengan on his own.

He was worthy, and damn anyone who said otherwise.

He let out a breath, and felt another pulse of energy surge through him. It felt more and more like a refreshing sense of water like a cool creek through his body. He was beginning to get the metaphor when they first began of this chakra gate system being like a creek. The more he triggered, the more refresh and relieved he felt.

"Nicely done, Asura. You have opened the Chakra of Truth." Ravana congratulated. Only two more remained.

Recovering from the sensation, Asura looked up to Ravana. "Master Ravana," Asura asked, "If i may ask, how many gates have you opened?"

Ravana looked a bit surprised by that question as he looked up to Asura. He slowly stroked his beard as he thought of an answer. "I have opened and used five of the seven gates, personally. " he explained. "Its not a matter of just knowing how to unlock them-- but also by preference. I felt was better with the 5 instead of the last two, but that is just me." he said, not a bit ashamed of that.

It began to make Asura wonder. He had been so absorbed into the feel of the new sense of chakra, the awakening of these inner gates-- he almost forgot a small detail.

The side effects that came with unlocking them in battle. If Hachimon also put great stress on the body, and the if this Inner Gate system worked similar-- what would the side effects be for using them?

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PostSubject: Re: Awakening - the Inner Gates of Mantra -- Solo Training, yang learning X2 , Inner Gates learning.    September 7th 2016, 16:12

It was now sunset as the entire skyline was a shade of violet, the sun dipping low into the horizon behind the clouds. Asura, having unlocked 5 of the 7 chakra gates within his body was feeling more and more at ease. The worst of his troubles were over from what Ravana gathered. It was the hardest hurdle was the lot go of the pain in the past, but he had. While it still lingered and he was not completely free from it entirely-- he knew what was now most important. Accepting the loss, treasuring the memory of those he loved.

Vengeance was not going to bring them back.

He and Ravana now sat side by side, overlooking the view of the sky and the mountain region beyond them.

"Before we begin with this chakra-- I think its important to tell you, while these might be easier to unlock, the power behind them is more mental than just physical," Ravana explained, his eyes closed.

Asura looked to him, a bit confused. "Aren't all the chakras you showed me thus far been kind of mental than physical to begin with?" he asked.

"No. While they dealt with emotional issues, they were governed by the matieral world as you know it. Things limited to your reality. What happens now, is opening your mind beyond that," he explained, "Understand?"

Asura hummed a reply, nodding his head. He returned to his meditative position, and focused.

"The 6th chakra is called Ajna, also known as the Third Eye Chakra," Ravana explained, "It is located in the center of the forehead. It governs insight, intuition and what people call the sixth sense. "

Asura meditated on that spot. He had never heard of any of the other inner gates relating to that concept before. However, it made sense to him as he focused, closing his eyes to focus on it.

"What disrupts this chakra, or blinds it in a sense, is illusion." Ravana explained. "Illusion, placed by one's surroundings and the world itself."

Asura was not sure what he meant by that as his brow furrowed. "What do you mean?" he asked.

"Everything in this world is in its own way an illusion," Ravana explained before the sunset. "It is a question of perspective. What is dusk where we are, another person is witnessing a sunrise. When a person see gloomy rainy day, another sees it as a chance to renew water supply. We all see things in a ecocentric way, but the truth is, all things are connected. Things you would think are opposites or different-- are in fact one and the same."

"Like... the five great nations?" Asura asked, thinking how the relations between the nations had always been complicated.

Ravana chuckled as he was in meditation. "You hit the nail on the head," he said, already sensing the chakra of the sixth gate open for his young friend with that realization. "People divide themselves into nations, but in fact they are part of a cycle. We are all one people, one species, and live in the same world."

Asura could see the nations, liked up the same way as the elemental circle for ninjutsu. As such, he saw how it all became a cycle in his mind, all connected.

"Everything is connected..." Asura breathed, feeling the energy in his very head and mind become clearer.

With that, his sixth chakra was fully awakened. A light blue glow pulsed from his body for a moment, and then faded. Each time he unlocked a chakra, a soft pulse of energy radiated from him, showing proof he unlocked the ability to use those chakras.

