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 Solo - The Warming Home Filled with Pain Pt2. - RP/Training

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PostSubject: Solo - The Warming Home Filled with Pain Pt2. - RP/Training   May 21st 2017, 08:43

The morning sun had finally set with Tsukiyomi opening his eyes sharply looking at the night sky confused for a moment but grabbing his head feeling a bit of throbbing from his eyes. Getting up he slowly walked over to the bathroom glancing into the mirror seeing his eyes become the sharingan then evolve once more into something else something he had never seen before. Falling backwards he was scared for a bit but then recovered to see his sharingan appeared once more from which he started to walk down the hallway leading the family room.

He glanced over at the kitchen noticing the young female cooking something then his attention turned to see Grave was sitting on the couch reading a book of some sorts before having to even say anything he could hear the females soft spoken voice.

“Oh my, Grave he’s awake love?”

Grave turned his attention over to Tsukiyomi closing his book placing it to his right side smiling making eye contact with him as he stood up walking over to the young man. He placed his hand on Tsukiyomi’s right shoulder smiling saying softly.

“Look at you, you had a fear on us all because of the fact you were sleeping the entire day, I guess using that technique ate a lot of your chakra leaving you weak it be best to hold off from ever using it again if anything.”

Tsukiyomi thought about it turning his eyes to Grave before opening his mouth to speak.

“You’re right…but at the moment I’m weak…I need to train right now!”

Soon a knife would come flying pass both men before watching the knife hit the wall they slowly turned with their eyes widen looking over at the kitchen area as Sakura had another knife in her hand watching them both only to yell out.

“Like hell you two are going to train right now…I have slaved over this fucking kitchen making dinner you two will come in here and sit at that dining table and eat!”

They both turned to each other nodding softly as they moved over towards the table to have a seat with Sakura as Grave looked around wondering where everyone else was at.

“Hey where are the others?”

Grave questioned it as they are usually never that far behind from having a meal at least. But Sakura started making everyone’s bowl with rice as she answered Grave at the same time.

“They all wanted their meals to go.”

Tsukiyomi raised an eyebrow trying to figure out what they meant by everyone. Then flashes came back to him looking out his window seeing a figure and then another by Grave the time of training. As they came together he figured something was a bit off as he felt watched before. But at the dinner table everything was different.

“Okay boys enjoy!”

The dinner table selection had on it the main meal being of white rice with grilled fish. Beside the rice had thick cuts of steak and pork with vegetables near it. It was a meal Tsukiyomi was not accustom to just yet as he stared for a bit before lowering his head with tears falling from him. As Grave and Sakura looked at each other before back to the young man.

“I’m…sorry…I’m just not use to this…everything changed for me so…quickly…so fast.”

Sakura reached over holding the young boys hand and grasping it softly with a big smile on her face saying with a loving mother’s tone to it.

“Tsukiyomi, the past is the past the future is the future we live how we see fit to those around us to ourselves our life can be filled with many things but we must understand that we cannot just ignore any and everything we must accept it all with open arms and never turn against it at all.”

Grave nodded to Sakura’s words placing his other hand on hers smiling with hope. Tsukiyomi stopped his tears before turning to look at everyone nodding softly lifting his head up higher.

“Train…train me please Grave…so I can walk stronger.”

Grave turned his head for a bit returning to his food but only smiled from behind the bowl of rice as Sakura moved back to her seat to see Grave’s face before he answered.

“We can talk after dinner.”

Everyone nodded returning to another family moment that would allow them to share together for futures to come. It soon showed that later on that night Grave finished taking a move from his seat as Tsukiyomi was curious to what was going on as he had helped with the dishes with Sakura. Grave soon returned poking at Tsukiyomi, nudging him to follow where he was heading.

Tsukiyomi followed Grave to the room that was a small closet with the door opened before pointing for Tsukiyomi to get into it. Before long the shinobi raised and eyebrow but did as he was motioned to do. Before long the door closed and he trapped in a small spaced box only to feel gravity shift a bit on him. As the box crashed on the ground floor the door opened with Tsukiyomi coming out coughing and glancing over to see a man place his things down.

