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 Genjutsu Insurance (Training) (Seal knowledge application)

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PostSubject: Genjutsu Insurance (Training) (Seal knowledge application)    July 4th 2017, 11:41

The horrors of Naraka cave were gruesome-- even after Asura emerged victorious, but it didn't compare to the new terror he had endured in the past two days. Not only did his body ache from overuse of his Inner gates, but he also had to put up with Vidav's 'punishment' for defying the rule about going into the cave.

And so Asura spent a good deal of time scooping up the tigers... trash, here and there among parts of the jungle.

HIs nose felt like it wanted to disappear from his face as he fought the urge to cough each time.

"Daww," Chigatsumi, one of the two Rakshasa Brothers teased at him, as they watched him clean up. "You look a bit pooped."

Asura frowned at the pun, and had turned on the cat. 'FIREBALL JUTSU!!"

He sent the two brothers running with a fire ball and left him alone to continue his chores.

After that time, Asura had finished and he laid down on the tall grass and allowed the cool feel of it to caress his skin. "Finally done," he breathed.

He felt the soft pat of something on his back, and soon realized it was Vidav as he looked up at him. THe cat smiled. "Glad to see you survived your probation." the cat teased.

"I think I am starting to see why so many of the other tigers are so damn terrified of you," Asura teased back in return, "You are sadistic."

A purr and chuckle came from the tiger as he strolled over and sat down in the grass beside him. "You know that was a reckless thing you did Asura. I do commend your bravery and strength, but recklessness alone can kill you faster than any kunai." the tiger said.

Asura turned back to face the grass below him. "I know, Lord Vidav. I can't say sorry anymore..." he groaned,

"HOwever, now that you have dared and removed the sword, the curesed energy diminished," Vidav said matter of factly, "Who would of guessed the Spirium in the mine would of made the danger more potent. It was good that you removed it. Still I wouldn't wield that sword casually."

"I know.. I have it stashed and sealed in the palace ruins," Asura said, "Only way for it to be retrieved is through my summoning jutsu."

"Well, that's good. " Vidav agreed as he sat there in a meditative means. "Either way, Asura, I am glad you were okay down there. "

"Yeah, but it was tough," Asura breathed and rolled onto his back and looked up at the clouds, "The spirit of that blade kept using Genjutsu to try and decieve me. I actually had to use the 6th gate to break out of his illusion in the end to actually fight him directly."

Vidav looked up and scratched his whiskers with his paw. "Yes, I see... Genjutsu is definately not your strength. But you were able to notice it, right?" he asked.

"Actually yes," Asura answered, "You're teaching was invaluable to teach me to use my real senses to try and out-reason a Genjutsu. However, it stillt didn't let me escape it."

"Some Genjutsu are harder to break than others," the tiger said, "but be grateful your inner gates could. The Hachimon from your homeland wouldn't of helped you. "

Asura thought back to his training and how Ravana taught him to unlock the new means of the Inner Gates. The teachings of Hachimon were indeed different in this continent, and originated here as well.

Asura soon rolled upward into a sitting position. "Lord Vidav, can I assume you are not too mad at me for what I did?" He asked, "I mean I hope you don't have a chip on your shoulder."

"YOu're punishment is paid," the tiger said with a light chuckle. "I hold no grudge... despite your rebellious spirit."

Asura frowned at the crack at him. "You and Roku really are cut from the same cloth. " Asura commented, remembering how his past master made fun of Asura's rebellious personality. "But anyway-- I'd like your help with something."

"Hm?" the tiger growled.

Reaching behind him, Asura pulled out a scroll tied by a blue string. He opened it up, to show his hand writing-- and a design of a strange seal below in the center. "After the events of the cave, I realized that I cannot resort to my Tengan or my 6th Mantra Gate all the time. I am bound to run into powerful Genjutsu in the future. And I won't have the luxury of having allies around that can properly snap me out of it." he explained, allowing Vidav to see the scroll. "So I came up with this."

