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 Act 2: Scene 1 (Kiri ---> Konoha)

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PostSubject: Act 2: Scene 1 (Kiri ---> Konoha)   September 9th 2016, 14:27

Act 2: Resurgence

There was an erie silence among the group of individuals as Senju Heise carried the cloak of the Gesshoku in his hands. It hadn’t been worn since the first war.

“Eliot called” Mei-Lee said breaking the silence as she watched Heise hold the cloak.“But I suppose you know that already since you’re holding the cloak”

Heise looked up at Mei-Lee with pleading eyes. It was a side she’d less often than not seen from him. Most ninja understood the consequences to being a Ninja. Though still a human element of Fear, and Sadness still remained deep within them. Mei-Lee knew this all to well. She’d seen Kokoro die and now was about to witness someone close to her die as well.
“Heise I-“

“There isn’t another way” A third voice said walking behind Mei-Lee and Heise. It was Shizou appearing as swiftly and quietly as ever.

Heise’s gaze peered past Shizou to see the coffin behind him, undoubtedly carrying Kokouro’s body. Heise stood as he removed his armor like garb, and placed the Cloak on. The clouds on the clouds on the cloak slowly began to fade and form into eclipses.
“To home”
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Act 2: Scene 1 (Kiri ---> Konoha)
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