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PostSubject: Re: Awakening - the Inner Gates of Mantra -- Solo Training, yang learning X2 , Inner Gates learning.    September 7th 2016, 17:04

Finally, night fall had eclipsed the mountain-- and gave way to a semi clouded sky of night. Stars twinkled brightly above them as both Asura and Ravana were now sitting at the very zenith of the ruins upon a flat top of a building. Asura felt the chill of the air against his skin and muscles, but he felt oddly calm.

This experience had done much for him, as he now felt more lively, energetic, free than he had before! Perhaps it was all in his mind, from just meditating it all out-- but he felt his very chakra change with each opened gate inside himself.

And now came the final chakra.

As they sat there, Asura finally had to voice his concern. "Ravana, I got a question," he asked, seeing his mentor now sit across from him in the same meditating position as he did.

"Shoot," he said with a smirk.

Asura's brow furrowed, knowing how important it was. "I been thinking this for a while. With Hachimon, the inner gates are powerful but are double edge swords as they push the body to the limit, even causing great pain and damage to the user's body," he said, realizing the danger to use this new form of Inner Gates. "That said, aren't there risks to using these gates as well. Especially this last one."

Ravana's eyes opened, the glow in them clear as he leered at Asura. Asura was sharp and knew well the gates were dangerous, and he was right.

"With Hachimon, the final gate, the Gate of Death-- gives you immeasurable power but it causes you to die after it," he said to Ravana. "Does that mean... the final seventh gate will kill the user as well?"

Ravana took a deep breath. "You are right, Asura," he explained calmly. "The gates do put stress and consequences on the body, much like Hachimon does. " Stretching his back out a bit with a lean, he then leaned forward, his hands on his knees as he addressed his student. "Up till the 3rd gate, you can use the Chakra gates without too much strain. After the fourth, you start to see it will take a physical toll on the body. In time you can heal from it. "

"The biggest risk comes with the 5th gate up, involving a boost in your abilities. The sixth gate, its practical application allows you to even repel enemies with the strongest of Genjutsu," he continued raising a finger. "However, it will put strain on both the body and mind once the effects had run their course. "

The chill of the night air was so cool, the chill to run up Asura's spine-- he couldn't be sure it was the cold or the fact about the final gate. "And the 7th gate?" he asked.

Ravana let out a soft growl. "No, the 7th gate will not kill you. The power this gate unlocks is absolutely transcendent. Ones who have unlocked it were considered godly in their power-- but the result of it does drain the body, leaving one exhausted and their body weak for a long time. " Ravana explained, "While the gate alone may not kill you, it will leave you extremely vulnerable. And that is not even considering the techniques that could in fact kill you-- when using the gate it requires. "

Asura gave that serious thought, his gaze down to the ground.

"I'm not expecting you to use this gate lightly, Asura," Ravana said, driving his point clear. "Their martial applications are incredible. But be aware to only use certain gates if you require them. The seventh gate, I hope you will exercise great caution when using. Understood?" he said.

Asura hesitated for a moment, but then turned to Ravana. The look in his eyes showing his resolve. "I understand, sir," he said firmly. "I won't take the gates for granted."

Ravana was satisfied with the boy's answer and returned to his meditating state and sat back. "Very well, let us finish then. We are at the last of the inner gates," Ravana said, and Asura followed in suit in his stature.

"The final gate, is called Sahasrara. It is located at the crown of the head," Ravana explained, the starry sky above their heads. "This chakra governs the concept of cosmic energy. This is the strongest of the chakras. By allowing this cosmic energy to flow through your body, your body and mind will transcend to a point beyond just being human."

Asura couldn't believe one person could have that energy. Even with Hachimon, the power rivaling that of the kage-- those who unlocked this 7th gate were considered gods by comparsion? It was kind of scary for him as he listened.

"This is the hardest gate to open, Asura." Ravana explained, his eyes still closed. "This chakra is blocked by worldly attachment. In order for you to open this chakra, you must be willing to put aside all earthly attachments. Leave all you know behind. In return, your body and mind will be able to welcome in cosmic energy from the universe above and around you."