“Hello, I’m Yoh pleasure to meet ya buddy!”

Blinking to this Tsukiyomi nodded back to Yoh and waved his hand saying softly back but also confused to him.

“Indeed…it’s a pleasure to meet you as well.”

Grave soon appeared from behind the rock structure that was one of many on the field the desert grass field having his jouton on his side and smiling at Tsukiyomi. They both would be seen making eye contact before Tsukiyomi reached over this time taking two swords both being the twin blades, Swords of Fervor.

The moment Tsukiyomi rushed over with the blades by his side, nearing he would thrust the left one forward and then the right one repeating this chain only to have Grave slide back each step dodging the blades for each time they were trying to near him but he managed to pull in close and upper cut with his left fist sending the young man flying back to the ground.

Recovering after landing on the ground he struggled to recover having his eyes change to the mangekyou sharingan. Grave rushed over with his blade on Tsukiyomi’s neck. Leaning over to give him a dead glare.

“Use it…but remember I’ll end you right now, that technique drains you to having absolute nothing remaining leaving you with only barely any energy left to fight let alone defend yourself.

Thinking about the words said to him Tsukiyomi knew Grave was right he had to stop thinking for that moment. The moment he performed the technique would mean it would be his last attack missing would mean the end of his life. The sharigan returned to normal with the three tomoes appearing as he pushed off the ground drawing his blades as he charged Grave once more but as they blades were starting to swing faster.

Grave’s eyes soon triggered as well allowing him some room to come up with an advantage point before pushing off Tsukiyomi was curious before he pointed saying.

“Are you like a Uchiha?”

Grave laughed a little bit before shaking head and hand in the air. Trying to come up with a way to explain truly for him to understand.

“This is my family’s kekkei genkai passed on by our ancestor like your eyes I can follow some movements as well just not as good as that sharingan of yours.”

With that Tsukiyomi took that too note as both men would clash with their blades having the metal spark each time they would have their blade touch. They pushed each other to breathing heavily before coming back with a stronger strike each time. Increasing their strength in the contact, pushing off Tsukiyomi slide back a bit only for him to loose track of Grave for that split second.

He turned to the left blocking the attacking coming at the back of his neck watching with the red eyes. The sharingan could see Grave’s movements a bit different than now his body was moving fluidly without any delay in his technique.

“Nice try, but I’m able to see your movements a bit better than last time so what will you do in this time.”

Grave smiled looking at the kid before he slowly brought the back of his right leg over from behind the back of TSukiyomi smashing in to his upper back pushing Tsukiyomi to the ground sliding. Pushing up slowly he shook his head for a bit turning to see Grave standing tall after landing the hit.

“You got cocky…do not allow that on the battle field, now time to up your training just a bit.”

Grave smiled clapping his hands together taking a praying stance as he pulled apart he slowly opened his mouth but then yelled out,

“Toki Kamui Kokudo!”

After a while the room was starting to become a dark space leaving nothing but a void as it engulfed both men into a different world. The sharingan was moving rapidly as though it was scanning the area for a way out just in case but the technique seemed to be different as it was not just any kind of technique. The first time seeing this Tsukiyomi was not sure to be scared or exicited about the technique. But the dome finished leaving only them to stand with their blades in hand.

That moment of silence came across them only after a few seconds did the clash of metal began to ring within the dome leaving only echos of ring after ring as though they were dropping water into a puddle creating ripples. Each would be pushed back further with their hits though something was different this time Grave was starting to speed up appearing behind Tsukiyomi causing him to try and catch up more and more to him. It was strange as though Tsukiyomi was unable to catch up cause of the speed difference.

Yet it was not that, Tsukiyomi felt it his body was slowing down it was not Grave was getting faster, the pressure the magnitude of the technique was crushing Tsukiyomi’s young body strangely he knew something was off but to believe a technique like this could do that.

Meanwhile on the outside four figures watched from a safe pointed betting and smiling with one another.