Vidav looked at the design, recognizing an interesting tribal mark seal. Two tigers were formed in a yin-yang symbol, surrounded by the seal markings . "An interesting design... it looks like a mix of a summoning jutsu-- and an odd-pentagram seal. " the tiger said as he rose his whiskers. "It's seems to respond to..."

"One's spiritual or mental state," Asura explained, lowering the scroll onto the grass. "This seal is a temporary jutsu meant to inscribed on my body. Its an emergency seal to use."

Vidav looked with an impressed expression as Asura explained.

"The seal works by tapping into my chakra flow to detect changes. As you know, Genjutsu works by influencing an enemy's chakra flow and altering their mind," Asura explained, " With this seal, this detects a change in one's chakra flow to tell when the attached person is under a genjutsu. After roughly a 10 second delay if the user cannot break out-- the seal triggers, and releases an automatic summoning jutsu free of the user's control."

Vidav's eyes widened at the ingenuity of the seal's design. "...Allowing you to gain aid should you be trapped in a Genjutsu you cannot break out. Perhaps even to call someone who can snap you out of it." he deduced.

"Yeah, exactly right," Asura replied, an excited tone for him. "Lord Vidav, I'd appreciate two things from you if you could. Could you look over the seal to see if its correct. And if so, would you be so kind to put it on me?"

Vidav looked to Asura and twitched his whiskers. "You want me to put the seal on you? " he asked.

"Well the size of the seal will really only fit on my back," Asura said with a smile, "Not only that, its difficult for me to not only apply it on myself and place it right. "

"YOu could use a clone," Vidav replied.

Asura paused for a moment, his expression blank. Then he slapped himself in the forehead with his palm. "Damn... that didn't occur to me..."

Vidav couldn't help but bellow in laughter, almost rolling over on the grass in his enjoyment. "Worry not, Asura, " the tiger purred, "I will be more than happy to apply the seal to you-- once I give it a good look over. Last thing I want to do is miscast the seal, by my design or yours-- that would do more harm than good."

So Vidav began to read over the scroll and look at the details Asura made.

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PostSubject: Re: Genjutsu Insurance (Training) (Seal knowledge application)    July 4th 2017, 11:41

Dice rolls : 4 for Int, 3 for End.

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PostSubject: Re: Genjutsu Insurance (Training) (Seal knowledge application)    July 4th 2017, 11:41

The member 'Enjin' has done the following action : Dice

'Exercise Dice' : 2, 7, 5, 2, 4, 10, 9
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Occupation[s] : Crafter of Chakra-infused items (weapons and items), fisherman
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PostSubject: Re: Genjutsu Insurance (Training) (Seal knowledge application)    July 4th 2017, 14:08

Vidav took a good fifteen minutes to read over the diagram of the scroll that Asura had prepared. In a short amount of time, Asura's knowledge of seals went from scarce to impressive in how he could create a mix of a summoning tied to a seal's trigger. The only trouble was this kind needed to be reapplied after use, but as an emergency trigger, it was an inspiring jutsu.

"The jutsu formula works well. There is only one thing that I would add to make the seal successful," The tiger said and rolled it up a bit, leaving the seal design visible.

"What's that?" Asura asked.

"To make the seal complete, it will require blood from the contractor," Vidav explained, "Just as you need to draw blood each time you summon someone, the seal will require blood as well."

Asura blinked at this, and then gave a small laugh. "Oh, sorry about that. I forgot," he said, rubbing the back of his head.

"Other than that, this jutsu looks very impressive and I should be able to put it on you," Vidav said as he slowly stood up with the scroll on hand. "Oh, but wait-- whom are you seeking to summon. TO perform this right, the chakra to create the seal must be as strong as the summon you wish to call."

Asura blinked at this and remembered who he had in mind. "Um... well, Ideally, I'd want you."

Vidav's ears twitched at the mention of his name. "Me?"

"I mean," Asura continued, "You know more about Genjutsu and healing than anyone else in the tribe. If I need to call on anyone if I am facing enemies adept in Genjutsu, it would be you. "

The tiger felt both surprised and flattered. "Well, then that is that. I'd be happy to help in that as well. And you are right. Genjutsu is not something many of our tribe is skilled in."