A soft gulp escaped Asura, knowing this was the last step. His body trembled a bit, but he soon got it under control. What was he so worried about that he feared losing his attachments? It was a question even he was unsure he could answer.

"Are you ready, Asura?" Ravana asked.

A hum escaped him as he nodded. "Yes, " he replied.

"Empty your mind Asura. Allow all your concerns, your attachments, to flow away into the winds," Ravana said.

Asura allowed his eyes to close, welcoming in the darkness. It was then he saw it before him. The visions of his past. The memories of Roku, his time with his friends and family, Iwa, Aki... his desire to learn ninjutsu... the treasured past he carried with him...

... and he had to learn to let it go as if it didn't mean anything.

But it did mean something to him. It defined him. He struggled a bit, feeling his muscles tighten as if to hold on to it, it slipping away.

"I... I can't forget..."

"Put them aside, Asura," Ravana told him. "Letting them go, is not the same as to forget. Merely understand, the world around you is a small thing in comparison to the grand cosmic space. Accept your place and the place of the world in comparison to it, and it will open itself to you as well..."

The tension became a tightening-- but then Asura took another breath and focused. "Let it go... Let the past go..." he breathed to himself.

Slowly, he saw the moments that defined him. THe attack upon his clan, his lost of control, the death of his master and the man who murdered him-- all to get to him as well.

The very thing that kept him moving forward in that dark time. The very man he sought vengance upon...



...Asura let out a breath and let the vision of Deus fade from his mind. He let it go. His desire for revenge, and it faded away into the wind.

Time seemed to slow to Asura in the depths of his mind, and for a brief moment-- he felt completely at ease.

The next thing Asura knew, he was no longer there. It was as if he suddenly went 'out of body', his body feeling light as air. He was floating in a void of space. The soft glow of something was below him as he looked down-- seeing Earth below him!

Asura blinked, calm but surprised as he saw the world below him. He looked around and everywhere he looked, he could only see countless stars and the glow of multi-colored clouds. Nebulas. He drifted in space for a moment but soon felt something below his feet. He touched down, finding a strange path of light stretching out before him. It curved and moved like an aurora, guiding him upward like a hill.

Following the path with his eyes, Asura looked to soon see where the path ended. Before him was a giant silhouette of someone. It took him a while to recognize it. The figure was black, but aspects of him could be seen, his spiky hair, his face and physique. Asura's eyes widened, seeing himself there! The only difference was the fact the body before him was outlined in light, his eyes glowing white with power.

At the end of the path before Asura, it led to him. In the center of the giant version's hands, was a sphere of light.

Slowly, Asura walked down the path. He felt nothing anymore. No pain, no anger, no sorrow. A calm was coming from this path as he took each step forward. It was slow, but steady as he made his way there.

He soon was before the sphere, looking up at the giant version of himself. The self that was embodied by the energy of the universe around him. Asura didn't even need a breath to ready himself, as he now was able to move forward, unafraid. He stepped forward off the path, into the glowing sphere of light.

As he did, the light around him intensified, slowly embracing and enveloping him in its glow. The light became a brilliant flare out in the starry sky, engulfing the path, the stars and the giant figure of Asura in its radiance.


From his body, a sudden flash of energy like chakra suddenly flared up. Ravana was snapped out of the meditative position as he saw it shoot out of Asura like a flare into the night sky! The brilliant red and golden flare of Mantra driving upward into the air for a brief moment.

As it faded, Ravana returned his gaze to Asura, surprised. Asura was still meditating there, but now was radiating a brilliant crimson glow to himself. The color only obtained by those who could awaken all 7 inner gates of the Mantra Path. It flickered off him like a slow moving fire, illuminating his surroundings.

Ravana was impressed, seeing Asura activate them all, and respond so acceptingly to the inner gates. "Damn... this kid has promise," he said with a chuckle. "Congratulations, Asura. You did it, damn it." he said, joking a bit at the kid's expense.