“Hey, Yoh you think Phantom would take on the kid if anything?”

Yoh leaned back to stare at his brother than lock eyes at Phantom’s back before leaning forward smiling saying,

“Nah, Phantom would just kill him if he didn’t like him right Phantom?”

Phantom turned to look at the battle that was going on saying to both of them with a calm voice and dark humor added to it.

“I do not kill for pleasure, but I’ll kill when it’s a advantage or something for me gaining that is how a battle should be not boring entertainment for others to view. Do you agree Yiniko?”

Yiniko was watching carefully at the battle as she didn’t show much of her age but was more interested in the battle before saying waving her hand.

“Yes yes, our master is perfectly fine I just like how cute the kid is honestly…I hope Grave doesn’t hurt him too badly though…”

The three guys turned their attention over to Yiniko and then back at each other sighing heavily as she did not even hear what they were even talking about as their attention returned to the dome. It was not long until Sakura came to watch as well curious to see how the training was going for both of them as Grave had vanished to train with his family and only returned with a two bodies one that was breathing heavily from shock and the other lifeless one. That night played in her head.



Sakura yelled in shock and worry but was set on helping Grave as she promised. Grave turned nodding at her for a bit saying to her calmly.

“Its fine its not mine but please take this young man with you to the house. Yoh, Phantom take this one…to my “Place” he’s not within this world.”

The body of the other young man was handed off to them as they nodded taking the body away leaving only Grave with Sakura and Tsukiyomi. Walking him to the house having him sit on the floor trying to calm down from the shock of everything. Grave placed is hand on Sakura’s right shoulder softly saying to her.

“I’ll be right back I’m going to get him cleaned clothes to wear.”

She nodded returning her attention to Tsukiyomi as his eyes remained open only to notice something. His eyes would change to become bright red with three tomoes but they would merge together showing a different form. Only Tsukiyomi placed his hand on his face rubbing his face as it vanished returning back to normal. Sakura was confused for a bit but heard Grave come back keeping the information to herself.

*End of Flashback*

“I wonder…if that was what caused the damage the other day that Grave was telling me about…if so Grave…what are you really aiming at with this young man.”

Having her hands behind her back she waited for the battle to come to an end only for both men to be seen from inside sweating heavily clashing their blades together pushing back with a fire technique being fired at Grave. It was soon stopped by a shield of wood but soon was taken by surprised as Tsukiyomi appeared behind Grave coming to hit him from behind with both blades. Grave smirked as his body was covered in metal taking the hit as he turned to deliver the punch from the armor as it vanished landing on the ground.

Tsukiyomi hit the ground heavy like a crashing asteroid it seemed leaving a trail from where he traveled from the shock of the punch. Standing up slowly he stared at Grave with a smile before the sharingan vanished on him falling to a knee breathing heavily. Grave jumped down to smile as he removed the technique as it slowly started to retreat into the ground Grave walked over to the young shinobi reaching out with his hand.

“Nice job…we’ll continue our training later on in the day okay?”

Sakura and the other ran over to them to take a look at everyone. Grave pointed to Yoh and Sou to take care of Tsukiyomi for a bit as the others turned getting ready to leave but was stopped by the voice coming from the ground.

“Again…I want to keep going…”

Tsukiyomi’s will was pushing him to even go beyond the limit that was placed on his body before long. Though sighing to the sound and attitude the boy had to training Grave nodded.

“Okay but first rest than we can come back and training, this training ground is not just mine this is also theirs so come will go for now and then afterwards we can train once again I promise you that okay.”

Smiling Tsukiyomi nodded as Yoh and Sou helped him up taking him to the side to lean against a rock structure as Grave returned to the surface of Hikari. Phantom turned to look at Grave.

“Are you okay sir?”

Phantom was worried that it was possible that Tsukiyomi used the new sharingan to attack Grave again.

“No, I’m fine just old Phantom.” Smiling and laughing a bit Grave turned his attention to Phantom, Sakura and Yiniko. “Where is his brother’s body?”

Phantom paused and nodded saying to him.

