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 Solo - The Day of Breath - RP (Tsukiyomi Only)

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PostSubject: Solo - The Day of Breath - RP (Tsukiyomi Only)   May 24th 2017, 19:19

The afternoon had rolled over rather quickly as Tsukiyomi was laying down outside on his first real day off from training. The clouds would slowly blanket the sky covering the sun’s rays from shining down on the surface of his face here and there a break of light would shine through. It was not bad in the village Tsukiyomi felt a bit at home because of it. Though still memories came leaving him with a bit of sweat others left with his heart calm beating peacefully.

After which it was not until long that Grave came walking out to stare at the young boy. Leaning over he poked Tsukiyomi on the head speaking softly.

“Watcha up to, better yet what is on your mind?”

Tsukiyomi opened his eyes slowly seeing his instructor hover over him a bit before letting out a light sigh saying to him.

“Nothing really…I was just thinking of the things that I have missed if anything. I thought I’d be stronger then this but at the same time I’m not improving it seems.”

Grave blinked for a moment before reach down to grab Tsukiyomi’s wrist pulling him to another location.

“Hey what!”

The young boy was dragged to a house that both stood at as Tsukiyomi looked over at Grave wondering what it was here. Hearing rustling coming from the outside Yoh came rolling out with scrolls in his hand as he was repairing everything within the house.

“How’s it coming Yoh?”

Grave asked with a smile staring at the young male Yoh whom was on the ground as he pulled himself to dust off holding the scrolls still in hand.

“So far, so good though everything was reorganized it should be easier to find things with how it is now. Yep yep.”

Grave nodded and pointed to Tsukiyomi while watching Yoh.

“That’s good I’m sure he can find everything he needs while he’s in there.”

Tsukiyomi blinked for a moment then glanced up into the massive house of scrolls that were inside. As they all started walking up towards the doors to come between the cabins and view everything that was nicely stacked for Tsukiyomi to review and glance over.

“Okay…Tsukiyomi I know that physical training is over but now its time for you to read up on things cause I want you to not be left out in the world without knowing things. So here you go the Hikari Library has a few things that can be read but understand that everything here is permitted for you to read upon. We shall leave you be for now, go wild buddy.”

Grave smiled as him and Yoh turned to leave the doors opened for Tsukiyomi to decide what he wanted to do. The world was vast, filled with knowledge that not everyone could truly understand but now that was about to change as he moved closer to start with the first scroll he saw the first scroll to catch his attention.

“The…Warring state era…I wonder what this is about?”

Tsukiyomi sat down opening the scroll having it start with shock at the amount of information was stored within the scroll as he began to read over not knowing that village system was created before than only having war with war after war. Battle after battle, it was soon he came to a name that surprised him as he remember Grave saying it.


As he continued to read he took mental notes that he was somewhat different than this man. The battle between the man that was known as Hashirama Senju was what caught Tsukiyomi’s eyes the most as he was curious as to what happen. Reading further his questions were answered. The men found peace by having created a system, a Shinobi Organization System or the village system. But it was not until reading further Tsukiyomi came across the notes that allowed other villages to be formed after which it was noted that within the key points of the scroll showed that Uchiha Madara had something called.

“Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan, I wonder what that is?”

Tsukiyomi searched high and low for a scroll that would show and explain what the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan was but he did not come up with anything only finding something called the Tail Lashing Demons. Sitting back down he opened the scroll to begin reading over it and seeing how it would be important to him in some ways. Reading he did not get much out from it besides it saying the basic story of the tailed beast being dangerous but this allowed Tsukiyomi to think abit more about something.

“Does Grave know of these demon things?”

He turned to search for another scroll on them but still came up empty until he noticed another scroll that read. The tale of the first shinobi. Catching his attention about this Tsukiyomi started to read a little of the tale. The scroll seemed a bit of useless information but still got his attention of wanting to know of ninshu.

“So Ninjutsu came from Ninshu…but that would mean we are doing it wrong?”

Searching again he came across a strange scroll that read, Basic five nature transformations. He opened it slowly to view it and see what was inside of it. Opening his eyes wide he never knew of multiple elements just of his own fire element, Katon.

“I wonder…if its possible for me to learn another element?”

Continuing his search he came across more scrolls that would speak of chakra to him each one different than the last. He even found the one’s of Light and Dark nature transformations, then reading over the Nature transformations and Shape manipulations. Then came the most interesting one the one of mixed nature manipulation. After he finished several hours of reading Grave would come back into the library.

“Hey…oh geez what happen here?”

Tsukiyomi turned poking his head over the desk smiling really big and his hair spiking up as though he had fallen asleep.


Grave just stared at the young Uchiha before smiling and laughing just a bit. But he lifted his hands up to push Tsukiyomi down just a bit to figure out what questions he had from him.

“Okay what questions do you have?”

Tsukiyomi would start from the beginning of his research ending it with all of the elements it too at least two hours to explain in an easy concept for him to really get down the information that was gather but once finished Grave turned to Tsukiyomi only to raise a finger or at least holding his index finger into the air.

“There is still more knowledge out there in the world you’ll have to find on your own. But for now this information I can give you to help you understand what I have read for you but go out and see the world for yourself one day after you rest up. But for now its time late and I’m sure Sakura has started dinner for all of us.”

Tsukiyomi nodded as he stood up stretching walking off with Grave to the Mansion but only thing Tsukiyomi could think within his mind was the simple little words that captured him…

‘Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan, Bijuu…and Uchiha Madara…why do they all seem to be so far apart but yet so closely linked together…’

Grave turned knowing something was on his mind but before long Grave stopped Tsukiyomi saying.

“Hey, you can take some of the scrolls titled, the Tail Lashing Demons and sell them for some money for you to get some better get for yourself. You have the look like I did when I wanted to search for more knowledge, so I’ll help you with that okay?”

Tsukiyomi nodded with a smile as they continued on to the house.

1319 Words

EXP: 1319 Tsukiyomi
+3 Scrolls: Tail Leashing Demons added to Inventory for Tsukiyomi.
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Solo - The Day of Breath - RP (Tsukiyomi Only)
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