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 The Treasured Claws (Blacksmithing Item)

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PostSubject: The Treasured Claws (Blacksmithing Item)    June 15th 2017, 19:16

Summoned from his training, Asura took a steady climb up one of the nearby mountains. Asura had wanted to go to the forge inside the Naraka Caves. Though Vulcan was a grumpy, crass old tiger, he was helping him construct awesome wares for both himself and to improve his craft. However, despite how pleasant and kind the white tiger Vidav was-- Asura could never turn down a summon's from him. He taught him Sage Mode, the way of the Tiger Tribe, and other impressive jutsu. Where as Ravana was a hard-ass teacher when it came to Taijutsu, Asura could learn a lot from Vidav about everything else.

Slowly, he walked up the series of stairs that led further up into the mountains that surrounded the jungle. From up there, the luke-warm wind brushed past him as he walked. However, it was not the only sound Asura came aware of as he heard fast-speed movement on the air.

In blurs of movement, two figures appeared behind him-- and Asura didn't have to even turn around to tell who they were.

"What do you two pains-in-the-ass want," Asura groaned as the two tiger twins-- Chigatsumi and Bloody Mist.

The two man-tigers with their identical shinobi outfits, and slight color differences in their fur -- chuckled at Asura's response to the two of them. They got their kicks to tease and poke fun at Asura at times, but were still valuable allies... when they were not in one of their sadistic moods.

"Aww, what's wrong? Don't want the company?" Bloody Mist chuckled.

Chigatsumi soon wrapped his arm around Asura's shoulders and let out a playful growl. "We heard Lord Vidav summoned you. Come on, we're curious. Aren't you?" he purred.

Asura didn't voice his frustration but let out a long exhale. "Curiosity killed the cat you know," he commented and pulled free of the tiger's grip to continue up the steps.

Both tigers glanced at one another at his comment, but followed him regardless.

Half-way up the mountain, where the stone pathway became a circular rest place, was a similar figure. Clad in his robes, Vidav the white Tiger elder stood there patiently. Slowly, the tiger removed his hood as he saw Asura and the two tiger brothers approach. "Hello, Asura-- and Chigatsumi and Bloody Mist-- what a surprise," the tiger said in a calm purr of his voice. "Thank you for coming."

"Sure..."Asura grumbled, more due to the fact that he had the two onlookers following him. "Wish it was in better circumstances...."

Vidav gave a hearty chuckle as he could tell Asura's concern with the two brothers. "Oh relax, nothing urgent or anything. But after your time and efforts in aiding our tribe," Vidav explained and smiled to Asura, "Boss Byakko and I felt it was time to give you a gift. A thank you for your hard work."

Asura tiled his head. "I thought... the compensation was the ability to summon you guys?" he asked, "I mean not that Id think of you guys as a mere contract anymore but--"

"Of course," Vidav said, but raised a paw, "Still, you have given us much and its only right to return the favor. Either way, I wish to show it to you. Now come. We are not too far from one of our holy sites." With that, Vidav turned and guided Asura further up the steps onward to the top of the mountain.

The treck up was not long as Asura followed Vidav, as did the two brother tigers. As afternoon came, they approached the end-- which opened up instead of a mountain peak to be a kind of temple. A dome-shape roof was open to several open air areas that overlooked the jungle and surrounding lands beyond. In the center was a pedistal with jutsu seals upon it-- and in the center was a brightly glowing object, like the light of a lighthouse.  

Asura looked at it and his breath left him at the sight of the object. "What is that?"

"Our most prized treasure," Vidav explained. He then wove a few hand signs and focused his chakra to the jutsu formulas around the pedistal. "Release!"

The seals on the shrine glowed-- then faded away. With it, the light faded as well and revealed an object-- three glistening sharp points attached to a handle , engraved by fine silver-like metal, with gold filagry laced in. It was an odd design to Asura's eyes, but as he took a more careful look at it, he soon recognized it resembled a claw.

(Date saved for Blacksmithing)

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Occupation[s] : Crafter of Chakra-infused items (weapons and items), fisherman
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PostSubject: Re: The Treasured Claws (Blacksmithing Item)    June 15th 2017, 19:55

"This is a weapon, forged by a metal found within the Naraka Caves." Vidav explained as he approached it. "It has unique properties, and styled after a symbol of our tribe." After he paced around the pedistal in thought, the tiger reached up for the weapon. It gave a small pulse with his touch as he took hold of it. He ginerly held it with both paws and then held it to Asura. "Come. Try it on,"

"Um... you sure its okay?" Asura asked, unsure if he should be allowed to hold such a special object.

