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 Tunnel of Darkness from Kumo to Hikari - Solo - RP

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PostSubject: Tunnel of Darkness from Kumo to Hikari - Solo - RP   June 21st 2017, 18:23

'Hi, I'm Asakura Grave,

At the moment i'm just going to give you a bit of a recap to EVERYTHING that basically happen to me but in the form of a quick note as we call it. First I was born of a special clan that dealt with spirits and shit well the problrem with that was my twin brother left the clan only to cause some issues so in the middle of me getting trained I fought with him and brought him back to our clan where he joined us once again.

After which I was given a mission to go to this crazy island where these bandits did a bit of an asshole thing and tried to take over the country. There I met a shinobi known as Hayabusa he used puppets, talk about playing with dolls for your age right. Anyway then there was Raijin a samurai whom was learning the ways of the ninja. Which was not bad but it was unique in its own way. Afterwards we ended up killing and beating the bandits and took back control for the princess. However as a reward... I got some diamonds out of it everyone else didn't really get that.

But then I came back and started with forming a country and started to meet a group of kids and some adults that seemed to wanting saving from their old lives so they now helped with forming of Hikari. After which we had to go to war cause of Taki Country it was to see if we even had the military to show things and create a trade route. Raijin killed the oldest son of the village leader so feeling horrible about it we created a memorial in their honor for those lost. Well I created a lab and some wacky shit happen to where...well take a look. *Displays the powers of the mokuton element.* Yeah...after that though I also learned to mix elements but that's not the best part I also did battle with a Tailed beast...the two tailed beast Nibi...or Nekomata whom is still sealed within my body even at this moment.

Now as we continue that storyline...there is more I learned to become a Sage but haven't really understood it all the way and continue doing my own training until knowing what the hell it is I really want to do. Then after traveling a bit I came across a kid from Konoha whom was holding the body of his late brother. I took him and his brother to Hikari where I train him and he unlocked something amazing a Sharingan but with a different symbol. He has no idea what it is nor do I but its interesting to see its powers after that...well here we are now...I killed my entire clan because of the fact they actually had a power that sealed within my own doujutsu but in order to keep from them being used and myself I had to kill them off and run at the moment the Kumo shinobi do not know this...but soon they will I'm sure of it...but before that time even happens I have other plans I have to get done.'

Tsukiyomi looked over at Grave as the vortex opened,

"Hey...what are you thinking about Grave?"

Grave turned and smiled saying softly.

"Nothing at all..."

558 /2 279 to Grave and Tsukiyomi
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Tunnel of Darkness from Kumo to Hikari - Solo - RP
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