After a moment of adjusting to it, Asura slowly came out of the trance. His eyes opened slowly and with it, the crimson aura of the 7th gate soon faded. It took him a moment as he realized what had happened. His mind was clear, calm and unhindered by the things that dwelled in his mind before. His worries were at ease and he could think clearly. It was as if for the first time in months, he had woken up from a deep sleep.

He didn't move for a moment, till he became aware of Ravana's presence.

"Hey? How are you feeling, Asura?"Ravana asked.

Lifting his head, Asura finally attempted to get up. He wobbled for a moment, but soon stood upright and steady. "Huh... I feel... I feel great, I think," he said, feeling his muscles no longer tired. He would of expected the last gate to be more draining on him, leaving him tired. It was true, he had to let go of something, but he now felt relieved, peaceful and calm. "It feels strange..."

The change in his chakra was no longer like a river, but a current of energy now, zipping ahead without any kind of pause or hinderance. It was as if his very chakra network was upgraded somehow. Now that he had been able to unlock all seven inner gates, his chakra was now stronger than ever-- and as a direct result, his body felt 100 times better!

Ravana was surprised and pleased. He couldn't believe how well Asura's body adjusted to the change in his chakra and accepting the 7 inner gates of Mantra. "You did it, Asura," he said, his grin beaming with pride. "You unlocked all the Chakras. I dare say no Hachimon user will ever be able to take you down easily" he laughed, still seeing a hint of Asura's glow upon him.

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PostSubject: Re: Awakening - the Inner Gates of Mantra -- Solo Training, yang learning X2 , Inner Gates learning.    September 7th 2016, 18:08

Slowly, Asura and Ravana began their treck back to the camp where they had left their belongings and campfire to light for the night. As odd as it was for Asura, Ravana had his arm around Asura's shoulders in a kind gesture. It was so unlike Ravana, despite his hedonistic, almost aggressive and crass demeanor, that he would show this level of care and compassion to someone.

The glow and surge of chakra had faded from before but Asura was feeling pretty great-- better than he felt in weeks since Roku's death. It was strange how Ravana stuck himself out there to help him. It was almost as if Roku was still around. He tried not to get carried away from that fact, but Ravana was indeed a great mentor when he actually tried.

"Damn, you really impressed me Asura," Ravana said, making their way down the mountain path. "I don't think I seen anyone embrace all the gates so quickly in one afternoon."

"Is it that special?" Asura asked, still a bit not used to Ravana with his arm around him.

"Well, opening the chakra's easy but it takes a bit longer," Ravana said." Still, you seem to have adapted well to the change. I think you were meant for this."

"Thanks..." Asura said, nodding modestly to the compliment. "And.. Thanks for teaching me. I know I am probably not what you would rather be doing."

Ravana laughed as he slapped Asura on the back, a bit too hard but strangely, Asura's body didn't feel so much pain outside of a friendly slap on the back. "Well, your no hot girl in a hot tub, but I get my kicks out of you yet," he joked, "I hate to admit it, but I kind of like the idea of an apprentice. "

Asura smiled. The man was incorrigible, but he was a great shinobi where it counted. He couldn't help but find a new respect for the man-- despite his pervy attitude at times.

"So tell me a bit more about these chakra gates? I mean how can I use em like Hachimon?" Asura asked, feeling his new power swell up in him.

As they returned to camp, Ravana began to tell Asura about the Taijutsu that involved the use of the inner gates Asura now possessed. But more than that-- Asura became aware of a new power upon reaching the 7th inner gate. The use of light. The cosmic energy that gave life to mass.

With the powers of Yang now within him, and the power of the 7 inner gates of Mantra-- Asura's true powers were beginning to take root within him.


Following Rolls: 4 TP spent on Yang learning-- 3 on first training: X1

Unlocked all forms of Inner Gates.

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PostSubject: Re: Awakening - the Inner Gates of Mantra -- Solo Training, yang learning X2 , Inner Gates learning.    September 7th 2016, 18:08

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PostSubject: Re: Awakening - the Inner Gates of Mantra -- Solo Training, yang learning X2 , Inner Gates learning.    

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Awakening - the Inner Gates of Mantra -- Solo Training, yang learning X2 , Inner Gates learning.
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