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 Tunnel of Darkness Limbo - Hikari to Kumo

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PostSubject: Tunnel of Darkness Limbo - Hikari to Kumo   June 7th 2017, 18:36

Grave stared at everyone as he nodded with Tsukiyomi by his side.

"Everyone...listen this is the start of our please understand I will call if need be."

Nodding to Grave everyone knew what this meant and getting themselves to step back as Grave placed his hand on the ground, "Open"

The black spiral from before appeared Grave took a step in before having to look back at Tsukiyomi.

"Come on...its time we begin the real training."

Tsukiyomi nodded as he stepped into the black spiral only to appear within the forest area of a destroyed home.

"What's this place?"

Tsukiyomi asked curious about it all as he turned to notice Grave move over a log and pick up some strange armor and a mask as he suited up as well getting another blade turning to see Tsukiyomi.

"Its best to call me, Tazeo for now on...and you shall be known as?"

Tsukiyomi blinked and nodded saying softly,

"Its a mission...I see in that case call me...Makaze."

Both men placed their masks on as the ran off into the woods only to appear at the target.
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Tunnel of Darkness Limbo - Hikari to Kumo
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