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 One with Nature (Nature Training)

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PostSubject: One with Nature (Nature Training)    May 21st 2017, 09:34

The training in the Rakshasa Caves did indeed prove helpful, despite Chigatsumi and Bloody Mist's interruption. Given the demand to be absolutely still on a stone slab above several stone spikes, Asura felt he could control his body's idiosyncrasies better and reduced his movement significantly. Even his breath became less and less.

Right now, he was back outside in the thicket of the jungle around him. The times that Vidav had to smack him in the head to prevent a transformation-- became fewer and fewer. In fact, Asura had no intervention today as he practiced. For a long time now, he could sense nature energy all around him. The sheer amount was baffling. It radiated from every part of the jungle, earth and air. It was like a mass reservoir of chakra that just never seemed to end to his eyes.

The more he sensed it, the more he began to understand. Nature Energy was an ever-moving current. It wove its way through everything, even humans. Though unconscious, it was there, and intertwined with everything. Now more than ever, his senses began to be boggled by the amount that was around.

Vidav was right. If one took in too much, its no wonder they would transform into something else inhuman.

From afar, Vidav continued to oversee his training, as he sat in a nearby tree, his legs crossed and paws tucked into his sleeve. Other tigers, even Ravana would come over to see his progress in curiosity as he meditated in the middle of the jungle. Many were drawn to Asura to see him come so far in his training and to perhaps complete it.

Asura was woven in the flow of Nature Energy. The trick was to not sense and draw it in alone-- but to allow it to flow both in and out at the same time! He became one of the flow, allowing some in, and some out in his still state. Slowly, bit by bit, he would draw in more till his control became smooth and stable with his body.

From his tree, Vidav watched as Asura meditated-- and noticed a change. At first the tiger was prepared to jump and beat Asura with the stick-- but he paused. The change wasn't that of turning into a cat... but something different. Asura's skin for a moment seemed to darken, tanned almost, and his hair became lighter. The brief show of marks appeared, but soon vanished, as if they were stripes. Just as sudden as it appeared, they vanished on his meditating form.

Vidav paused for a moment, then stood up on the branch. "Okay, Asura, that is enough for now," Vidav said as he looked to Asura. "Come on, I got a new exercise. If you pull this off, you will be able to complete your training. "

Taking a moment, Asura slowly breathed in and out, then opened his eyes. He swiftly rolled back and jumped back to his feet in a smooth motion. "What's up?" Asura asked.

Vidav jumped down to the ground and approached the young shinobi. "First off, let me say how well you improved and adjusted. You are actually doing a great job, faster than I anticipated. " Vidav said with a smile. "Now, the final step is for you to personally balance the action between stillness and action. "

Asura tilted his head. "What do you mean?" he asked.

"I mean as you must realize, drawing in Nature Energy requires great stillness and be so immovable that you become one with the energy around you," Vidav explained, "However, you can't expect to have such a moment of peace in the middle of a fight, can you?"

The young man paused as he rubbed his chin in thought. "You got a point there..."

"Senjutsu depends on stillness, and then taking action when you have the right amount. For this, I have a training idea now for you. From now on, I'd like you to start hunting with the other tigers."

Asura blinked at Vidav's suggestion. "Hunting? How will that help me with nature energy?" he asked.

Vidav gave Asura a narrow look, as if it was an obvious question. "How do you suspect we tigers hunt our prey? We are jungle prowlers. We hide in wait. Our fur acts as camouflage most of the time, and we do not rush in unless we are sure we can strike," the elder tiger explained. "A true hunter knows how to stop his movement, wait for the right moment. Any kind of movement will alarm a sensitive animal you are attempting to hunt. "

This didn't occure to Asura till now. Tigers had always been powerful hunters. He had never needed to hunt food before, but now seems like it was time for him to do so.

"You will hunt with some of the other tigers. Learn from their stillness and action... I believe this is the final key in your training. If you can learn to balance those two steps, nature energy will not be out of your control. "

Asura took a moment and looked at his hand. Even now, without his state of stillness, he could feel nature energy still linger around his muscles and skin like the wind. It was impossible to describe, almost a new state of focus he never obtained before.

