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 Two Souls Two Blades (Ot)

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PostSubject: Two Souls Two Blades (Ot)   September 18th 2016, 22:09

Quote :
~ Two Souls Two Blades ~

Quest Type: One Time

x Long before the blacksmith Aba Julian existed. Two great swordsmen and blacksmith existed and forged wonderful blades. Yet during a presentation of their blades to a emperor the man choiced only one to be his right hand blacksmith. This lead the other to fall into a deep depression and hatred. For this he swore revenge on the blacksmith and forged a horrible blade to carry his bidding to do so. While the other forged one to counter act the hatred with peace. But both blades have been lost in time...until now.  x

~ Requirements ~
+ Level must be 25 or higher
+ 20 Posts or more

~ Rewards ~
+ Masamune
+ Murasuma
+ Ability Points: +450

~ Weapon ~
+ - - Holy Blade: Masamune - - >
< The rumored blade was said to be created by a pure heart blacksmith. Whom sealed only pure energies into the blade causing it to never turn evil. The blade is said to cut a leaf within a stream straight in half for this shows no darkness within the blade.
+ Type: Martial
+ P. Effect: +28 STR
+ Damage + Effect: 110 + (+100 HP = -100 Base DMG) + 3 Turns restores Base DMG

+ - - Cursed Blade: Murasuma - - >
+ The rumored blade was said to be created by a soulless blacksmith. Whom sealed only his negative energies and hate for the world into the blade. The blade is said to cut a leaf in two but circle the blade to show its darkness. Those that wield this blade are said to be killed by it if not fulfilling its contract.
+ Type: Martial
+ P. Effect: +30 STR
+ Damage + Effect: 120 + (-100 HP = +100 DMG) + Curse: Kill 1 NPC/PC Every 2 Weeks - [MAX HP -50 HP per day, if not completed.]
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Two Souls Two Blades (Ot)
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