"Yes, of course. Come on. It won't hurt you," the tiger said.

While Chigatsumi and Bloody Mist watched in silence for a moment, Asura approached the elder and the claws. THe tiger then passed the claws to Asura, who took it into his hand. The claws were designed to rest as part of a guard upon his fist, but had a small handle-- which was optional to hold onto the claws. It reminded Asura of the Tonka or hand weapons but with the bladed part that stretched out beyond the length of the hand. It didn't seem reliable, but it felt light and flexible on him.

"It's very light," Asura said as he slowly moved his hand with the weapon attached. "Unusually light. Is it strong?"

"Absolutely," Vidav said and showed a small smirk. "Why don't you apply a little bit of your chakra to it, and see what happens."

Asura raised his head to the elder. "Is it a chakra blade?" he asked.

"Just do it and see," the tiger answered and said no more.

Cautious, Asura did as instructed and focused a little of his chakra towards the claws. At first nothing happened-- then...


The claws suddenly released a powerful glow! It encompassed the mass of the metal and hummed with life. "WHOH!" Asura gasped. It was different from how he triggered a chakra blade. All he did was touch it with his chakra-- and it exploded to life as if on its own accord. "What the hell was that?"

"This is Spirium. These claws are made of a special metal that responds to the wielder's Spiritual Energy," Vidav explained, as he paced around Asura. "The stronger one's spiritual energy is, the stronger the metal becomes. A chakra blade, as you are used to using, can only store so much chakra within its metal. The difference between these claws and a chakra blade, is that your Spiritual Energy will continue to grow, and thus the weapon will have no limit on how strong it becomes."

Asura listened in silent awe as his eyes returned to the claws. "You mean it grows stronger with the wielder?" Asura asked.

"Haha... Yes, indeed, if you continue to train your mind and study. Spiritual Energy, is measured by one's inner strength and knowledge," the white tiger explained. He offered a claw to Asura, in silent request to have the claws. After a moment, Asura blinked in realization and handed him back the claws. "These are indeed a powerful tool for many fights, however, these blades contain one final secret. "

It was at this time, both tiger brothers finally looked at each other with surprise. "Wait? He is gonna teach Asura THAT Jutsu?" Chigatsumi asked his brother.

"Well I'll be damned..." Bloody Mist replied.

"What?" Asura asked, annoyed at the tiger brothers, "What jutsu?"

Vidav held the claws out for Asura to see and smiled with a mischievous intent. "Watch carefully, Asura," the tiger said. He raised his arm slowly in the air that had the claws attached. It was then in a smooth motion, he spun around and slashed his arm across the air behind him---

SKKRREETCCH!! The slash of the claws finished with his arm-- and left a very large, three-point tear before him. It was as if someone had tore open the sky as the hole appeared in between their sight of the temple's view. The tear revealed a multi-colored, smoky swirling mass, like a tunnel.

Asura gasped at the sight, the sound of the slash almost similar to thunder. Wind gushed from the hole in space, which gushed past Asura's hair and clothes-- as did the Rakshasa Brothers. Vidav's robes too fluttered around his form, but unafraid-- he reached into the hole he tore open.

His arm from their perspective seemed to vanish into the claw-shape portal, unseen as Vidav reached for something-- then he pulled it out. With his paw free, the portal slowly closed back, the three prong slash stitching itself close, till normal space remained and the trace of the tear vanished.

Vidav smiled as he now held a lush, rosy peach in his palm. The tiger raised it up and took a bite out of it, the juices dripping down the tuff of fur on his chin. "Mmmm... we tigers may be carnivorous, " Vidav said as he chewed the fruit. All the while he had the tiger claws in one hand, and the peach in the other, "however, I have a weakness for Konoha Peaches this time of year. So ripe and juicy," he said and took another bite, enjoying his treat.

Asura blinked for a moment, realizing what he had done. "Um... Konoha? As in you plucked that peach out from Konoha?" he asked, his eyes wide.