“His brother is placed within the salt coffin until we can figure out where to bury him.”

Grave turned his attentions back to the training ground and then back to them.

“I want to keep his brother’s body safe because if he’s just this strong he can get stronger with the right training but also if someone was to get his brother’s body…I would hate myself cause we did not protect the dead correctly nor stopped them from stealing the body. But thank you everyone…now let’s retreat to the library I need to research something. That is bugging the back of my head and I need to know for sure if Tsukiyomi is able to even do it.”

Sakura tilted her head confused for a moment but leaned over saying calmly.

“Do what, you mean to tell me that strange eye he had the night he came here are you not?”

Everyone paused looking at Sakura trying to figure out how or when she really noticed that. Rubbing his head Grave thought he awaken the eye during the day training against the demon puppet.

“Wait he did?” Grave asked with shock and surprise.

“Yes he did, the night you brought them both here was the same night he had a strange symbol in his eyes it was not the same in the documents you had at the library so what does it mean for that to happen honestly?”

Grave placed his arms across one another thinking of that as well before telling her the truth.

“I believe its called a Mangekyou Sharingan, but sadly I do not know what or how its even truly gained. The history scrolls only tell me that the one named Uchiha Madara had one and was able to control the powers of the tailed beast with it. So in honestly I’m not sure as to how the eye evolves or what it requires. But from what I’ve gathered if he killed his brother then…I believe there is a small price to be paid for it to even awaken but at the same time I believe there is a drawback on it as well. As the scroll did say Uchiha Madara lost his vision but never how he regained it.”

Sakura stood back a bit and nodded to that before long as she was curious to. “I see…so you are going to figure out the truth of it all now aren’t you.”

Grave nodded to her before leaning over to kiss her on the cheek. “Yes…but I have to also keep training him just a bit more so he can get use to his eyes after that…we will know what to do for him.” Grave smiled as everyone retreated to the library to come and began their research on everything.

End of Part 2
3095 (1548 > Tsukiyomi | 1547 > Grave)

- Training Ground used: +1 to Grave | +1 Tsukiyomi
- Toki Kamui Kokudo used: +1 to Grave | +1 Tsukiyomi
- Weights: +1 Tsukiyomi

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PostSubject: Re: Solo - The Warming Home Filled with Pain Pt2. - RP/Training   May 21st 2017, 08:50

Rolls for Training

Tsukiyomi - x1.50 | x2 | +18
- TP = 7 x 2 = 14 - 10 = 4 /2 = 2 TP Remaining

Grave - x1.50 | x2
- TP = 8 x 2 = 16 - 10 = 6 /2 = 3 TP Remaining
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PostSubject: Re: Solo - The Warming Home Filled with Pain Pt2. - RP/Training   May 21st 2017, 08:50

The member 'Grave Breaker' has done the following action : Dice

#1 'Exercise Dice' : 3, 4, 1, 2, 2, 1, 3, 1, 4, 5


#2 'Exercise Dice' : 8, 1, 2, 5, 2, 9, 4, 8, 3, 2
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PostSubject: Re: Solo - The Warming Home Filled with Pain Pt2. - RP/Training   May 21st 2017, 09:01

STR: 3 + 2 + 9 = +14 x1.50 = 21 x2 = 42
END: 3 + 2 + 1 = +6 x1.50 = 9 x2 = 18
DEX: 4 + 1 + 9 = +14 x1.50 = 21 x2 = 42
INT: 5 + 1 + 4 = +10 x1.50 =15 x2 = 30

STR: 8 + 2 + 3 = +13 x1.50 = 20 x2 = 40
END: 8 + 2 + 1 = +11 x1.50 = 17 x2 = 34
DEX: 5 + 4 = +9 x1.50 = 14 x2 = 28
INT: 9 + 2 = +11 x1.50 = 17 x2 = 34
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PostSubject: Re: Solo - The Warming Home Filled with Pain Pt2. - RP/Training   

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Solo - The Warming Home Filled with Pain Pt2. - RP/Training
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