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 Cutting Dragonflies from the Sky (Ot)

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PostSubject: Cutting Dragonflies from the Sky (Ot)   September 16th 2016, 01:00

Quote :
~ Cutting Dragonflies from the sky ~

Quest Type: One Time

x The dazzling spear was forged with a golden outline around its blade upon with the design of a dragonfly on each side of the blade from front to back as well. It stands in the center of lake as dragonflies fly around it as though they dance to it. A few will be cut by its beauty only to die in the lake. x

~ Requirements ~
+ Level must be 10 or higher
+ 20 Posts or more

~ Rewards ~
+ Tonbogiri - Dragonfly Cutter Spear
+ Ability Points: +450

~ Weapon ~
+ - - Tonbogiri < Dragonfly Cutter Spear > - - >
< Aba Juilan, created this spear for a peaceful way of living. As a dragonfly had landed on the blade it was cut instantly. The blade cuts through air allowing a grand striking attack.
+ Type: Martial
+ P. Effect: +25 STR
+ Damage + Effect: 100 + Fuuton Costs Halved (When held)
+ Restrictions: Does not Halve "X" costs Techniques
+ Holder:
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Cutting Dragonflies from the Sky (Ot)
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