Vidav didn't answer but nodded his head. "I am sure someone at your level must know about the transportation technique, especially since you are familiar with summoning," Vidav asked.

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PostSubject: Re: The Treasured Claws (Blacksmithing Item)    June 15th 2017, 21:05

"Yes, I do," Asura said. "I have read and dabbled a bit in it, but I lacked the means to actually perform such a jutsu myself. Using a jutsu to cross space in an instance similar to the Summoning technique." Asura gave it some thought. He knew that Vidav was powerful in his own right in a variety of ninjutsu, but to think he could use the transporation technique like that-- and it was then his focus returned to the weapon. "Wait... those claws? Is that weapon tearing holes in space?"

A chuckle escaped Vidav. "Yes, and no," the tiger explained and unequipt the claws from his paw. "The claws, like any weapon, are a tool. Powerful, sure, but only the right skill can use them for this jutsu. Nevertheless, it is a jutsu unique to our tribe." Vidav kept his words clear and chosen wisely for Asura to fully understand. "With the aid of these tribal claws, our claws can cleave through space itself. The claws are merely an aid-- a medium to ease the cut through the fabric of space from one place to another. You still require chakra to complete it. Also you do not need any hand signs as it works with the claws to focus your chakra. "

"Wow," Asura said, unable to say anything else to describe such a powerful jutsu. He had no clue that the tigers of Blood Vale Jungle had such a formidable tool and technique in their disposal. "That's incredible."

However, Vidav's tone became more serious as he explained more about the Tiger Claws. "However, like any jutsu, there are requirements to wield. Only Tiger Claws, or similar items forged within this land can be used in this jutsu," Vidav explained, "Also the tiger claws can't transport you just anywhere. Just as the claws respond to mental energy or spiritual energy as you will, you must have a clear picture of where you wish to go in your mind's eye. If you been there, even better. Ideally, this jutsu can aid you in both travel, but also in battle involving short distances." With that, Vidav took another bite of his peach-- then held out the other hand to give the claws to Asura. "Will you like to try it?"

"A-are you sure?" Asura asked, "I mean is it that simple?"

"Just have a clear idea where you want to go-- and the claws will take you there," Vidav said and smirked with a kind smile. "And keep your paws inside the tunnel at all times."

Asura smiled. The idea of teleporting anywhere in the world was a tempting desire he wanted to experience. He reached to take hold of the claws---

--- till a black blur ran past his vision and the claws were yanked from Vidav's paws.

"HAHAHA!" Chigatsumi's voice laughed aloud as he flipped through the air. He landed with a crouch and held the Spirium Tiger Claws in his right paw. "Too slow, kiddo!" he boasted and slashed the claws through the air above him. "Sacred Tiger Claws!" His slash caused a similar tear to appear, and he jumped right up into the portal-- which closed immediately.

"H-hey!" Asura gasped as he glared at where Chigatsumi vanished. "Chigatsumi you son of a bitch! Get your tail back here!" Asura screamed.

However, he didn't have to wait long as a similar tear in space appeared directly behind them-- and Chigatsumi stepped out like from a curtain with a mischievous smile on his face .

Bloody Mist watched in amusement as he saw his brother mess around with the Tiger Claws. He too wanted to play, but there was only one Tiger Claw to use the jutsu after all.

"You want these...?" Chigatsumi teased as he held them up high-- Asura being a good head shorter than the terrible tiger twins. Annoyed, Asura ran after and jumped, but was just out of reach of the tiger's paw. After a few seconds of the stupid 'keep away' game, Asura dared to use a Taijutsu kick at Chigatsumi to knock the claws free. However, just as he would of connected, the tiger swiped the claws and hopped into another slash through space.

Asura hit nothing but air as he looked to try and find where the tiger had gone. "Oh come on!"

SHRRIP! Another tear appeared behind Asura, and as he looked-- Chigatsumi-- still half in the portal held out his paw with the claws attached in front of him. "Here you goooo... Come and get it."

Asura didn't take the baiting joke lightly and attempted to grab it by force. However, the tiger ducked back into the portal and vanished once more.

"GHRRRR!!" Asura growled, his own tiger-like rage starting to grow despite him not being in sage mode. "Why you mangy ally cat!"