"Okay... it actually sounds like fun," Asura replied.

Vidav smiled. "Remember, we as tigers known when to remain perfectly still. We blend in with our surroundings, with nature itself. When the time is right, we strike. Till then, that stillness will be your ally."

Asura smiled and nodded.

"You better not cost us our kill," Chigatsumi said from the cover of the bushes.

"Ugh, why do we need to take the cub with us on the hunt, damnit?" Bloody Mist complained.

The three of them, CHigatsumi, Bloody Mist-- and Asura were all hidden behind a series of bushes and tall grass. Asura laid on the ground as the three kept watch for food to come by. "Will you two quit your belly-aching. I know how to hunt when I need to." Asura whispered.

Chigatsumi just turned his whiskers away. "Well you better catch something. Don't think we will share our dinner with you," the tiger replied.

"Neither of us will catch anything if you don't shut up..." Asura grumbled.

The comment made Bloody Mist chuckle, and his brother to glare at him with an annoyed look.

Now focused, Asura moved with the two tigers, through the jungle. As they hunted, Vidav watched from a distance afar. Even though not close up, Vidav was a tiger keen with his vision and could easily sense everything going on in the jungle. With it, he detected Asura and observed as he and the two tigers hunted.

"How is he doing?" a gruff voice spoke up. Vidav slowly turned to find the large head of Boss Byakko near him.

"Better than I hoped. The boy is a genius in his own way," Vidav said, "You did well to put your trust in him. Though he has an impulsive demeanor, he knows how to control it and sharper than I thought. "

Boss Byakko growled in content and looked to the jungle where Asura was. "I can't be sure if my trust is well placed or not, but I can understand what it means to be driven from one's home. Hmm... I can't help but like that boy, even with Ravana in toe. "

Vidav smirked and chuckled. "Ah, Lord Byakko... you seem to be going soft in your old age," the older tiger replied.

"Grrrr!" Byakko growled , "Your older than I am, Master. I'm still in my prime. Not gonna give up my title any time soon."

Vidav chuckled still and continued to watch Asura grow closer to master nature energy. When he did, both Boss Byakko and Vidav would be there to see it.

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PostSubject: Re: One with Nature (Nature Training)    May 21st 2017, 09:36

Rolling for Nature training. The following numbers are for which.

1st roll is Nature Control, Second is for Endurance, Thrid is for Strength.

+2 to all rolls for quick learner.

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PostSubject: Re: One with Nature (Nature Training)    May 21st 2017, 09:36

The member 'Enjin' has done the following action : Dice

'Exercise Dice' : 10, 10, 7
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PostSubject: Re: One with Nature (Nature Training)    May 21st 2017, 10:22

Results-- 10 to nature energy. FUCKING A-- mastered Nature Control. 12 to Endurance. 9 to Strength.

Time had passed in the jungle as late afternoon came. The sky had began to turn orange as the sun set to the west. Chigatsumi and Bloody Mist were set up around nearby in the jungle, both of them keeping an eye out for food.

Asura at the moment kept to himself-- split off from the two tigers. Mostly because they wouldn't shut up. In his opinion, the two brothers probably didn't catch much with their yapping. However, he did know they were capable of it when push came to shove.

If Asura didn't catch anything, he wouldn't get dinner-- a good motivation to master the techniques he learned. Crouched on all fours, he hid within the shade of the canopy and bushes nearby. Before, he would of been wary of every plant and animal in this jungle, but now he was strangely at ease to be there. It was as familiar and comforting to him than his own home. Any kind of threat or danger he was wary of was now gone in his mind.

Softly, a small rustle stirred. Asura opened his eyes and through the pushes spotted it. A large boar-- no a Tapir scrummages through the grass. Asura almost felt bad as he saw the size of the animal, no more than a few years old. He normally hated to kill it, but it had to be done. One thing he learned about nature, it was all about survival. To not kill it, was to die yourself. He gave a small mental apology, and knelt lower.

He was on all fours as if to crawl-- in short he was crouched low. His body stance almost seemed cat like as it was as his eyes were locked on the target. Even though he looked tense-- his body was loose and completely still. ALmost unconsciously, nature energy moved through him as he was now fully still. He didn't make a sound or movement-- and the Tapir continued to sniff at the grass and nibbled on it.

