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 Solo - The Day of Breath pt2 - RP (Tsukiyomi Only)

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PostSubject: Solo - The Day of Breath pt2 - RP (Tsukiyomi Only)   May 29th 2017, 11:56

Time and time again the mornings seemed to get longer allowing more citizens to enjoy their time of peace on the little island. Though soon things would turn for the worse for Tsukiyomi as Phantom would rush in yelling at him.

“Tsukiyomi!!! Get up its time to start you first duty of the day!”

Rolling from the bed Tsukiyomi sat up looking at Phantom nodding to him understanding that it would seem like it all just suddenly began for him but really all night was training and then waking up 3 hours later to get started on some chores seemed pointless in his mind.

“Yes, Sir…”

Tsukiyomi stood up rubbing his hair only to look around for something to place on his bare chest. Reaching down to pick up a piece of clothing a scroll came rolling out from it. Blinking to this he took a glance at it but then ignored it until he turned again with the scroll having the seal of his father on it.

‘Wait…what the…’

Tsukiyomi thought to himself as he reached over picking it up carefully opening it to read. It was impossible how his father would know of his location but it was even more impossible to sneak into the country without being detected by anyone even hear. Taking a careful look within the scroll Tsukiyomi was not ready for what was inside of it before long.

“Dear, Tsukiyomi,

By now you are reading this scroll in hopes to answering questions you may have as to how this came to be. No worries they will be answered in due time for now understand that you have obtain the abilities of the clan that far exceed what you believe in yourself. So a gift for you, here are the teachings of the Uchiha Clan allowing you both the powers of understanding not only yourself but understanding the world around you.

First and fare most from our ancestors, “Tsukiyomi.” The powerful genjutsu is born with time and practice from which I know you can already perform without any issues if you were to really give it a shot. After which “Amaterasu” The flame burning technique that will burn for seven days and seven nights leaving nothing but destruction in its wake. After which comes the promising but dangerous technique, “Izangai” If you wish to undo a mistake that you have caused on yourself then do so. But always remember the cost of the technique will be very high.

Following the techniques above comes the last one of all, “Izanami.” I cannot say much about this technique but if you should ever feel lost or that you have gone off track or someone has in your mind, perform this technique and you or that person will understand how to find the road you truly need to walk once again.

These leave the gifts I hand to you not be careful of whom you allow to come into your room during the nights and always keep a close eye out on yourself and the ones you are truly going to protect. At times friends can be enemies and enemies can become great friends.

Good luck,

Tsukiyomi felt a bit of change in him but he took the other four scrolls that were left for him with each having the names of the jutsu and where described on them. Tsukiyomi would stare for a bit not confused but still trying to wrap his mind over the fact that his father was able to sneak a scroll into his room without having to alert anyone. It was time for him to start a new way of thinking for his way of battles and different view of training if anything else.

Then the voice came to him from outside of his door.

“Hey Tsukiyomi come on are you going to stay there the entire time?”

The voice was Grave’s Asakura, thinking about it though Tsukiyomi was right he needed to do something soon about everything in his life, though he glanced around it was not until the sound of a dog could be heard. Smiling he looked under his blankets finding his old friend.


That allowed him to remember he still had something to protect and that he still had family that loved him. So it began the next chapter of his life on how the Uchiha would now start his battles allowing himself to grow into something stronger than before.

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Solo - The Day of Breath pt2 - RP (Tsukiyomi Only)
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