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 ~Disturbing News~ {Hayabusa & All Mercs to Konoha}

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PostSubject: ~Disturbing News~ {Hayabusa & All Mercs to Konoha}   September 11th 2016, 19:35

Hayabusa sat at his throne within his quarters, sided by Ayane, the purpled hair woman with Kaguya lineage. It had been a rather slow day. A cold feeling washed over him for some odd reason today. It wasn’t until a brief few minutes of silence had occurred, that somebody had come busting into the door. To his surprise, it had been the golden haired young man, Eliot.
“Eliot? What occasion brings you here instead of just calling me as usual…” he asked. He smiled. But the blank sorrowed expression on the young man’s face flushed the joy out of him. “What is it…” he asked. Ayane looked at him.
“It… it’s Kokoro…”
“….” Hayabusa paused. He stood up. “What’s wrong…” Hayabusa asked.
“She…. She’s dead…” Eliot said as he looked away. Hayabusa stood at a still, before collapsing over in his seat, placing his hand on his head.
“I… I don’t know… the Senju knows.”
“Lord Heise said he will disclose all details at her ceremony, which will be held tomorrow.”
“Very well…” he said. He remained quiet for a few moments. “It… it’s officially time now. In her honor…” he sighed. “She was a part of the reason I grew so strong. The reason I wanted to create Gesshoku Akatsuki. We shall appear to her ceremony as at least a partially formed organization…”
“Understood… are you to be concealed as the leader…” Eliot asked.
“No… I will let it be known that it is I. I’m tired of hiding in the shadows…”
“You two will be my lieutenants. Eliot, my first, and Ayane my second. Choose two of your own enforcers. I will contact my brother to gather his two lieutenants as well at the very least. Have Yukimura have whomever he will have gathered as well for her ceremony. This will be our first official gathering… we leave at dawn…” he said. Eliot bowed.
“Yes, Clan Master…” he said. He looked at Ayane. She nodded, and then, they were off.

The following morning, as dusk, the team had come together at Shukaku’s lair, fully clothed in Gesshoku Akatsuki robes. ‘Shadow’, or rather Hayabusa’s blood clone in the form of his alter ego, had stood with the emblem of a Black serpent on his robe, backed by Christine as his first, and Alpha as his second. Christine had her first enforcer, as her brother, Brad. Alpha’s second had been one prisoner Shadow kept before releasing him with a cursed mark, named ‘Beta’.
Hayabusa’s team consisted of lieutenant Eliot, with his enforcer, Lydeck Genshin, as well as Helena, who happened to me the owner of Beast Country land before it was established. Ayane came prepared with Hayabusa’s other siblings, Kasumi and Hayate, all ready to go. He looked around at them all.
“Alright… let’s go…” they all held on to each other, and then to ‘Shadow’, as they then disappeared out of sight…
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~Disturbing News~ {Hayabusa & All Mercs to Konoha}
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