Now the tiger continued to pop in and out-- the claws allowing his top half to appear one space after another around Asura to torment him with the claws. "In front of Asura," he said and zipped away again before Asura could react, "Behind Asura... To the left of-- YOWCH!!"

Right in the middle of his latest slash through space-- a white paw grabbed hold of Chigatsumi by the ear and tugged. The black man-tiger shouted in pain as the simple ear pinch-pull lured him out of the portal. Naturally, Elder Vidav had been the one to grab him and stop his antics. Even as Chigatsumi was out and the portal closed, he still pulled him by the ear to earn his compliance.

"Such juvenile behavior from a renown Rakshasa Warrior. Have you no shame?" Vidav said in a low but firm tone of voice as he pulled Chigatsumi's ear low. "Now enough of your foolishness."

"OW-ow-ow-ow-ow!" Chigatsumi growled, his back leaning back with Vidav's pull. "Okay! Okay! Sorry, Lord Vidav! I give!"

Vidav let go of him and the tiger growled as he rubbed his ear. Reluctantly, he returned the claws back to Asura as he wandered back beside his brother.

With the claws now his, Asura took hold of it and looked around. "So... I need a clear place in mind to travel to, huh?" he said as he attached the claws to his right arm. He didn't know where to start. He knew the method though--- visualize, chakra focus, slash and jump into the portal. Even so, he didn't know where he wanted to go...

... but then he had a crazy idea of where he wanted to go.

"I got an idea," Asura said as he took a deep breath. "I can try and go anywhere?" Asura asked.

Vidav nodded. "Just decide where you want to go and the claws will take you there."

With his place in mind, Asura then raised his arm up. "Sacred Tiger Claws!" he shouted and then slashed his arm.

The tear before him, like the others, opened up as a three-shaped slash mark with a swirling vortex within. For a moment, he hesitated to jump in. The swirling clouds made him sweat at the idea he had no idea what would happen when he jumped in, but if Vidav and Chigatsumi could do it, so could he. With faith in his mental image, he ran for the tear and jumped forward-- head first.

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PostSubject: Re: The Treasured Claws (Blacksmithing Item)    June 15th 2017, 22:03

The moment he flew through the tear in space, he fell forward a few seconds in the strange vortex. The wind gushed by him as he moved, as if he was flying through the space or falling. Finally, the vortex revealed a bright light before him in another tear identical to the one he made, and he flew through it.

The space was dark-- nighttime- - as he emerged. He entered a small flip as he landed on the solid ground. It took him a moment as he opened his eyes and looked around. The moon was out and gave him a good view of his surroundings. His Tengan eyes allowed him to see easily as he looked, and found his surroundings indeed familiar.

He now stood upon one of the tall buildings of a village-- a ninja village-- that he wished to see for a moment. The tall cliffs and mountains surrounded him, and the small grove of trees that dotted the area. Though grey, drab and dusty-- it was no different from when he left.

Iwa-- the Village Hidden in the Rocks. Asura had reappeared on the rooftop of one of the buildings he would observe the village from and even met with Master Roku to eat ice cream after a successful training exercise. Even from there, he could see the Jiin estate-- his home-- hidden in the shadows of the trees.

A mix of nostalgia resonated with his heart as he saw his home and the memories of his love one bubbled to the surface. Roku, Aki-- the girl he left behind-- and his clan. The pain seared in his chest to remember what drove him away, and the danger that came with being in Iwa at all.

But that simple stolen moment, made it all worth it.

"HEY! Who is that?!" A voice shouted.

Asura shot his head in the direction of the voice. On nearby rooftops, other ninja could be seen appearing there. He soon saw some of them-- that they had masks on. Hunter Ninja. With Asura's luck, some of them may of been from Deep Ground.

"It's Asura! How did he get into the village!" another yelled.

"Get him! He must be taken in!" another shinobi growled and they all moved for him.

"Damn it!" Asura swore and quickly slashed the claw weapon in front of him. In the instant, the tear created a small hole for him. With a push of his legs and jump-- Asura dove forward into the portal and began to close in after he was half way through.

The moment the other shinobi landed on the rooftop-- the tear sewed up and vanished before them. The shinobi looked to one another in confusion, unsure what happened. "WHere did he go?" one said.

"Inform Lord Deus," another masked Shinobi said, "Asura had been spotted and confirmed."


