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 The Tunnel from Kumo to Konoha

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PostSubject: The Tunnel from Kumo to Konoha   May 16th 2017, 03:11

Awakening from his room in Kumo Grave sat up slowly turning his head to the see the black sky still. Letting out a small yawn he would stand up slowly getting up to take a look at everything around him before stretching to crack his body shaking it off.

"Guess its time to start moving out...I need to know what I'm truly going to do with my life."

Grave said as he turned to finish packing his things before hearing a knock at the door. He was fully dressed surprisingly as he walked over to open the door opening it just a crack seeing the eyes of his brother. Whom only stood waving softly to his brother.

"Setting off again?"

Hao had asked calmly with a light grin on his face, Grave gave the same one back but finished packing saying calmly back.

"Yes for now, I'll return when the time is right I just have to check on somethings real quick is all."

Bowing to his brother Hao came walking over slowly patting his brother's back with a smile and his eyes seeming to be half way open.

"Be safe and have fun do not rush everything."

Walking out with his hand in the air Grave turned to smile shaking his head slowly as he turned back to look at the night morning sky and saying calmly to himself.

"Let's start off this new adventure right this time..."

Grave placed his palm softly on the ground focusing chakra to it saying under his breath.


A vortex started to spiral around Grave as he vanished sinking into the ground but within moments appear within the forest outside of Konoha to where the story starts of him seeing someone leaving at great speed.
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The Tunnel from Kumo to Konoha
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