So enlaced with the natural energy, Asura was undetected. It was as if he was silent to everything and everything. He kept that way for a few minutes till the Taper turned to have his back to Asura.

He snapped open his eyes-- no longer showing his normal red pupils but now orange and black pupils--- like that of a real tiger!


A blur of movement caused the forest to come alive a second later. Nearby birds flew off, but the action was done.

The Tapir laid dead, with a clear slash made across its side to its neck. It was a swift and merciful kill, happening so fast the animal likely felt little pain.

From afar, Vidav and Byakko could sense and see Asura in a small gap in the trees. THey saw him, and looked in both surprise and awe. "He has done it..." Vidav said.

Boss Byakko growled in approval. "He is one of us, now."

In the clearing, the humanoid figure stood beside his kill. His body was now different-- his skin now a deeper shade tanned. Strange white markings ran over his back , arms and to his face like tiger stripes. His hair also was lighter in color. Though the move would exhaust most people, Asura stood there calm and at ease, as if the execution of the taijutsu didn't cost a thing.

His breath was more of a growl as Asura stood there. The nature energy rippled within his limbs, and made him feel strong. He struck almost out of sheer instinct and now had complete control of its flow in his body. His eyes glowed with an amber fire of a tiger as he looked out before him, his body transformed.

In a blur of motion, Vidav appeared nearby in the clearing. "Well done, Asura," Vidav said and smiled. "On behalf of the Blood Vale Tigers, you are now officially one of us."

The intense look on Asura's transformed face changed as he became aware of Vidav and turned to him with a perplexed look. "Huh? Wait, what are you talking about?"

Vidav said nothing and just wove a hand sign. Like before, he created a mass of water and it took shape into a flat, reflective surface as a mirror. As the image became clearer, Asura soon saw himself, and how his appearance had changed.

"U-huh? Wow..." Asura gasped.

Asura looked in surprise as he saw himself look completely different, even though he felt normal if not stronger. "This is... me?" He slowly turned around, observing the strange white markings on his body that resembled tattoos or stripes.

"That is because of Sage mode," Vidav said and stepped out from behind the mirror. "Your body is now transformed with the force of Nature Energy. Your strength, speed, reflexes and senses are now enhanced in this state. Unlike the transformations before, this is a manifestation of your nature energy completely balanced, with at least some tiger aspects. "

Asura saw himself again in the mirror straight on, and smiled. "I can live with this... I look pretty cool too," he said and smirked, noticing a small growth of canines there as well.

"You're ninjutsu and taijutsu will also be amplified from this state as well. There is still plenty to learn though, regarding Nature Energy, so don't get too ahead of yourself," Vidav said with a smile. "You have mastered Nature Energy control. That was the hard part. Now, you must learn the jutsu and skills to utilize them. "

Asura let out a sound, almost like a purr or growl but it was his own eagerness and excitement. "Great! Let's get started!"

This time, a full laugh escaped Vidav as he walked over and gave Asura a pat on the shoulder. "Now now, take a moment. You have mastered Nature Energy, obtained Sage Mode, and became the first true Tiger Sage," the tiger said with the joy of an old man's revel. "I think that is cause for celebration, don't you?"

Asura calmed himself and smiled back. "Heh... okay. Glad at least I got some dinner." he then picked up the now dead tapir, and held it under his arm.

"Heh, well then you will be surprised. We will train more in Sage arts later, but for now. Rest, celebrate," Vidav said and turned around, encouraging Asura to follow him. "You have more than earned it."

Asura's body slowly transformed back-- his sunkissed skin returned and so did his red hair. Even his nails, for a moment longer, now returned to normal. The furious demeanor of his Sage mode melted away, to his smile. "Thank you, Lord Vidav".

The rest of the night, the tigers reveled the celebration. They feasted, played and cheered for Asura-- the first human sage to be among them as one of their own.

And for the first time in a while, Asura truly felt like he was home.

Thread End.

Total word count: 2489

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PostSubject: Re: One with Nature (Nature Training)    

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One with Nature (Nature Training)
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