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 Relentless Persuit (Training)

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PostSubject: Relentless Persuit (Training)    June 10th 2017, 19:00

The sound of crushing stones, smashing rocks, fists meeting arms and blows striking the air. Even the motion of them hitting nothing but air left a sound that resembled thunder in the distance. In the courtyard of the palace ruins, where Asura had been living for the past month or so, he and his human mentor Ravana, sparred between one another. Though, sparring was a loose term considering the amount of force Ravana put into his blows. He had been relentless in his attacks against Asura for a good hour-- a blow of his strength would of crushed any other man's skull.

Asura was more nimble. Any blow that would of posed a threat against his master, he jumped and ducked out of the way.

"You wuss!" Ravana bellowed, half in amusement and half in anger, "Dodging and weaving will not win you any fights! Don't be a pussy and take your beating like a man!" he boasted and raised another fist.

"I certainly won't be a man if I am turned into roadkill, you know!" Asura shouted, but soon ducked low as he was up against a marble pillar-- and Ravana's fist smashed a chunk out of it with his bare fist.

"Oh come, man up!" Ravana roared and chased after Asura. What blows Asura could muster against the larger man barely made dents as it was a test of not only his Dexterity but his strength. However, with Ravana built like a mountain, Asura's meeker fists didn't stand a chance.

Watching from the nearby grass, Vidav sat there in a meditative pose as he saw the two spar in their Taijutsu. Beside him, was the little kitten white tiger, Xufu-- the son of Boss Byakko. The little cat just curled up among the tall grass, his tail wrapped around his form.

A sigh escaped the elder white tiger as he spoke up. "Ravana, don't you think your methods are a bit 'extreme'. " the tiger asked.

The man just chuckled. "Heh. Its trial by fire. The best way to sharpen Taijutsu!" he roared -- but was soon caught off by a sudden flash.

What Asura lacked in raw power, he made up for in his speed. In a swift distraction he jumped and raised a kick towards Ravana's face with his shin.

Ravana was surprised by the move but he raised his hand and caught the shin in his grip. He lightly swung the appendage away, and Asura with it into a small spin in the air.

Asura flipped and landed on his feet, a soft skid against the earth below him as he regained his balance. "Damnit," Asura grumbled... He wiped his face with his arm, clearing the sweat and saliva from his face from his panted breaths. "Come on, Ravana. You're a juggernaut. How am I suppose to deal a blow against you like that."

"Excuses are for the weak," he said in a half-joke and turned to the end of the courtyard. Asura hesitated as he soon reached something. Curious, the onlookers saw him pick up a pair of objects and returned to the field. "If you want to improve your strength, then these will make you somewhat better. "

The clank of metal soon rang as he raised the objects in each hand, revealing to be a thick cloth lined with thick metal bars inscribed with jutsu formulas.  

"Training weights?" Asura asked. "That brings back memories..."

"Heh," Ravana chuckled. "This will keep you from hopping around and build up your muscles. These will help make you a real man."

At that moment, Ravana let the weights go as Asura frowned at the comments. "Um, no disrespect sensei but I think I need more than a few pounds of weight to do real damage to you---"

BRERRKAASH!!! The weights hit the ground from only a few feet from the ground and impacted the ground so hard. The ground shook and a cloud of dusk shot up around the courtyard.

Asura's face froze in wide-eyed shock. Xufu let out a shrill 'meow' and jumped up, his fur on edge. He ran behind Vidav, who simply looked at them with wide eyes of alertness. "Well... that's a bit... overkill..." Vidav growled.

"You must be insane!" Asura shouted back at Ravana. "Those must be over 500 pounds each!"

"I was gonna use two-ton ones, but thought I'd start you off easier, " Ravana said casually, an almost evil smirk on his face. Asura's fear formed in his throat as he saw the impact crater made by the weights. "Now get your ass over here and put these on."

Asura shook his head and glared angrily at Ravana. "What?! You gotta be kidding me! No way! NO WAY IN HELL!" Asura shouted.

It was then that Ravana took a menacing step forward. "Oh you will," he said in a dare. "If you don't I'll just chase you down like a little monkey and strap you in them myself. Which will it be?"

Torn between frustration, fear and hatred at his 'sensei', he was speechless with an answer. Vidav just shook his head at Ravana's insistence to intensify his training. "Crude, but effective. Just go with it Asura. I promise I can heal anything that brute can cook up."

"That's not too reassuring..." Asura groaned and dragged his feet closer to the weights.

Even applying chakra to his body, the weights felt like lifting tanks. He was skilled at chakra control, but now he wished his arms would fall off after he attached the weights to his arms, and he had not done the rest to his legs yet. When he was finally done, his body burned from the strain on his muscles. It took all his focus and energy to just move an inch.

"Ravana... this is BEYOND cruel and unusual punishment!" Asura grumbled, unable to stand upright with the pressure on his limbs.

All he did was laugh. "So you told me the last time you put weights on," Ravana said and raised his fists in a beckoning way. "Now get ready. I wanna see you try to dodge me with these on. "

The rest of the afternoon was hell for Asura. Not only was he weighed down byt he weights, but each one of Ravana's blows struck Asura without any reflex to avoid. He felt like a punching bag and had the bruises to show it. Though it hurt Asura as hell, the motivation to avoid getting hurt urged him to move further, harder and faster. By the end of the training, Asura's last punch was able to make Ravana flinch from the attempt.

That, for the time, was enough to satisfy the stadistic taijutsu brute.

End thread.

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Occupation[s] : Crafter of Chakra-infused items (weapons and items), fisherman
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PostSubject: Re: Relentless Persuit (Training)    June 10th 2017, 19:06

Dice roll -- Using training equiptment and quick learner. +2 to rolls.

The following item was used.

+ - Strength Resistance Weight Gear - +
x 115 Pounds of weights that are placed on one's wrists and ankles.
+ Effect: DEX + STR Drops 75% & +25 Improvement Points [During Purchase & Must Be Worn]
+ Drawback: Can only be used once a life time.
+ Placement: Arms & Legs
+ Price: 750,000 Ryo
(Exchanged from old world training weapon of equivalent value)

The following roll will be declared (First roll will have the 25 extra points)

Strength, Strength, Strength, Endurance, Endurance, Endurance, Intelligence.

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PostSubject: Re: Relentless Persuit (Training)    June 10th 2017, 19:06

The member 'Enjin' has done the following action : Dice

'Exercise Dice' : 9, 2, 6, 1, 5, 3, 9
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Occupation[s] : Crafter of Chakra-infused items (weapons and items), fisherman
Post[s] : 1452
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PostSubject: Re: Relentless Persuit (Training)    June 10th 2017, 19:08

Total Results:

Strength: +48
Endurance: +15
Int: +11

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PostSubject: Re: Relentless Persuit (Training)    

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Relentless Persuit (Training)
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