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 Rikudo Sage Jade Accessories (Ot) - (L)

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PostSubject: Rikudo Sage Jade Accessories (Ot) - (L)   September 16th 2016, 00:35

Quote :
~ Rikudo Sage Jade Accessories ~

Quest Type: One Time - Limited

x Long ago the Rikudo Sage had a large a sorted items and weapons. Though over the years a few vanished leaving several traces to even against. The Jade set he would wear daily after the time of his youngest taking over the study of Ninshu. Has been the only few pieces that exist even today. x

~ Requirements ~
+ Level must be 5 or higher
+ 15 Posts or more

~ Rewards ~
+ Rikudo Sage: Malas of Jade
+ Rikudo Sage: Ring of Jade
+ Rikudo Sage: Neckace Repressing Jade

~ Item ~

+ - - Rikudo Sage: Malas of Jade - - >
< Beads used for praying, now have the spiritual energies of the sage sealed within them. When worn they allow one to unlock a higher level of their own spiritual energy during battles.
+ P. Effect: +22 INT
+ Effect: Soul Gauge +125% (x1.25) [During Battle] + Ninjutsu Cost Halved
+ Restrictions: Does not Halve "X" costs Techniques
+ Owner: Uchiha Hayabusa

+ - - Rikudo Sage: Ring of Jade - - >
< Completed made from genuine jade, this ring was a gift to the sage. When one wears this ring they will be given the physical energy of the sage. Unlock the sleeping powers of someone for a short time.
+ P. Effect: + 22 STR
Stats increase by x1.25 [During Battles]
+ Effect: Nexus Attributes +125% (x1.25) + Taijutsu Cost are halved
+ Restrictions: Does not Halve "X" costs Techniques
+ Owner: Raijin Raijoku Mitsurugi

+ - - Rikudo Sage: Necklace Repressing Jade - - >
< Allowing one to hide in within the world, as it's energy turns one's chakra into nature energy making it harder to sense the whereabouts of someone when worn.
+ P. Effect: +22 END
+ Effect: Chakra becomes Nature Chakra (Chakra is hidden)
+ Restrictions: Cannot use Senjutsu while wearing.
+ Owner: Hiraishin Inshitsu
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Rikudo Sage Jade Accessories (Ot) - (L)
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