Asura's jump through the portal was swift and soon opened back up to a bright flash of daylight.

He flipped well before he entered the portal and entered a landing position.

He shot free from the portal back at the shrine of the Tigers-- where Vidav, Chigatsumi and Bloody Mist waited. He skidded slightly on the marble ground and gasped as he came to a stop. The tear in space soon sewed up, leaving Asura panting where he stood.

"Are you alright?" Vidav asked, seeing the clear sign of alarm on his face. The white tiger reached down and took hold of Asura's arm to lift him back to his feet. "What happened?"

"Um..." Asura gasped, and re-orientated himself to his surroundings. Once again, he was back in Blood Vale Jungle and daytime again. "I was... I missed home so I peeked over to Iwa-- Just overstayed my welcome."

Vidav let out a soft growl as he let go of Asura. "That might of not of been a smart decision, Asura," Vidav said.

"I know... but a stolen moment worth it... just didn't expect to be spotted so quickly," Asura said and rubbed the back of his neck. "Damn... that was interesting."

"Jumps across space takes a great deal of chakra," Vidav reminded Asura regarding the jutsu he used. "It will take you time before you can do it several times without being tired."

"Yeah..." Asura said slowly, but soon looked to his right hand, the claws still attached and glowing with the magical metal. "But still... that was amazing. What a fun Jutsu. You can go anywhere in the world... Hehe..." Asura chuckled as he got a hold of himself. The sensation of jumping space was almost dizzying.

"Well, don't get ahead of yourself," Vidav warned and looked at Asura with a serious look. "This jutsu alone is not meant for long range AND combat at the same time. YOu need some sense of awareness from where you go from place to place. Its why its recommended to use this jutsu in short distances."

Asura nodded as he gripped the claws. "I see," Asura said and soon unstrapped the claws from his right hand. "Well... thank you for letting me try it out. I hope I can--"

"No, Asura." Vidav held his paw up and pushed the claws back. "Asura, these are now yours to wield. YOu have earned them and the jutsu, but remember? A weapon is no stronger than the wielder, and so goes for any jutsu. It can be strong or useless depending on who uses it," the tiger explained with a knowing growl. "The claws are yours now. Use them wisely, as with that Jutsu too. Understood?"

Asura took a moment to listen carefully, then bowed his head low to the elder White Tiger. "I promise-- I will honor and treat your gift well. Thank you, Master Vidav," Asura said.

As the sun began to set, so too did it rise on a new chapter in Asura's

Thread End.

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PostSubject: Re: The Treasured Claws (Blacksmithing Item)    June 15th 2017, 22:44

Exp: 3880

Ryo reward: 3,735

Crafting of the following Weapon-- Materials

1 Spirium Ore = Creates 3 Spirium Ingots.
1 Diamond from Mining (Subject to change depending on staff finally getting back)

Royal Tiger Claw
An improved, decorated version of the "Tiger Claw" weapon worn on one's hand. Use of this weapon is ideal for those for close combat, and skilled to slash at an opponent. Composed of three sharpened blades and a handle for strikes with the weapon. Unlike the previous one-- this one is further reinforced and decorated, fit for warlords or emperors to show their might.
Effect: ----
Blue Print: X3 Ingots + 1 Gem Slot Optional)

Item Created wrote:

+ - Soul Tiger Claws - +
> A sacred weapon forged in Shinkoku by the Blood Vale Tigers. Crafted by a special metal that responds to the wielder's Spiritual Energy, it becomes stronger with the user. Also engraved with a powerful stone said to be harder than diamond and capable of inflicting harm to an enemy's life force-- it is truly a formidable weapon. It also is a necessary tool for a forbidden Jutsu unique to the Blood Vale Tribe.  

+ Passive Effect:
+8 Strength,
+10 Dexterity
+ Gem Effect: Sunder (via Diamond.)
+Damage: 45% of Soul Gauge = Damage

(OOC: SUbject to change depend on rules-- which staff has been lax to clarify about gem harvesting)

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PostSubject: Re: The Treasured Claws (Blacksmithing Item)    June 16th 2017, 20:19

oooh sexy!!!!
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PostSubject: Re: The Treasured Claws (Blacksmithing Item)    

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The Treasured Claws (Blacksmithing Item)
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