The tiger purred and pushed himself off the ground. "So, let's get to it."

Asura nodded and slowly pulled off his vest. The thin piece of silken cloth fell upon the grass, leaving Asura shirtless with his toned but svelte upper body. Sitting cross legged, he watched as Vidav walked around him and stopped at his back. The tiger looked upon the seal and the blank spot on Asura's back. "On your back is where you want it, right?" Vidav asked, and Asura nodded. "Now, to make the seal, I'm gonna draw some blood from your back. Okay?"

"I'm okay with it, Lord Vidav," Asura replied.

The tiger took a long breath and pictured the seal in his mind. He rested his paw onto Asura's smooth skin and began to build up his chakra. As he focused, Vidav's flexed his paw to draw his claws. The tiger's claws punctured Asura's skin lightly, drawing a small bit of blood and caused Asura to flinch slightly under the cut. "Sorry about that... Okay, here we go," Vidav said to Asura. With his free hand, Vidav made a single hand sign and glared at the spot on Asura's back.

With a grunt from the tiger, the light draw of blood spread outward and became as black as ink. It swirled out in seconds and took on a solid shape, spreading from the center of Asura's back to up to his shoulder blades and down his spine. The pattern created an impressive tattoo on Asura's back of the tribal marking and yin-yang tigers.

Asura felt the application in a brief moment, and the light burn of infused chakra against his skin. Soon the sensation faded and he rolled his shoulders. "How does it feel?" Vidav asked, removing his paw from Asura's back. "Any headaches, disorientation?" The tiger was concerned the seal might interfere with Asura's body or chakra, making it hard for him to function.

Asura turned his head and thought for a second. "No, nothing lasting. I think its good," Asura said and soon rocked forward and jolted himself into a standing position. "So, how does it look?"

Vidav looked upon the tiger emblem Asura had designed to put on his back and smiled in appreciation. "A proud logo for a tiger," the tiger smirked. "It looks very slick."

Asura smirked over his shoulder at Vidav. "Not that it matters, but I'd imagine it will look good for the ladies too," he added with a laugh.

Vidav laughed at that as well, seeing the appeal some women might have to a tattoo like that. "Ah, to be young again. I'm sure they will appreciate the design when they... ahem, see it," the tiger said.

Asura and Vidav conversed a bit lightly as the sun went down, and soon they rejoined the rest of the tribe and their friends.

End of Thread.

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Occupation[s] : Crafter of Chakra-infused items (weapons and items), fisherman
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PostSubject: Re: Genjutsu Insurance (Training) (Seal knowledge application)    July 4th 2017, 14:12

exp: 2015---- following jutsu now active on Asura:

- Inner Balance Summoning Seal:
> A pre-programmed seal that responds to the wearer's mental state. The seal takes the shape of a black and white tiger in a yin-yang seal upon the back of the person, along with the substantial jutsu formula. The seal acts like a curse mark as it reacts to a certain stimulus to the person inscribed on. In the event the subject succumbs to a powerful Genjutsu and is unable to break out of it-- the seal triggers. In response, the seal on the applied person's back summons a powerful ally of the Blood Vale Tigers to aid the summoner. The contracted summon is driven to aid the person under the Genjutsu.
+ Chakra & Stamina Cost: (Same cost equal to Summon cost) = Summon S class jutsu.
+ Seal Type: Odd
+ Type: Supplementary
+ Hand Seal(s) + Rank: 5 + ?
+ Effect: When inflicted by a Genjutsu of S class or higher and unable to break free, Summon " Tribal Elder: Vidav - Sage of Wisdom " free of cost.
+ Restrictions and Requirements: Seal expires after use. Needs to be reapplied later for other uses. Summon may only be S class or lower.
+ Creator: "Asura Jiin"

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PostSubject: Re: Genjutsu Insurance (Training) (Seal knowledge application)    

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Genjutsu Insurance (Training) (Seal knowledge application)
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