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 Solo - The Warming Home Filled with Pain Pt1. - RP

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PostSubject: Solo - The Warming Home Filled with Pain Pt1. - RP   May 20th 2017, 22:01

The clear skies would be settling allowing the sun to show its lovely glow to the rest of the world. As the sun never chances for anyone nor moves for anything it continues to just exist on its own. Waking up to the light beaming at him while he was resting holding Sakura close to him. He removed himself from the bed carefully walking over towards the window to see out of it and smile at the nature but more importantly the beauty of the land he called his own home. The night would flash on him as he thought about the young man he ran into within the forest covered in blood. Sighing to this he turned with only pants on walking barefoot through the house to heading towards the guest room.

There he opened the door slowly to see the shinobi that he took with him resting against the wall gazing out into the morning sun.

"Ah so you are wake, how did you sleep?" Grave asked figuring the response would be nothing but it was worth a shot to even see what he would answer if anything.

"I did sleep for a bit...but the fact the images continued to play in my head so I just woke up not to long ago from the nightmares. Thank you for asking."

Tsukiyomi turned his head towards the gentleman who took him and was curious as to why he was even brought there to begin with. Getting up slowly he was dressed only in a training pants and a Tshirt with no sleeves as he looked over at the gentleman once again curious. Only to turn away slightly heading to the restroom.

"So what is it you want from me since you brought me here..."

Tsukiyomi seemed to be aiming at Grave for something but nothing really crossed his mind as he nodded for a bit to answer the young shinobi.

"I brought you here cause you seemed to not have a home to go you do not seem strong enough to even fight against those that were after you."

Grave had tried to strike something into the young man as he popped his head from the corner of the bathroom's door frame yelling out in a angered tone.

"Hey, I had those guys where I needed them if anything..."

Turning to head back into the bathroom Grave blinked lightly crossing his arms leaning against the wall before thinking about it once again about the young boy and the body they had taken. The body was taken to the safe haven of the dead where Grave made sure nobody was able to bother them. However Grave figured something was wrong about the whole thing before turning his attention over again to the bathroom's door.

"Why...not just train with me?"

Poking back out the young man stared for a bit before looking down moving back towards the bathroom hearing the sound of spit as he was brushing his teeth. The boy came out with a towel on his head speaking to Grave.

"What's in it for me better yet what do you really gain out of it?"

Grave thought about it for a moment then remembered the sharingan that he noticed before smiling softly saying in a joking manner. Before long noticed the dark glare coming from Tsukiyomi before turning away smiling again with his hands in the air.

"If you really want to train...then meet me in the back later on today but I would suggest you purchase better gear if anything."

The door would slide close with Tsukiyomi left standing in the room sighing heavily before he turned to see another figure down below just standing before vanishing as though they were a phantom. He believed his past was starting to hunt him before he turned to look at his gear covered in blood. Sighing at he just went without his sword holstered to him and the weights placed onto him.

He skipped going to the store coming to the field from where Grave stood surrounded by four others before he had them vanish leaving only Grave and him standing glancing over at Grave.

"Okay I'm here now what?"

Grave nodded as he vanished only to have Jouten pulled out to come at Tsukiyomi with a powerful thrust of his blade. From which Tsukiyomi tried to block it but was pushed back by the sheer force of the blade before having Tsukiyomi regain his balance Grave was already under him with the white blade aiming at the throat of Tsukiyomi.

Pulling back slightly the sword missed leaving only a small cut but the red eyes locked onto Grave as Tsukiyomi was confused for a bit as to wonder if this man was trying to kill him or even steal his eyes as well.

" are like them as take "them" In that case!"

The rage built up inside of him only to feel his eyes starting to throb with pain as he fell to his knees in pain from it all.


Tsukiyomi continued to yell in pain as Grave took a step closer with his blade out. The blade would then rest on Grave's shoulders as he neared the young man in pain.

"I do not know what happen but I will say did something and you are running from it...its time you face the past and understand that you are only endangering those around you not just you so stop being selfish and fight seriously!"

Grave yelled at the young man as he would only scream in pain thinking of the past to which he followed the orders watch his friend be killed for his eyes to which he unlocked the sharingan and battled to save his life but take her away. Then another flash of the battles between him and his brother only to see tears appear before him. It was true he was running but this time he was not running anymore.

Moving his hands from his face the three tomoe's fused together only to unlock a new design to which Grave stepped back confused for a moment.

"You're...right I am running, I killed my brother...but I loved him very dearly...and for that I shall show my rage here and now...AMATSUKAMI!"

That moment nothing happen until Grave tilted his head Tsukiyomi only showed to be viewing with only his left eye but soon after a shadow was over Grave to him looking upwards a disc of black flames floated above him as spears of flames came flying at him from above stabbing the man.


Grave yelled as the flames engulfed him leaving Tsukiyomi falling to his knees breathing heavily staring at the burned ashes as they soon would vanish leaving the burnt body on the ground. Tsukiyomi could tell he was lifeless now.

"N-no...what have I done...I did not mean to..."

Then a voice was heard from the side.

"All is well but I must say that was an interesting technique."

Tsukiyomi turned sharply to see Grave was standing perfectly fine, dressed in his priest garments that were given to him from his grandfather. Tsukiyomi looked to noticed the figure suddenly turn to a piece of wood vanishing into nothing.

"W-what was that?"

Grave walked closer hearing the confusion in the boy's voice before saying.

"It was demon clone...its a double of me in a way that cannot truly die like a normal shadow clone or clone technique."

Tsukiyomi was a bit amazed but more or less confused as to what he even did with a strange technique as he viewed the damage done. Was more curious as to it being his fault as he turned to Grave wondering what they were going to do next.

"Okay...Tsukiyomi it seems you unlocked a power that is higher than the Sharingan itself. Though in my studies I believed it to be called, the Mangekyou sharingan. How it comes to be I'm unsure of or its powers as the legend said, Uchiha Madara had one in his life time."

On his knees Tsukiyomi was left weaken for a bit before closing his eyes allowing the pain to ease for a bit as he stood up ready to go once again.

"I understand...then let us continue where we left off if anything."

Soon exhaustion came hitting his body as he fell over weaken and unable to move. Grave walked over helping the young male up taking him over to the bedroom to have him rest once again.

"You rest for a bit...and when you awake we shall train once again I promise."

Tsukiyomi nodded as he slowly closed his eyes resting as Grave himself turned looking back with a smile on his face. One of the shinobi that joined Grave on his quest to obtaining the Bijuu stood beside him.

"What should we do with the young boy's brother?"

Grave glanced back with a bit of sorrow on his face.

"Place him in the coffin like the others but be careful its his brother I will have to make a memorial for all of them if anything I want his brother kept safe if he anyone were to steal his brother's never forgive myself for that."

The figure nodded vanishing leaving Grave to look out side at the damage amazed as well but slowly closed his eyes saying.

"He'll get even stronger from here on out."

End of Part 1

1572 EXP / 2 = 786 Both parties (Tsukiyomi and Grave)
+ Mangekyou Sharingan technique (Amatsukami)
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Solo - The Warming Home Filled with Pain Pt1. - RP
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