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 Jewel of an Oni (Ot)

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PostSubject: Jewel of an Oni (Ot)   September 18th 2016, 22:37

Quote :
~ Jewel of an Oni ~

Quest Type: One Time

x A powerful Oni existed within the world long ago. As times were changing it took its life energy and forged a powerful jewel from it. Though it knew evil would still exist even if it were to leave the world so it placed a curse on the jewel. For whom wears the jewel may obtain the life force of the Oni they must exchange the powers of recovering like a mortal. x

~ Requirements ~
+ Level must be 10 or higher
+ 15 Posts or more

~ Rewards ~
+ Jewel of Life: Enman
+ Ability Points: +400

~ Item ~
+ - - Jewel of life: Enman - - >
< The jewel of life's harmony created by an Oni placing their life force into the jewel. When worn it was said to add life force into whomever wears it and protect them from diseases. But the Oni made sure that it could not be used for evil ways by placing a curse on it.
+ P. Effect:
+ Effect: +250 Max HP + Negate Battle Effects on Player
+ Placement: Accessory (Neck)

+ Curse +
< Kasan – Caring for one’s Health – The curse causes one to be unable to recover HP through any form of healing.
+ Effect: HP & Max HP cannot increase by Items, Jutsus or even outside help.

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Jewel of an Oni (Ot)
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